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Wool ribbed tights – the best alternative to catching your death

As we’re sure you’re all aware by now, the UK is currently blanketed in a lot of very deep snow.

Getting to work and the shops has become akin to an Arctic expedition and unless you’re wearing about six layers, you’re sure to feel that Siberian wind coming through to bite you.

However, we were stunned the other day to see a young woman close to MyTights HQ walking down the street – mercifully where the snow had been cleared – wearing a skirt, bare legs and flip-flops. We kid you not.

Clearly this behaviour is sure to lead to a lot of people catching their death over the next few weeks, but it can be so easily avoided.

If you are hell-bent on wearing a skirt instead of trousers, put on a pair of wool ribbed tights too, for heavens’ sake! We find that these are usually warmer than trousers, plus they can be easily tucked into boots and won’t come off with your wellies. You can even wear them under trousers if you get really cold.

One of our favourite products is Falke‘s Soft Merino Wool Ribbed Tights, which are top quality, really warm and not at all itchy thanks to their blend of wool and cotton.


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Another style hit for Anna Friel in patterned tights

While last week – last year, in fact! – we were lauding Anna Friel’s choice of vintage dress and leggings combo, the actress has now demonstrated that she can rock patterned tights just as effectively.

The Breakfast at Tiffany’s star was spotted by the Daily Mail wearing a simple little black dress along with lacy tights outside the Theatre Royal Haymarket.

Anna’s bold, floral-printed hosiery really complemented her frock, while the splashes of red colouring made her scarlet lipstick and nail polish pop.

However, the tights may not have kept her as warm as her leggings, as she eventually put on a gold brocade coat while she posed for photos for the waiting paparazzi.

The starlet may be keen to finish acting in Breakfast at Tiffany’s with a bang – it finishes its run in the West End later this month.

However, given the stylish looks Anna has sported recently, we’re sure it won’t be long before she has more work lined up!

For similar hosiery, try Pamela Mann‘s Wild Flower Lace Tights, which are available from in a range of colours.

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Spanx – join the revolution!

With celebrity fans like Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon, as well as legions of ordinary women, there seems to be no stopping Spanx.

Once upon a time, in 1998 to be precise, there was a woman named Sara Blakely. Sara was fed up of having wobbly bits under her trousers, dresses and skirts and wanted to look especially slim under a pair of cream Capri pants.

However, try as she might, she could not find a product that would hold her in and stay hidden. In desperation, Sara cut the feet off her control-top tights – and a worldwide phenomenon was born.

Sara officially launched her first pair of Spanx footless tights in 2000 after convincing a mill owner to manufacture them for her and, after Oprah Winfrey got hold of a pair, they really took off!

Now, there is a range of Spanx for every occasion, with individual collections tailored to suit your every wardrobe need. If you haven’t tried them already, here’s a quick run-through of what you can expect and which ones to choose from the wide range at

Power Panties

The first style to hit the big time was the Power Panties. These work amazingly well and are so comfortable to wear. No seams equals no digging in, plus the lack of leg band ensures there won’t be any unsightly bulges above your knees!

Higher Power

Power Panties were swiftly followed by Higher Power, which are similar but go from mid-thigh to just below your breasts instead of stopping at the waist. These continue to be one of our most popular Spanx pieces.

Hide & Sleek

If your aim is discreet shapewear that gently tones, the Hide and Sleek range could be for you. Including a Strapless Cami, Adjustable Cami, Half Slip, Full Slip, Strapless Full Slip, High Waist Body Smoother, Girl Shorts and a Thong, there is guaranteed to be something to go under the clothes you have in mind to create a slimmer-looking silhouette.

Slim Cognito

For much firmer control that will have people wondering how you dropped a dress size so fast, you’ll want to try Spanx Slim Cognito collection. With extra compression everywhere they touch – but still no bulges! – this range incorporates great products like the High Leg Shaping Bodysuit, the Seamless Mid-Thigh Shaper, Seamless Mid-Thigh Bodyshaper and the Seamless Control Panty.

Tights & Leggings

As Sara and her team realised there was a never-ending range of occasions in need of shapewear, the Spanx range grew and grew.

We just love the Tight End products, which are tights and leggings that create… well, a tight end, as well as a firm tummy and thighs!

Check out the reversible tightsblack opaques with the Spanx difference and cool convertible leggings – that can be worn at the ankle or under the heel – for shapewear that also ticks all the right boxes when it comes to style.


If you’re a yummy mummy-to-be, then don’t feel left out! There’s even a range of Spanx for you. The Maternity Tights and Power Mama pants will stretch with your growing tummy while providing unbeatable support for both your bump and your back and even toning your rear and thighs.


With the Spanx family having recently increased to includeControl-Top Fishnet Tights – with a comfortable top section to mean no more grid butt, as Sara so succinctly put it! – and a forthcoming range of haute couture, lingerie-inspired products, it seems Spanx is set for world domination.

Once you’ve tried them you’ll never look back!


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