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Vogue: The September Issue

It’s official, over-the-knee socks are so en-vogue that they’re in Vogue – and so are we! September’s issue of Vogue features the Trasparanze over-the-knee socks in black from, which are shaping up to be a huge trend this autumn/winter. Vogue have cleverly twinned a classic clean-cut, mod style duffle-coat with some statement fur boots which “add a mischievous spark,” and we love this look.

So ladies, you heard it here first … sort of. Keep the outfits minimal but tasteful, leaving yourself plenty of room for some fun. Why not try chucking some black over-the-knees on over a pair of lovely, subtly patterned, sheer tights such as Gerbe’s beautiful Plumetis spotty ladies tights for a more discreet take on the look. Or, if you’re feeling a bit friskier go crazy with the loudest, wackiest over-the knees you can find. The choice is yours…


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Woman & Home – September 2010

The “How to do Work Wear” article in this months Woman & Home magazine recommends!

The ‘W&H Working Wishlist’ states “Looking for the right tights? Don’t worry we’ve done the legwork for you. Shopping for your sheers couldn’t be simpler, with all the hottest hosiery available a the click of a button – and what’s more, it will be delivered to your door within 24 hours. Classic, coloured, or to create a streamlined silhouette, log on to find your perfect fit – but for trusty work wear, we say stick to black. Good websites to try are…”

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Sock It to Me

fearnecotton_kneehighsUnfortunately, ‘that time’ is fast approaching. The time for lazing in the summer sun is hurtling into the past at an alarming speed. The streets will be strewn with crispy, golden leafs and winter boots before you’ve had time to heal your sandal sores. But fear not, keeping your tootsies warm has never been more fun. Like it, or loath it – socks are back.

Over-the-Knee, Me?

Celebrities such as Agnes Deyn and Sarah Jessica-Parker are already flying the flag for this classic cheeky-schoolgirl-in-a-Japanese-horror-film look. Pamela Mann’s over knee in white looks great against tanned pins, and when coupled with some desert boots ala Fearne Cotton, is a perfect look for a not-so-sunny afternoon. Alternatively, for those who don’t feel quite so comfortable exposing some thigh, try a variation of the look – add some edge to an OSBMS (Obscenely Short Black Mini-Skirt) by layering patterned tights under a pair of womens’ socks like Jonathan Aston’s Long Wool Mix boot sock for a grunge look that Pixie Geldoff would be proud of.

Ankle-Sock Shock

As controversial as the ankle sock may be, this ‘uncool’ look has definitely made it into the 2010 list of must-dos. Designers such as Miucci Prada, and John Galliano featured many an ankle-sock in their spring/summer runway shows, and it is set to stick around with the likes of Miu Miu and Mark Jacobs continuing the trend through to autumn/winter. Trasparenze’s 15 denier Monique ankle-sock are a pocket friendly way to add punch to any outfit, and they come in fourteen colours. Kelly Osbourne, Alexa Chung and Rihanna have all been seen proudly sporting this angelic look. So, clogs and ankle-socks are officially high-fashion, now there’s a sentence that nobody thought would ever be written. But what if you just don’t ‘dig’ the 1950’s Sock Hop look? For a more of a sexy look, Jonathan Aston’s beautiful Sweet Roses anklet teamed with some sleek pony skin ankle boots is a sure fire way to scream LOOK AT ME this autumn .

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