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January, 2011

We love…heart tights! And so does Katie Waissel!

X-Factor star Katie Waissel was recently spotted out in London, combining two of this season’s hottest hosiery trends: hearts and suspender tights! We have a great collection of heart print tights (perfect for Valentine’s day!), including the one’s Katie Waissel rocked with denim hotpants: the Pamela Mann Heart Suspender Tights


Get the celebrity look…Chain Suspender Tights

More Magazine 26/01/2011

Ever wanted to look like a celebrity? Well this weeks More magazine shows readers how to dress like an A-lister! With the first outfit featuring Henry Holland’s Chain Suspender Tights from, for look reminiscent of Lady GaGa, on one of her glamorous days. But it’s not only Lady Gaga who you can look like – the Chain Suspender Tights from House of Holland have been spotted on countless celebrities, including Pixie Lott, Ellie Goulding and Una from The Saturdays!


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Spanx Simplicity

With the Oscar nominations announced – awards season is truly underway.  Bright, bold and beautiful is the look of choice for our Hollywood temptresses and strong colour is a trend that we have already tipped to be huge this Spring/Summer.  With so much bold colour around, blending into the background will not be an option so how do you exude pure confidence while you are strutting your stuff in those attention grabbing shades?  Well, as Hollywood’s canniest leading ladies all know, getting the foundations right is essential.

Shapewear is one of Hollywood’s worst kept secrets and every Hollywood movie star worth her borrowed Laboutins has probably wiggled into a pair of Spanx at some point.  Since they were available in the UK, has stocked a wide range of Spanx products from full shaping suits to control pants to control tights.  They are enduringly popular with customers because they really do make a visible difference to your silhouette.

So in anticipation of our lighter looks for spring and summer (let’s hope it is not too far away!), Spanx have released their new Slimplicity range.  The Slimplicity range still has the same high compression effect that Spanx has become so famous for but in an ultra lightweight fabric.  They have also included alot of useful little features to make your shapewear more versatile than ever before.

Those annoying and unsightly bulges that can appear around your bra line could be a thing of the past with the Spanx Slimplicity Open Bust Camisole.  The camisole which will shape your tummy, waist and hips also has a high back which will smooth out the back around your bra line.  Particularly good for ladies with an ample bust, this camisole allows you to wear any style of bra underneath so you can make sure you have proper support that goes with every neckline.

The Spanx Simplicity Strap Camisole on the other hand will give you the same strong control over the tummy and hips but comes with a light bust support which you can wear under those slinky summer dresses.  With thin straps like a pretty vest top you won’t notice them under clothing and could even be worn with a strappy dress as they are much less noticeable than a normal bra strap.

If your bottom and thighs are your problem area then the Slimplicity Half Slip will flatten your tummy and hold in your bottom and thighs to give a truly feminine silhouette.  The super lightweight fabric makes it suitable to be worn under even the most figure hugging outfit.  You’ll be dying to slip into a sexy pencil skirt!

To give your firm your bottom under trousers or a dress you might want to try the Spanx Slimplicity Panty.  Worn instead of your normal knickers they are so comfortable and light you will forget you are wearing them!

Spanx almost seem to know our insecurities better than we do and they seem to have a product for every bulge and wobbly bit we could name.  What’s more they design with fashion mind to make the range as versatile as possible.  The Slimplicity range comes with the same strong control, and knock on confidence boost, that we have come to expect from Spanx and getting that level of control in such a lightweight fabric is quite an achievement.

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Real people, real style.

As we mentioned in our last post, we searched the streets of London for people with great style that incorporated tights or socks. We wanted to show you 4 more of the lovely people we photographed! Two of them were wearing sheer tights with details, such as sheer with hearts, and sheer with spots. Sheer patterned tights look great with an LBD, or even with everyday work wear or casual wear!

Another common trend we saw a lot of was the use of ankle socks, worn both over and under leggings or tights.  Ankle socks look great when work under leggings with a pair of brogues or new style loafers, or you can wear them over a pair of tights with high waisted shorts or skirt.

Bright tights have been predicted to be huge this coming S/S, and we spotted a great pair of bright blue tights on the stylish lady below! Coloured tights are certain to brighten up your day, as well as brighten up the days of others who pass you by! How lovely.

View all the pictures on our facebook fan page. If you think you have great style and love incorporating tights or socks into your outfits, then upload your pics to our facebook album or email them to


Street Style

So this week, we decided to take to the streets of London and harass people for pictures! We love seeing how you’ve put outfits together involving tights and socks!

Last season and this coming season, layering with tights and socks is huge – and we completely understand why. Ripped tights have also become a ‘thing’, and they look great with the punky/grungy look, or even as part of the dishevelled Shoreditch scene look. However, ripping your own tights can be a pain- especially when it means ruining a perfectly good pair and the laddering goes a bit too far! Jonathan Aston and Pretty Polly however, have come up with ingenious tights that already have that ripped-look effect. One of the girls pictured below has worn some ripped tights with black knee high socks and a gorgeous camel coat. Fabulous look.

Sexy look tights are also big, with suspender tights being spotted on most fashionista’s legs at the moment. However, back seam tights are also popular and a more understated option. But if you really want to make a statement, why not try lace-up look tights, such as our Wolford Artiste pair. They’re on the more pricey side, however, they’re a long lasting investment that will be the main feature of any outfit! Take a look at the girl photographed below for inspiration, she has a pair of lovely Wolford lookalikes on, and she really stood out in the high street crowd.


Stolen from grandma. Claire and her love of ‘old person chic’.

For a while now, dressing like an ‘old person’ has been a young and contemporary thing to do. And no-one does it better than Claire of She manages to strike a great balance between modern fashion and vintage/charity shop chic.  One of her favourite looks seems to be; knitted-look socks, and we think she wears this trend beautifully! She also wears a lot of ankle socks with killer heels to give her outfits an old-skool vibe. Quite literally, this ankle sock trend has reminded most people of junior school, when you used to have to wear ankle socks with your lovely patent black Clarks shoes! However, Claire, like so many others, has reinvented this look and made it look ‘cool’. Other old-people effects that have come back with a vengeance, are brogues, hats, lace gloves, and of course, the ultimate seamed tights.

A lot of real grandmas came from an era where you wouldn’t have stepped out the house without wearing stockings, hold ups or tights. Suspenders were the ultimate glamorous under wear, but now, you can achieve the suspender look without the hassle of real ones- with clever suspender tights creations from Pretty Polly and Henry Holland.


Summer Trend Watch – Grey, Grey go away

So you have survived what was officially the most depressing day of the year.  According to experts, the combination of horrible weather, financial strains and a clutch of broken new year’s resolutions made Monday of this week 2011’s official day of despair.  So thank fashion for giving us something to look forward to!  As we drag ourmiserable winter bodies out of bed, the catwalk and the red carpet is showcasing an abundance of colour and outfits so bright and cheery they make it hard not to crack a smile on even the gloomiest of days.  Colour is going to be HUGE this spring and the more the better so, if you are feeling a little fashion forward, you can get started on this key trend by introducing little flashes of colour to your wardrobe right now.

You can ease your way into the new colour trend by brightening up a plain outfit with a pair of bold  coloured tights.  Pamela Mann is a good place to start for all the colours of the rainbow.  For the widest range of colours available you can start with the Pamela Mann 50 Denier Tights. currently stocks this product in 37 different shades so there has got to be something you like.   For a more solid colour effect, and a touch more warmth for nippy evenings, we also recommend Pamela Mann’s coloured tights in an 80 and 120 denier. Wolford have a range called ‘velvet de luxe’, so if you want to incorporate luxury and quality alongside colour, have a look at our wolford velvet de luxe admiral tights (admiral is a fabulous navy-blue colour).

Once you have your colour training wheels off, you may be ready to move onto something a little more challenging by ditching those safe neutrals altogether.  When it comes to this trend, everything you know about colour is wrong.  Red really does go with pink and hot pink looks great with orange.  Mixing blues and greens can work together and the brighter the better!  These “clashing” colours have been all over the Spring Summer catwalks. Get know Jonathan Aston (another brand that is synonymous with rich, bright colour) and his 40 denier tights which come in a huge array of vibrant colours.  They are your friends.

Once the weather warms up you can still use your legs as a canvas for all those bright colours.  Coloured sheer tights can be hard to come by.  If you have ever lain awake at night wondering where you would find a pair of Daffodil Yellow sheer tights, then Jonathan Aston has come to the rescue with his range of Coloured Sheers in eye-popping colours.  They will give a more subtle effect than the block colour you get from the opaques and may be a good place to start for the nervous colour mixer.

Finally, and I’ve saved the best of the trends for last, neon is going to be a making a comeback this Spring/Summer.  A flash of neon will certainly blow the cobwebs off next season’s wardrobe but, I have to admit, that it is a trend that must be treated with respect to avoid the 80s teenager look.  When teamed with subtle neutrals, a pair of neon coloured tights provide an eyecatching contrast that will freshen up your look ready for summer.  Pamela Mann’s 50 and 80 Denier coloured tights come in the brightest of fluorescent shades including highlighter pen bright pink, orange and green.

The time to truly cast aside those chunky knits and those dull winter greys may seem like a long way off but you can inject a little early summer into your wardrobe with brightly coloured accessories.  If you ease yourself in now you will be a colour mixing master by the time spring rolls around so say no to grey and reach for the bright!

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Street Style: Charlene, Strutt La Mode

If you love the slightly more grungy/rock look like the lovely Charlene of then we have plenty of products to suit your taste!

Charlene seems to love very sheer black tights which add to her sexy, chic, and slightly gothic style. They bring old school glamour to any outfit.

An outfit of hers below (with the peach dress) screams 50’s chic but with a slight indie, teddy-boy twist, and her gorgeous lacy-look ankle socks complete the look. We have some great Jonathan Aston lace ankle socks that are a fab option!

Suspender tights are still huge and they’ll be sticking around for a while yet! Charlene rocks some utterly excellent Henry Holland gems, which we stock here at MyTights. So if you haven’t got yours yet, you better hurry up before it’s too late!

It’s not all just about knee high or ankle socks, mid-calf socks get a look in too! You know what they say… the ‘middle’ is a great place to be, so go mid-way and have a look at our range of socks that are a great alternative to full-ons or ankle skimmers, Charlene, as seen below, seems to be a fan! And quite rightly too.


Street Style, Amanda Brohman & Layering.

Layering with tights and socks is huge this season. We can see Amanda of modelling this look to absolute perfection. If you’re loving her use of pastel pale hosiery, browse our range of elegant fashion tights or spotty tights for a selection of pale tights to start layering with, and then have a look at our knee high socks to finish off the look. Or if you want a 2 in 1 combo we have a clever pair of ‘over knee tights’ from Pretty Polly which has a built in over the knee sock affect.

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Whoever said plain black sheer tights and socks  were boring, are clearly wrong. We love the way Amanda Brohman has made these staples modern and exciting. Heart print tights have also been on people’s most wanted list this season, and with valentines day approaching, what better excuse to indulge in a pair! We have some Pamela Mann beauties which are pretty much identical to the pair that Amanda is wearing below… Great minds clearly think alike.


Jessie J’ wears Wolford at Brit Nomination Awards

It is reported that Jessie J had originally wrote her hit single “Do it Like A Dude” for Rihanna before deciding to release it herself.  Certainly the track would have worked for the indomitable Barbadian superstar, but  Jessie definitely made the right decision in deciding to go it alone on this one.  She’s stormed the UK pop scene with her first UK single and scooped the coveted Critic’s Choice award at the Brits but at the Brit nominations ceremony last night she also looked set take the UK fashion scene by storm.

Fierce is an overused word in the fashion industry but it definitely applies to Jessie’s outfit.  A sleek black bob teamed with dramatic black make up contrasting with milky white skin ramped up the gothic chic.  The design of her tough looking (almost Madonnaesque) bodice was echoed beautifully by the Wolford Aston Tights that adorned her legs.  Luxury hosiery brand Wolford has been a firm celebrity favourite for some time but it is really great to see 22 year old Jessie giving this classic brand a whole new context.

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It’s a larger than life but very well put together look and you can buy at least a piece of it from   What is more, and don’t say we don’t spoil you, the Wolford Aston Tights are featured in the Winter Sale at a mere £21.75.   You’ll have to be quick though – we’ve only got a few left and once they are gone they are gone!

She’s sure to be one of the hottest stars of 2011, and her hosiery choices will ensure she’s top of the style stakes too! Not only did she favour Wolford’s fashion tights last night, but she also rocked a pair of Henry Holland‘s now sold out Bandanna Over The Knee Tights in her video for “Do it Like  A Dude”, as well as being spotted in Henry’s Super Suspender Tights.