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February, 2011

Colour trend: Navy

As the weather is getting warmer, everyone has begun to think about their spring wardrobes!  An emerging trend that will be very popular this spring is the colour navy.  Seen all over clothing stores, style magazines, and fashion week runways, the colour navy has established itself as a staple for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.  The best thing is that it can be worn in a number of ways, and for any occasion, to create a polished look.

This season the nautical theme is high on trend lists – a combination of navy and white basics, either in solids or a simple prints, like stripes.  Paired with fun ship-themed jewellery and accessories in brown, gold, and red, you’ll look stylish, and ready for whatever the day may bring.  To get a head start on this trend while the weather’s still a bit cooler, why not try our Falke Navy Merino Wool Tights?  These Falke navy tights are thicker than most, and are sure to keep you warm on a chilly day. You could also try the Falke navy Cotton Touch Tights, which are made from 43% cotton, which will really allow your legs to breath. Once the weather warms up a little, you may want to look into a lighter option like navy blue opaque hold ups.  Try Falke Pure Matt 50D Navy Opaque Hold Ups, which are thinner than the wool tights, and will compliment any of your nautical spring and summer outfits nicely.

Many celebrities have already jumped onto this trend in the past few weeks, and been spotted wearing navy clothing on a number of occasions.  Victoria Beckham and Rachel Bilson have both been photographed wearing navy and white stripes, showing the prominence of the nautical craze, while Sarah Jessica Parker also stepped out in a navy dress.  Additionally, the colour was worn by many fashion week attendees in the past month, including singer Christina Aguilera at Brazil Fashion Week and actress Rebecca Hall at London Fashion Week.


London Fashion Week Special

You might be looking forward to slipping into your skimpy summer outfits but the fashion pack is now firmly focussed on Autumn Winter 2011/12.  As London Fashion Week draws to a close, some of the world’s best designers have showcased their design prowess in the capital and it has been an exciting insight into what we will all be wearing 6 months hence.  Delicate muted shades, spots, bright warm colours, jewelled clothing and mixes of printed fabrics have all emerged to take over your winter wardrobe.  We’ve been watching the outfits closely but, as you would expect, we’ve been keeping an even closer eye on the leg wear on show at fashion week and we’ve spotted a few ways that you can get the catwalk style without the couture price tag.

At Irwin and Jordan their chic and understated collection married silk and wool with leather and sequin highlights. Complementing their classic looks were some Trasparenze Gennifer Merino Wool Tights provided by  Well done to all at Irwin and Jordan for putting together such a great show.  The shade used for the show is Noisette which complements the cream silk and soft grey knits that characterised this show.  These tights served as

a great a base for their more formal structured looks in tweed and wool as well as the more flowing casual looks in soft silks.  Amazingly, they also work to complement the few flashes of bold colour in this show too proving how truly versatile they are.

We’ve also (quite literally) spotted an emerging trend.  Celebrating their 10 year anniversary with a return to London Fashion Week, Temperley accessorised a muted palette of cream, black and taupe with sheer spotted tights.  The delicate spots seen on the catwalk are very similar to those on the Gerbe Plumetis Tights and the Wolford Rebecca Tights both available at  Only the week before, and on the other side of the Atlantic, Marc Jacobs exhibited his critically acclaimed collection in New York that was all about the spots!  Spots on the head, spots on the dress, spots on the handbag and spots on the tights – he couldn’t get enough of them.  You heard it here first spots will be making a comeback for Autumn!

At Clements Ribiero it was all about texture.  Bold prints, embroidery, lace and military detailing combined to make an eclectic collection that had no dull moments. With so much going on in this show, styling these complex outfits with the Wolford Sousan Tights was a brave choice.  The ornamental circle design on these tights is as bold as many of the prints and details Clements Ribiero used in their show and there was always a risk that they could end up overshadowing the outfits.  In the end however, they blended beautifully to create one of the highlights of London Fashion Week.  If you are feeling adventurous you can team them with pattern like the girls at Clements Riberio or wear them as a statement piece in their own right with a plainer outfit.  This trend for mixing prints was also seen at Mary Katrantzou and at, MyTights favourite, Henry Holland.  To get the look, check out the patterned tights section of our website which has a huge array of prints to suit all tastes.  If you want to take this look really seriously try tights by pattern goddess Celeste Stein for sensational bold and quirky prints.

In general, it seems that embellished clothing is a trend that has not gone away with plenty of designers closing to detail their outfits with jewels or sequins.  Rock this look with the Pretty Polly Embellished Tights which are scattered with tiny mirrored and metallic jewels.  Alternatively, if you have a bit of cash to splash, try just about anything by expert embellishers Bebaroque.

It has been an exciting fashion week, sometimes riotously colourful and other times muted and understated.  Hosiery is probably one of the cheapest ways of getting the catwalk looks and updating your wardrobe not just for this coming season but for the one ahead too.  I know you are still looking longingly at your summer wardrobe – we understand your next winter wardrobe is the last thing on your mind right now.  You don’t need to worry, we’ll take care of it, when autumn does come around again MyTights will have the best selection of styles to match all the key trends!

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Black Swan Ballerina Style

Not content with being one of biggest films of the year not to mention being hotly tipped for Oscar success next week, Black Swan has clearly got the fashion pack’s seal of approval.  Look out for lots of Black Swan inspired style on our favourite glossy pages and on the catwalks this spring summer.   Now I know what you are thinking, Natalie Portman might look great in a tutu but even she had to endure months of intensive training to look the part.  Relax, it’s not all girly pinks and frills though, like the ‘Swan Lake’ inspired psychological thriller itself, there is a dark side and a light side to this look.

There is nothing to stop you from awakening the little girl that used to dream of prima ballerina stardom.  Cute little pink ballet pumps are certainly going to make a comeback in your wardrobe and there is a lot of pale pink and cream in the shops.  However, if you are looking to emulate the darker side of the Black Swan, you can pile on the layers of black lace plenty of sparkling embellishment to give a slightly edgier look.

It goes without saying that the pale pastels are the trickiest to accessorise.  Black opaques are way too harsh a contrast for these delicate colours. White is too stark too but well chosen ivories, creams even pale greys will complement them beautifully.  For a really cute and girly take on this look try the Pamela Mann Big Heart Tights in Charcoal and Pink.

With this trend comes an abundance of lace so try the Jonathan Aston Sweet Roses Lace Tights in ivory – they also come in black for the more gothic Black Swan inspired look.  Try also the Traspaenze Vivyan Tights which in come in nude coloured lace for the light swan and black for the darker one.  If opaques are more your thing, here’s a good ballet inspired tip from the MyTights team, try the Pamela Mann 120 Denier Tights in Nude.  These are thick, pale tights with just a hint of pink in them that look very like real ballet tights – this shade is also incredibly versatile as it really does go with almost ANYTHING!

The Pretty Polly Embellished tights on the other hand are perfect for our darker swans.   Embellished with mirrored and metallic jewels from the ankle to the mid thigh, they will perfectly complement this which is all about textured fabrics and dark but glittering accessories.

It might be considered a little unpatriotic seeing as British film the King’s Speech is up for Oscars in most of the same categories, but we do have our fingers crossed behind our for Black Swan.   We are delighted with the return of pretty lace outfits for spring summer – whether in pastels or in black – and we think Black Swan deserves some credit!


Stars in the Nude

Looking back over the pictures of the awards ceremonies over the last couple of days we can’t help noticing how many of our celebrity favourites seem to be braving the February evenings with bare legs.  Bare legs were abundance at the Brits this week but there were also some clever and stylish use of nude tights by popstars Adele and Jessie J.  Rihanna was even sporting a pair of sexy nude fishnets for her performance at the awards ceremony.  As winter begins to thaw, celebrities seem to be yearning for summer as much as we are.

As our favourite celebs flaunt their flawless, sunkissed limbs on the red carpet, we mere mortals who don’t have exclusive use of a sunbed or an entourage to buff our pins wonder how we can compete.  Especially since most of have been hiding pasty limbs under trousers and thick opaques since September.   The secret is (and don’t forget many of those seemingly bare legs will have been clad in them), sheer nude coloured tights that will even your skin tone make your legs look flawless.  We’ve got a huge selection of sheer tights at but for a really barely there look try our favourite Flake Shelina Tights, or the Wolford Luxe 9 Tights.  Some of the best quality and thinnest “barely there” tights on the market, their slight sheen will give a really natural look. The sandal toe means you can wear them with sandals too so no-one will know that you are wearing tights at all!

Adele teamed her Brits outfit with a pair of high shine nudes which are a sophisticated way to make your legs as glamorous as your little black dress.  For a similar look try The Pretty Polly Nylons range or the Aristoc Ultra Shine both of which will give a high gloss finish.

Nude tights don’t need to be plain and boring as Jessie J proved when she teamed the Wolford Nola Tights with her short green outfit for the Brits.  These tights are available now from and if you like these you should definitely check out the rest of the Wolford range which has a great selection of nude tights with quirky black detailing.

And lest we forget there was raunchy Rihanna in her nude fishnet tights.  Hot pants and nude fishnets combination – let alone her sexy dance moves – are not a look that everyone would wish to emulate.  It is certainly not an everyday look but should you feel like getting a bit of the Rihanna’s Brits Ceremony Style then try the Levante Fishnet Tights in Natural.   These fishnets are highly durable too so if you fancy a Rihanna inspired foray onto the stage then they won’t ladder!


Jessie J has done it again…

The star has had a brilliant beginning to 2011 already, and last night she topped it off by winning the Critics Choice at the Brit Awards 2011. Jessie J has been spotted in some fabulous hosiery since topping the charts (check out the article below from this week’s Now magazine), and last night was no exception as she accessorised her emerald green Vivienne Westwood dress with Louboutins and a pair of Wolford Nola Tights, which feature a sexy polka dot side seam.

All three designs from the Now magazine article are available at The Henry Holland Super Suspender Tights, the Wolford Aston Tights, and the Henry Holland Superstar Tights.



Spotted at New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is in full swing and here at, we’ve been pouring over the catwalk images.  Catching our eye today has been Marc Jacobs’ collection which has elements of classic couture with tailored jackets and elegant structured skirts which created an exaggerated womanly shape.  However, those classic shapes were peppered with black circles which looked almost like sequins except that they are made from rubber and latex.  The shiny synthetic fabrics contrasted sharply with more classic fabrics like tweeds and lace.  The supremely spotty outfits were accessorised with headpieces that somehow manage to look vintage and modern all at the same time.  Finishing off the look however, were some delightful spotty tights.

The buttoned up look was in contrast to many of the louder colours and more flowing collections on show in New York this week but it has won the approval of the fashion commentators.  Whether Marc Jacobs’ vision will inspire a rash of spotted outfits on the high street remains to be seen but, if you fancy this look now but can’t afford the designer price tag then has the answer.    Our Gerbe Plumetis Spotty Tights with their dainty, small spot are very similar to the sheer tights on show in Marc Jacobs’ collection.  The Emilio Cavallini Polka Dot Spotty Tights will also give a similar effect but with a contrasting spot on a white or black background – they are also on sale right now at so get them before they sell out.   If the larger spots are more your style try the Jonathan Aston Large Spot Tights – as well as a bold pink colour, these come in a grey and black which will give a very similar look to the Marc Jacobs models.  Like the styling in this show, experiment with mixing spotted designs for a ultra fashion forward look.


Wool is not just for winter

After the long, dark, chilly months of winter it is sorely tempting start to unpeel some of those layers and brave the great outdoors in some lighter fabrics.  Winter knits are fine for a time but with the shops beginning to fill up with the new looks for Spring and Summer you could be forgiven for  wanting to break into all that exciting colour a little early.   We are still stocking a wide range of warm wool tights at for precisely this reason.  Wool tights and socks are a great way to ease your wardrobe’s transition from winter to spring.  If you want to get your pins out early in the season these guys are going to be your friends right through March and well into April and possibly even May.   Their ability to give warmth without bulk will also mean you can team them with lighter fabrics that don’t normally see the light of day until much later in the year.

I think one of the secrets to making this look work for spring is choosing lighter and brighter colours that complement this season’s outfits.   Falke’s Soft Merino Wool Tights for example come in colours like Red Pepper, a warm pinky red, Mosaic Blue and Atlantic, an elegant teal colour as well as soft greys.   Block colour is a big trend this spring summer and tights are one of the easiest ways to achieve this look.   One of the nicest things about these tights is that, although they are wonderfully cosy, you can still see a hint of leg underneath meaning that they are as flattering as your trusty opaques.

While we are on the subject of Falke, it is also worth considering the Falke Sensual Touch Cashmere & Silk Blend Tights.  Of course cashmere is a classic winter fabric but it will still be welcome if we find ourselves in the midst of a chilly spell  – what is more these are the most soft and luxurious tights to wear thanks to the cashmere and silk – so hardly a chore.  Plus the high cotton content means your skin can breath – these really are too luxurious to leave behind with Winter. With spring summer in mind, the pale grey shade is especially handy and looks great with a pair of ankle boots.  Give a summer dress an early outing with long sleeved t-shirt and these lovely warm tights underneath.

Another way to keep the chill at bay but still keep your legs looking fabulous is with over the knee or knee high socks.  The Trasparenze Dora Wool Rib Over the Knee Socks will give warmth but not bulk so your legs will still look slim.  They look really funky when worn over the top of coloured opaque tights.  The Pantherella Women’s Merino Over Knee Diamond socks are a truly luxurious product and come in a variety of lovely colours from rich greens and wine colours to the paler cream and duck egg blue.   For a more relaxed and slouchy look try the Jonathan Aston Long Wool Mix Boot Sock which can also be pulled over the knee.  Over knee socks look youthful and fun with a short skirt.  However, if you want to cover up a little more, wear them with a floatier skirt just above the knee that will show a little hint of leg as you walk.  Worn with a bright opaque tight underneath this is a subtle but sexy look.

It may feel like winter is beginning to wane but don’t be fooled.  Mother Nature has almost certainly got another cold snap up her sleeve.  You might be unwrapping yourself from those chunky winter knits but keep your warm winter tights on hand and you’ll stay stylish and warm well into spring.

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Get the look: Jessie J

Since exploding on to the music (and fashion) scene earlier this year, Jessie J has become the girl of the moment. But with her great voice, song writing talents, and unique style, we can completely understand why!

Her style is quirky, slightly grungy, definitely rocky, and 100% fabulous. Her style is similar to Katy Perry and Lily Allen, however, she puts her own individual, edgy spin on things, and that’s what makes her distinctive! Plus we love her even more for her fabulous taste in legwear!

She’s been spotted in everything from patterned leggings to holey tights! One of her favourites seems to be the ever-popular Henry Holland Super Suspender Tights, which she has worn several times, as have numerous other celebrities! Henry Holland tights seem to be a favourite amongst celebs (and normal folk alike) and who can blame them when he’s always coming out with fantastic, original ideas!?

She show cased Henry Holland’s Bandana OTK Tights in her debut video, and very appropriately his statue of liberty New York City Tights at a New York gig in January. More recently, she stole headlines in his Superstar tights, and they’re perfect for her sense of style. Does anybody else feel as though a Jessie J for Henry Holland tights campaign is in order?

It’s not only Henry Holland tights she favours, Wolford is one of the more luxury hosiery brands out there, and much loved by celebrities. Famous for their high quality and unique, sexy designs, Jessie J was seen shimmying around on stage wearing at the Brit nominations ceremony in the gorgeous Wolford Aston tights. It’s hard to resist the feminine, high-fashion designs from Wolford, so don’t! Just indulge yourself!

For a recent photo shoot, Jessie J was given a sexy look with lace-look rip-effect tights, we have a similar, equally fabulous pair of lace net hold ups by Jonathan Aston that will help you to achieve the sexy/quirky/punky look!

Check out our full Funky Fashion range and do Jessie J (and us) proud with your use of amazing, unique fashion tights!



The Classic Wolford with a sexy twist!

She’s had a pretty major style overhaul lately and we think Tulisa from N-Duz is looking all the better for it.  She’s definitely looking much more grown up and sure of herself.  We’ve spotted her recently wearing the New Wolford Artiste tights. This look leaves us in no doubt that Tulisa means business!!   This year the N-Dubz singer, along with her band, plan to crack America.   With this sexy, feisty twist on the classic Wolford, she surely cannot not go unnoticed stateside.

With Cheryl Cole, Jessie J and now Tulisa confirmed as fans, it seems wearing Wolford is a celeb’s favourite way to make that statement entrance.  By joining the Wolford pack with these Artiste Tights, Tulisa is proving her celebrity status and she has never looked better.

So if you want to turn heads like a celeb,  check out the fantastic Wolford range. The Wolford Artiste Tights are now available at



Vogue Italia: Super Suspenders

The Henry Holland Super Suspenders star on the cover of Vogue Italia this month…