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Winter Woolies

Wool and ribbed tights – Snug and sensational this season!

Let us convince you that they are the perfect winter accessory…

Much as we love Bonfire Night for its fireworks, most of us tend to associate it with gale-force winds, damp Catherine wheels and chilblains from standing in the back garden while our dads try to light feeble Roman candles. Hardly an event that leaves you inclined to dress stylishly!

But as it fast approaches don’t give up on bonfire fashion just yet. We have a secret weapon – chilly weather calls for some seriously snug hosiery.

Before you protest that warm tights can only mean something akin to what your granny would wear, hear us out, because wool tights and ribbed hosiery have undergone some serious changes lately. In fact, they are now items that we would gladly wear on a night out, let alone to our local bonfire. They are no longer the itchy monstrosities that your mum used to send you to school in, but are instead must-have fashion items which will look fantastic with this season’s biker boots, as well as flirty dresses for a funky, folky feel.

So, what products should you buy? We have a huge range of wool and ribbed tights at from some of the biggest brands around, so here’s a quick run-through in order to help you choose…

If it’s a high-quality style in classic black you’re after, you can’t go wrong with Aristoc’s Cashmere Blend Tights. These are incredibly soft and also available in popular red wine and navy. They make a good transition for girls who are used to wearing Lycra opaques.

For those who love luxury, we have to tell you aboutFalke’s Soft Merrino Wool Tights. Actually an affordable wool and cotton mix, they look so good they could be designer – we all have them in Anthracite and adore them in Wool White too.

If you’d rather opt for a coloured matte finish, we recommend our Trasparenze Gennifer Merino Wool Tights, which are barely off our legs here in the office. Their rich colours look fab with tartan and could also be the perfect accessory to go with your Christmas Day outfit this year (don’t pretend you haven’t been thinking about that already!).

Moving on to the fashion-forward ribbed trend, Falke’s Elegance Cashmere Blend Tights are super-soft and have a great wintry feel to them. They could add interest to a plain wrap dress or black skirt, creating tantalising texture. Similar alternatives include the Trasparenze Dora Wool Rib Tights or Levante’s Wool Rib Tights(we’re loving these in Caramel).

A cool style, perfect for girls who like their patterned tights but now need something a little more substantial, try Aristoc’s Wool Texture Diamond Opaque Tights. Weighing in at 100-denier, they feel warm but also look really quirky. We love pairing them with jersey dresses in jewel shades for a look that would take you from day into night.

Back to Falke, we are smitten with their Soft Merrino Wool Ribbed Tights in Mosaik Blue. They are lightweight but super-thick, so you won’t feel those cold winds. Their colour is what made us fall for them though – wouldn’t they look amazing with a brown or black pinafore dress and a fitted coat?

And finally, if you want something a little different, why not try over the knee socks? We especially recommend Trasparenze again here thanks to their Dora Wool Rib style, which we can’t get enough of in Vinaccia (a wine-like burgundy).

A slightly thinner option are the Jonathan Aston Soft Diamond Over Knee Socks – perfect partners for shift dresses and heels come the party season but would go equally well with something a little warmer.

And if you’re still too cold, check out our legwarmers and layer them over your woolly tights for an extra cosy and, not to mention, outrageously on-trend look.

We hope you’ve been persuaded that wool and ribbed tights will keep you looking good as well as feeling warm this Bonfire Night and beyond – now all you’ve got to do is choose which ones to go for!

Happy shopping!


Click here to take a look at our complete wool range

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The Union Jack is back – embrace it with some cool leggings

We’re not sure if it’s a backlash against the recession or a desire to hark back to the era of Britpop and Cool Britannia, but we’ve noticed that the Union Jack seems to be everywhere at the moment.

It began to creep into the high street in late summer and we’ve also spotted it in numerous double page magazine spreads for interiors.

You can now get Union Jack handbags from the likes of Lulu Guinness, or red, white and blue gardening accessories from Selfridges, as well as numerous teapots carrying the national colours.

Once shunned for its anarchist connotations, it seems we are again proud to fly the flag for Britain and even adorn ourselves and our homes in it!

Professor Nick Groom, who recently published a book called The Union Jack, told the Guardian he is delighted that the flag is coming into the public consciousness in a "positive and shared community way".

With all this patriotism around, we feel it is our duty to continue it in the field of hosiery! For a modern touch to the Union Jack that will prevent you looking like a Spice Girl and instead render you an uber-cool Noughties rock chick, we recommend Religion‘s black and white Union Jack Leggings.

They would look great paired with a long printed t-shirt, heels and smoky make-up and are available from for only £34.99.


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Transfer tights ‘are the hottest fashion hosiery this season’

Girls who want to try a hot new trend this season should look to their legs for inspiration and opt for transfer tights.

This is what the fashion editors at Look magazine recommend, stating that the fashion hosiery will give the effect of tattoo transfers on the legs.

The fashionistas snapped the lovely Claudia Schiffer wearing a pair from Chanel, but pointed out that more affordable versions are available from the new collections at

"Whether the transfer effects resemble sexy suspenders, ballet shoe lace-ups or leg jewels, the results are fun and feminine," the magazine stated.

It particularly recommended Henry Holland‘s Mock Stockings Tights from Pretty Polly as being bang on-trend this season.

We agree – we’ve seen a host of celebs in similar styles just lately, most notably Lily Allen. The tights look great but save you the hassle of wearing real stockings and suspenders, so would be great for nights out or everyday wear.

Check them out on our website, or browse all our fashion hosiery.

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Grazia: It’s all about the fashion hosiery at

As you know, we have got some great fashion hosiery at, particularly with the new autumn and winter collections from Bebaroque, Falke and Jonathan Aston having recently arrived.

However, it may soon be in short supply if an article in Grazia is anything to go by – its fashion and beauty editors were so full of compliments that we fear our shelves may be cleared!

Liz Hambleton, the magazine’s beauty editor, was photographed wearing Jonathan Aston‘s Sweet Roses Lace Tights and revealed that she’d also bought lace hold ups – to wear over black opaque tights – and Gerbe‘s Plumetis Spotty Tights from our website.

She said: "They’ve got the best stuff at the mo – I decided it was time for a tights update for winter."

We fear our doors may have to be widened to let us out of the office today – but we do agree that our 2009 product range is second to none!

Check out Liz’s purchases and all our other fashion hosiery on the website.


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Celeste Stein’s patterned tights will liven up your legs!

Every autumn, we go through the same ritual – putting away our floaty summer dresses and getting out the warm jumpers which mean that the nights are drawing in and the days are getting colder.

However, we’ve noticed that we tend to get less adventurous when it comes to our wardrobes in autumn and winter. Whereas in the summer we might experiment and throw caution to the wind, at this time of year we’re guilty of playing it safe and wearing trousers every single day.

But with so many exciting patterned tights around, this needn’t be the case! This season, has got another great collection of fashion hosiery from Celeste Stein, the guru of the bright patterns.

There are jelly beans and playing cards, graffiti and tie-dye – scores of styles that mean you don’t have to hide your legs under boring old trousers in order to stay warm.

We love her Pansies Tights, which would look fantastic with suede ankle boots, a black tulip skirt and a nipped-in blazer for your winter working wardrobe.

Check them out on the website and see all our other fashion hosiery too.

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VV Brown demonstrates why cheap leggings are a false economy

Singer VV Brown has unwittingly demonstrated the importance of buying good quality leggings after a wardrobe malfunction onstage.

The quirky 25-year-old told the Metro recently that she accidentally flashed the audience at a festival appearance when her leggings split right up the back.

"I was parading my bum in front of the kids. My tour manager ran on stage with a sarong," she recalled.

More embarrassing still, VV hadn’t realised her predicament and tried to angrily shoo him away!

"When I realised he was helping me I apologised," the Game Over diva said.

We’ve often admired VV’s choice of fashion hosiery, but we can safely say she hit a bum note with this one (ahem, sorry).

It just goes to show that it’s always worth opting for a quality brand when choosing leggings, especially wet look leggings that won’t have quite as much stretch as your ordinary variety.

MbyM’s classic style is a great example of quality that won’t break the bank – their wet look leggings are available from for £29.31 and have a bang on-trend super-shiny finish.


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Fashion gets folksy, so Bebaroque comes to the fore!

We don’t know about you, but here at we’ve noticed a distinctly folksy feel to the autumn and winter collections of our favourite high street shops lately.

Cardies are chunky and knee-length with some great Russian prints going on, while dresses are knitted and knee-length for a casual yet sexy winter feel.

This kind of fashion will look fantastic paired with opaque tights, but as usual, we recommend taking the plunge and opting for some extra special fashion hosiery to wear with your new clothes this season and into next year.

Scottish company Bebaroque is renowned for its luxurious designs and this year it has come up trumps with some great hand-crafted hosiery that will really brighten up your pins.

For a cool update to black opaque tights, try out the Rapunzel Tights. These feature a gorgeous ornate pattern in teal on each knee and would definitely liven up a grey jumper dress.

Or, for a more dramatic feel suitable for a night out, the Olga Tights with their gold serpent-style pattern will be the perfect complement to your folk-style outfits.

Snap them up on our website and check out all the latest fashion hosiery styles while you’re there.

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Sexy stockings are soaring onto our must-have lists

Since staying in became the new going out and Dita von Teese became the new Eva Herzigova, Brits have been returning to stockings in order to bring some glamour back to their lives.

Research by retailers has found that sales of stockings and suspender belts has rocketed by a third in recent weeks as people spend more time with their partner and seek to copy stars like Dita, Rihanna and Katy Perry, all of whom have been spotted in the sexy hosiery just lately.

Admittedly, stockings and hold ups look great with some indulgent underwear for a treat, but they are equally impressive when worn as part of a going-out ensemble.

We don’t suggest that you go out in your pants like Jordan, but there are some fantastic decorative stockings on the market right now which would look cool and retro with a layered puffball or tulip skirt.

The Capriccio Hold Ups from Trasparenze – available via – have a really burlesque feel thanks to their backseam and bow pattern at the ankle and calf. Pair them with vertiginous heels and you have a great alternative to sheer tights or fishnets!

Check out all our classic hosiery on the website.


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Keep warm in ribbed tights this winter

We don’t know about you, but with the days getting shorter and the weather turning colder, autumn leaves us inclined to snuggle up on the sofa at home and hibernate every evening (we’d do it in the day too if it wasn’t for work).

However, this isn’t a very realistic plan and there comes a time when you have to drag yourself away from the fire and venture outside.

When considering clothes for a night out, it can be tricky to get a balance between warmth and style – we’re just not brave enough to go out bare-legged like we would have when we were 18!

But fashion is on our side and this year we shall go to the ball without corned beef legs – thanks to ribbed hosiery.

These wool ribbed tights are no longer the itchy monstrosities you remember from when you were little, but have evolved into must-have items in their own right.

Worn with boots and a short but preppy dress, they will look incredibly stylish while keeping you toasty as you wait for that taxi!

For a great pair this autumn, try the Dora Wool Rib Tights from Trasparenze at, which are available in four colours including a bang on-trend Corda.

Check out all our other fashion hosiery too.

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Halloween – use patterned tights to turn it from scary to stylish

Since we’re now half-way through October, many of you may have been giving some thought to Halloween parties.

Given the state of the economy, it could be that you’re embracing parties at home to celebrate the occasion, complete with apple bobbing and sausages cut to look like fingers (come on, we’ve all had those!).

However, you may have noticed that full-on Halloween costumes can cost an absolute fortune, which sort of defeats the object of saving cash by staying in.

But it’s either that or a cut-up bin-bag, we hear you cry! Not necessarily. Why not take a leaf out of the USA’s book and go for stylish over scary?

This is where we can help you out once again with our superb range of patterned tights. Gothic and rock chick have been huge trends over the past few months and a simple black dress teamed with quirky shoes, heavy make-up and Celeste Stein‘s Skulls Tights could be the perfect combination to turn you into a naughty fairy.

Celeste Stein is renowned for her off-the-wall designs and her skulls style has been hugely popular here at And the best thing is, you don’t have to keep them just for Halloween!

Why not pair them with a printed t-shirt and sparkly cardie to create a perfect Saturday night look?

Get them on our website and check out all our patterned tights while you’re at it.


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