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Leighton Meester goes edgy in patterned hosiery

We’re used to seeing her uber-styled into her Gossip Girl alter ego Blair Waldorf, so we were surprised to see Leighton Meester looking very edgy at a recent fashion launch in New York.

The actress-turned-singer, who previously told Glamour magazine that she’d like Blair to be more relaxed when it comes to fashion, sported an early ’90s-inspired bra top and waistcoat combo, which she paired with printed, rainbow-bright leggings and shoe boots.

She was cheered on by her Gossip Girl co-stars as she performed her new single, but we think she should have opted for a longer length top to go with the leggings to get a more modern take on the ’90s revival. Check her out here and let us know what you think.

To get Leighton’s look without the too-much-bottom faux pas, why not try pairing a long baggy printed t-shirt with some of Celeste Stein‘s new glittery hosiery?

We recently took delivery of her new range at, which features bright patterns and a gorgeous lurex sparkle. We love the Multi Power Glittery Tights, which have a bold print similar to the Gossip Girl’s and which would be great for parties.


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Tamzin Outhwaite: I relied on my Spanx pants after childbirth

British actress Tamzin Outhwaite has said she had no intention of crash dieting after giving birth to her first child Florence last year, despite returning to work to film a new BBC drama just four months later.

The Hotel Babylon star sensibly that told the Daily Mail that she believes if baby weight takes nine months to put on, it will probably take nine months to come off again.

"I didn’t want to be at the gym when I could be with Florence," she pointed out.

Although she admitted she wasn’t back to her normal size "at all", Tamzin said it didn’t matter, because she had a secret weapon – Spanx.

"When I went back to work, I relied on my Spanx magic pants which suck the flab in," she laughed.

You go, girl! Why not follow Tamzin’s lead and opt for shapewear instead of a punishing, gruelling weight loss regime after childbirth?

We have a whole range at which are designed to hold in a multitude of sins, leaving you free to enjoy time with your new baby while feeling like a million dollars!

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Sheer Tights

We just love sheer tights because they give us legs as flawless as in the magazines.

Sheer tights are great for hot days or occasions when you need to show some leg to avoid looking like Morticia Addams. For instance, a long-sleeved jumper plus pencil skirt and opaque tights may make you look blocky and short-legged – not what any self-respecting fashionista wants!

Since bare legs can be a bit scary if you’ve not fake tanned or moisturised religiously, we recommend that you try sheer tights.

Sheers are great because they give you enough coverage to make your legs look flawless, but also let your pins shine through for a subtly sexy look. If you’ve been put off by dodgy supermarket sheer tights that made you look as though you had rolled your legs in tea, read on and prepare to be pleasantly surprised!

Everyday Sheers

For everyday tights that are comfy enough for work, Pretty Polly sheer tights are hard to beat. Affordable but high-quality, thePretty Polly Italia range, in either gloss (10-denier) or satin (15-denier), will give you a sun-kissed look in nude, or Hollywood glamourpuss style if you opt for black.

Girls who can’t help but ladder their hosiery could try Charnos’ Run Resist tights. These are a delicate 10-denier, but have in-built technology to stop ladders in their tracks.

Similar styles include Aristoc’s Ultra Soft 15-denier tights and the same brand’s Ultra Wardrobe Essentials hosiery (3-pack), as well as the luxurious Falke Pure Matte 20-denier tights.

Evening Wear

When it comes to evening attire, this is an opportunity to add some subtle shine and shimmer to your legs, even if you don’t want a full-scale pattern.

For a subtle shine, try 10-denier glossy tights such as Pretty Polly Nylons or Aristoc Ultra Shine, which will give you a really polished look. Slightly stronger are the Charnos Sheer Lustre 15-denier tights, or La Perla’s Allure variety in the same weight. Meanwhile, the ever-gorgeous Falke’s Seidenglatt 15 tights come in eight colours sure to suit every skin tone.

For a little added sauce to your sheer, come over all Dita Von Teese in Aristoc’s Sensuous Seamfree style with a lace waistband, or Pretty Polly’s Lace Bikini Tights, both of which will make you want to walk around with no skirt on at all (but please don’t).

And remember that you can wear evening styles every day if you want a glossy leg look for work or weekends – some of our customers simply live in shiny sheers!

The Natural Look

Finally, if we haven’t convinced you to opt for sheer coverage, why not airbrush your legs? This is the look you can achieve if you go for our ultra sheer or even bare leg look tights.

Keep onlookers guessing as to how your pins look so otherworldly and flawless in our hot picks, the Falke’s Shelina 12 tights, they are so common at HQ in the summer, they are like a uniform!

And if you want a look that is so gossamer-fine that no-one will believe you’re even wearing hosiery at all, the Pretty Polly Naturals collection should be your choice. At 8-denier (but with 20-denier strength), they are perfect for summer or hot offices.

What are you waiting for? Give sheer tights a try and you’ll never look back!

Happy shopping!


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Escala combine patterned tights with LBDs

They are the current faces (or should that be legs) of Pretty Polly, but it seems cool classical group Escala are fans of all kinds of patterned tights.

Chantal, Izzy, Tasya and Victoria posed for the Mirror’s Celebs magazine recently in a whole host of hosiery in all different colours, showing that there is something to suit everyone in the world of tights this season.

Henry Holland‘s Graduated Tights in blue looked great teamed with a long-sleeved dress by Chantal, while Vicky got glam in a sequined LBD and Pamela Mann houndstooth tights.

Tasya opted for sexy in a wet look dress and lace tights and we loved Vicky’s rock chick style, which consisted of Celeste Stein‘s snakeskin patterned tights in blue and thigh-skimming LBD.

Patterned tights are hugely popular this winter and they are so easy to wear. Head to our fashion hosiery section at to choose you design and really stand out at your festive parties!


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Is Spanx Heidi Klum’s secret?

We were stunned this week to see supermodel Heidi Klum taking to the catwalk as part of a special Victoria’s Secret show just five weeks after giving birth to her fourth child.

The 36-year-old looked just ravishing in her flouncy, clingy outfit and told US magazine that she was thrilled to have been able to walk the runway in New York.

"I am excited. I’m keeping it all together," she confided.

However, someone who was not keeping it all together upon seeing the lovely Heidi was former Project Runway winner Christian Siriano, who told the publication: "You’re going to die. She looks – oh my god! – She looks so good!"

We agree, she did look amazing. But don’t despair if you’re a new mummy – remember La Klum has stylists and someone to hold the baby! We also have a sneaking suspicion that she may have had another secret weapon in the form of Spanx under that tight top.

Now that’s something we can copy! Heidi had her thighs on show, so she may have used something like the Hide and Sleek Hi-Rise Thong to tone her tummy, midriff and back.

You’ll be pleased to know that you can get this from – perfect for that post-birth evening out with the girls!


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Should’ve tried some Charnos, Katie Holmes!

She may be one of Hollywood’s most glamorous starlets, but even Katie Holmes has a wardrobe malfunction sometimes.

The actress is currently filming The Romantics in Long Island with Anna Paquin, where she has been snapped looking decidedly chilly as she braves an east coast November in a series of tiny outfits (negligee in nine degrees C temperatures, anyone?).

However, she was also spotted by The Gossip Girls almost taking tumble in her high heels – and laddering her sheer tights!

Given that she probably has her own wardrobe trailer, it’s not so much of a problem for Katie, but it could have been very annoying had she been sightseeing with no spare pair in her bag like a normal person.

To avoid ladders Katie (and you!) could try the incredible Run Resist Sheer Tights from Charnos, available at

They contain special technology that bonds stitches together and stops little holes from turning into great big ladders – perfect for everyday wear.


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Henry Holland’s Christmas collection arrives – prepare to be dazzled!

If, like Whitney Port and the rest of the female population, you’ve been drooling over the range of tights that Henry Holland designed for Pretty Polly earlier this year, then you’re going to love his new Christmas collection.

New in at, there are three styles in the range, all of which are limited edition to add to their collectability.

The Mock Sock Tights allow you to get the look of knee high socks while keeping your legs covered with sheer hosiery, while the Super Suspender Tights look like stockings and are ‘held up’ by long black mock suspenders.

Meanwhile, perhaps our favourites are the Wanna Party Tights for their sheer quirkiness. They spell out ‘wanna’ down one leg and ‘party’ down the other, meaning that they’d be great for a night out on the tiles – can you imagine how fun they’d be for a hen do?

Henry’s tights have been selling out all over the country, so if you want a pair from the new collection in time for Christmas, head over to the relevant page at and fill your basket!


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Spanx ‘will let you wear clingy clothing with ease’

If you’ve been reading the fashion press lately, you’ll know that jumper dresses are a big trend at the moment.

They are great for teaming with flat boots as part of a winter day outfit, or for glamming up for going out.

However, if you’ve tried one on, you may have found that they can be a little … well, unforgiving.

Sara Hollamby, a business image consultant writing for City AM, said she discovered this to her detriment, seeing lumps and bumps of flesh bulging out where she didn’t realise she had any after donning one.

However, she didn’t just banish the offending dress from her wardrobe – she simply paired it with some Spanx.

"Once you’ve discovered these, the clingy clothing section of any shop will be opened up to you," she enthused. "Spanx help smooth out your silhouette underneath the clothing and improve your shape."

For the menace of clingy dresses over the festive season, Sara particularly recommended the Spanx Hide and Seek Strapless Full Slip.

We agree – we love this product at It will give you enough light support to go bra-less, while also smoothing and firming the thighs, tummy and bottom. Dress disaster? What dress disaster?!


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Patterned tights ‘give you the best of both worlds’

This winter, you don’t have to walk around freezing your bits off in the name of fashion and showing off a cool new top or skirt – because you can use patterned tights to make that statement.

Imani Ellis, a fashion expert at the Vanderbilt Hustler, pointed out that patterned tights allow us to experience the best of both worlds, keeping us warm while looking great at the same time.

She pointed out that there are hundreds of designs and textures, allowing you to add excitement to any outfit while fending off winter winds effectively.

"Isn’t it marvellous when fashion and practicality unite as one and we are not forced to choose one over the other?" she enthused.

It certainly is! If you fancy giving patterned tights a whirl, you can’t beat Celeste Stein for great styles. We love her Pink Flower Girl tights, which you can get at along with scores of other designs.


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Whitney Port loves Henry Holland tights

When one of reality TV’s hottest stars is wearing Henry Holland tights, you know they must have become a major trend.

Speaking to the Daily Mail’s You magazine, The Hills and The City fashionista Whitney Port said she can’t get enough of his hosiery.

"I have an obsession with tights. There are so many cool patterned versions around. I love the ones Henry Holland has done for Pretty Polly," she enthused.

And when asked whether she thinks statement tights are for long-legged twenty-somethings with model good looks, she said no (hooray!)

"Tights are for everyone," she insisted, suggesting that people embrace bold hosiery gradually if they are nervous by, for example, swapping black opaque tights for purple.

We agree with Whitney that Henry Holland’s tights are to die for – one of our favourite designs are the Mock Stockings Tights, which are similar to some worn by Lily Allen recently.

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