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March, 2011

Chloe Madeley Makes Headlines with Henry Holland

While the papers are commenting on Chloe Madeley’s new toned figure, which comes courtesy of the gruelling fitness regime and emotional rollercoaster that it is Dancing on Ice, we are ogling her tights (see the pictures)

As she prepares for the Dancing on Ice final on Sunday, she was spotted in a pair of House of Holland Chain Suspender Tights.  We’ve always thought that these tights by Henry Holland were the perfect way to liven up a plain black outfit.  Chloe has used them to great effect here to give her denim jacket and black dress a glamorous edge and a handy shot of publicity before Sunday’s voting!  With a string of celebrity fans and countless red carpet outings, if you want to grab headlines then you wear some of Henry Holland’s sensational suspender tights!  Canny girl but then, as the daughter of Richard and Judy, she’s got this stuff in her blood.

If she wants to hear the MyTights team to really cheer for her though she’ll be wearing Henry Holland on as well as off the ice!



Mother’s Day Gifts

Mums the world over pretend not to care about Mothers Day but the truth is they really do – even if it is in secret! It is the one time of the year that mums can reliably take pure pleasure in being the centre of attention. Christmas doesn’t count as there is dinner to cook. Birthdays don’t count as you’ve still got to come to terms with the passing of another year. Since I’ve thought about it like this, I’ve never dared to forget Mothers Day! Presents that are just that little bit more thoughtful than the standard bunch of flowers go a long way so, if you are stumped for ideas this year, here are our top picks for Mother’s Day gifts that are sure to put a smile on mum’s face.

If you think your mum deserves a bit of pampering then invest cashmere – one of the ultimate luxury fabrics. Especially if your mum is often on her feet all day, slipping tired feet into a pair of Pantherella’s cashmere socks really is pure heaven. Explaining that all these socks come with hand linked seams so there are no rough edges around your toe to cause rubbing or irritation as you walk will definitely make you look super thoughtful. You can reassure frugal mums who think that these are too good for everyday by explaining that they are reinforced all over with nylon to give stretch but also to prevent them from wearing out – despite the softness of the yarn these will last and last. Whether you choose plain colours or stripes, they come in lovely spring friendly pastel shades as well as rich browns and greys. Try the new Pantherella Cable Knit Lounge Socks which are so unbelievably soft you won’t be able to resist giving them a little stroke before you wrap them up. Patherella socks ordered from between now and Mothers Day will come in a lovely gift box which reflects the luxury feel of this product.

If your mum likes her cashmere with a dash of silk, try the Falke Sensual Touch Silk and Cashmere Blend Tights. The weather might be warming up but mums and daughters alike are still in need of those trusty opaques and these tights by Falke are some of the most luxurious around. The silk and cashmere blend gives a soft, smooth and velvety feel. These are also great tights for the tricky transition from winter to spring as the high cotton content means they are breathable. This means you will still stay fresh and relatively cool if you suddenly find yourself in an unexpected spring heatwave!

Finally, for fashion loving mums the Wolford Rebecca Tights make a wonderful gift. You just can’t go wrong with the classic spotted pattern on these tights which will suit every girl from 18 to 80. Spots are a growing fashion trend and you can confirm the fashion credentials of these tights by mentioning that they were spotted this London Fashion Week on the Temperley catwalk. Wolford is a brand that is synonymous with quality and luxury, beloved of fashionistas and celebrities, so you will also be treating mum to some of the finest hosiery that money can buy.

A thoughtful gift that reflects your mothers taste and lifestyle cannot fail to please. Especially if you have the kind of mother that is unused to being spoiled, you can give something truly luxurious without appearing ostentatious or over the top. For more gift ideas, do browse the Mothers Day section of the website.


Treasured Through Time – Charnos Celebrates 75 years of stunning hosiery

This year Charnos will be celebrating 75 sucessful years in the hosiery business. It is one of the biggest and best known brands and it has always been synonymous with quality and innovation. As part of the 75th Anniversary celebrations, last night the MyTights team were treated to the first preview of the brand new Charnos range. Set against the stunning and appropriate backdrop of the Natural History Museum, Charnos treated us to an overview of their evolution as a brand and their place in the ever shifting world of fashion.

Fashion is not an industry where you can stand still.  Brands that stand the test of time are the ones that innovate and keep their offering fresh and inspired by their contemporary surroundings.  Charnos’ illustrious history also reflects the changing nature of what it has meant to be female in the 21st Century.  From dressing the screen sirens of the 30s to the new woman of the 1950s to the mini skirted Chelsea Look of the 60s to the power dressers of the 80s – Charnos has played its part in each of these shifting trends and attitudes.  Charnos had also enlisted the help of students from Nottingham Trent University to sift through their archives and create wonderful mood boards that captured the fall of the stocking to the rise of the fashion tight and development of the hold up – all showcased at the 75th Anniversary party.

The new collection from Charnos featured tights, hold ups stockings and suspender tights and was modelled by a bevy of gorgeous models who used the Natural History Museum’s enormous escalator as their catwalk.  Nice touch Charnos!  So here for all you hosiery fans out there, here is the new collection from Charnos modelled by a bevy of gorgeous models.  Remember, you saw it here first!


Spring Fashion

I love this time of year. Not only has the sun made an occasional appearance but the new Spring Summer stock has started rolling into our warehouse and – you may have noticed – out onto our website.  With each new delivery we have been cooing over the lovely new products and of course picking our favourites!  So to save you time, here are the MyTights team’s picks from the best of our Spring Summer Fashion this year.

Trasparenze have cornered the market in sexy this year with their gorgeous detailing and bold patterns.  The Trasparenze Britney Tights are a particular office favourite with their pretty ribbon detail at the top of the thigh that you can show off under a pair of short shorts if you are feeling brave! They have doubly won our hearts by hitting the emerging trend for spots with their contrasting pin spots that run down the legs.   The hold up version comes with the same pretty bow at the thigh but with a striped top that reminds us of the 50’s pin up look.

Also on the wish list from Trasparenze are the Becky Tights and hold ups.  We’ve sold a lot of suspender tights over the last year – it seems you guys cannot get enough of them.  So if you still love this look but want to stand out from the crowd, the decorative back seam will draw the eye up the back of the leg to the patterned band around the thigh.  We like the idea of wearing these with a swinging skirt that will reveal a sexy hint of these as you move.   For a sweeter and more innocent look – which also works really well for the summer – try them in Seta (white) with a black pattern.

Nude coloured tights are a spring and summer wardrobe staple but if you still want to make sure your legs stay the centre attention – try the subtle detailing from Wolford’s new range.  Wolford products are permanently on the MyTights wishlist!  Also hitting the trend for spotted tights – the Wolford Rebecca Tights are light and summery micronet tights that will keep you warm enough in spring but cool enough in the summer.  You can also feel confident of fashion pack approval with these tights which were spotted on the models at the Temperley Catwalk show at London Fashion Week.  Also supremely flattering are Wolford’s Nola Tights with their spotted side seam that runs down the leg to elongate the leg.  Both the products are entirely work appropriate and easy to dress up for the evening so a perfect accessory for a weeknight cocktail party.

If you want to throw caution to the wind and get your rock and roll on then you need to check out the Jonathan Aston Distressed Tights.  Ripped tights might not usually pass for an acceptable look but it does when they are as artfully distressed as these tights.  Jonathan Aston’s Tattoo Print Tights also work for rock chicks and princesses alike.  The soft Beach shade complements the delicate pastel shades that are in all the shops for spring and summer but the tattoo inspired print will still give a little edge to your look.  Jonathan Aston’s range also includes the Vertical Stripe Tights which are perfect leg slimming tights for those short summer outfits.

Each one of our brands has a distinctive character – Trasparenze does great sexy looks, Wolford is synonymous with class and quality and Jonathan Aston are great for affordable high fashion pieces.  This is just a tiny selection of the exciting new products that we have put up on the website in the last couple of weeks and there is still more to come!  Keep watching the site for even more pretty spring and summer looks.

Founder of


Pretty Polly Parties

There is the occasional perk to working in hosiery – besides never having to suffer laddered tights.  Earlier this week we were invited to a London Fashion Week party hosted by Pretty Polly.  The party was an opportunity for Pretty Polly showcase new range of products for Spring Summer 2011 as well as giving us a little sneaky peek at the exciting designs that are in store for next season as well.  We were also very excited to bump into top designer and hosiery sensation, Henry Holland who was promoting the new range of tights and hold ups that he has designed for Pretty Polly.

London Fashion Week saw the opening of the first ever dedicated Pretty Polly shop selling the full range of Pretty Polly fashion tights.   It is not a permanent fixture, the shop was only open for 9 days so you’ll still have to come to us for your Pretty Polly fix, but was the launching pad for the Legs 11 campaign and kicks off the search for new legs of Pretty Polly for 2011.  By the way, if you think you have the best pins on the planet, you can enter the competition by uploading your photos to their Facebook page.

Pretty Polly is known as a classic brand and every girl probably has a pair of Pretty Polly Tights in her drawer somewhere.  However, the new collection for this season is really putting Pretty Polly on the fashion map.  Amongst the best sellers in the Pretty Polly Shop were the gorgeous Pretty Polly Ribbon Backseam Tights with their gorgeous ribbon design that winds down the leg.  An unusual take on the concept of a traditional back seam these tights have also been popular with customers too. The lovely Pretty Polly Embellished Tights with their pretty sparkles that run from ankle to thigh were another popular choice.

However, it has to be said that the real stars of the show – quite literally – were probably the House of Holland Super Star Tights.  The outside of the shop was adorned with 20 foot high pictures of Henry Holland’s star tights in both black and gold and there are certainly the key pieces in his current collection.  The collaboration between House of Holland and Pretty Polly is a

marriage made in heaven and Henry Holland seems to have an instinctive ability to design trend leading products.   The new Superstar Black Tights have already been spotted on popstar Jessie J and, with Henry’s enviable book of high profile pals don’t expect her to be the last celebrity seen sporting a pair.  The collection also includes a new version of the ever popular House of Holland Super Suspender Tights as well as the funky Henry Holland Opaque Fringe Hold Ups and the Sheer Fringe Hold Ups which are set to be a must have item for this summer – they are all available now from so get them before they sell out.

But while we were still getting excited about this season’s offering, Henry has of course moved on.  He was at the Pretty Polly party talking excitedly about his new collection for Autumn Winter.  With a gorgeous model in tow who executed a number of rapid legwear changes as the evening went on, Henry gave us a preview of what we can expect to be wearing by the end of the year.  If brightly coloured patchwork inspired prints, stripes, flashes of neon and bingo don’t sound like they make sense yet – believe me they will by September!

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Cosmopolitan: Summer socks

Cosmopolitan – April 2011

We wish we looked as warm and sunkissed as this lucky lady from a recent Cosmopolitan photo shoot!   Of course we love our wool and our opaques but we are still longing to slip into those sweet summery dresses teamed with ankle and knee high socks.  Well we can’t fix the weather but you will be pleased to know that, if you are planning ahead or even if you are jetting off for a bit of early sun, all the lovely leg wear in this piece is available from

Cute coloured ankle socks are wonderful to add a little splash of colour to that summer outfit.  Not only do they look stylish but they will save your feet from rubs and blisters caused by new strappy sandals!  A perennial spring and summer hazard.  The selection featured here are from our collection of Jonathan Aston Ankle Socks and Trasparenze Monique Ankle Socks which come in a variety of joyful summer colours.  For a flirty, lacey look try the Jonathan Aston Sweet Roses Anklet which also comes in a pretty pale pink and ivory colour as well as the black featured here.

Stripes are making a mini come back this summer – did those nautical little numbers ever really go away?  You can get the stripy look in this shoot with the Jonathan Aston Burlesque Ringers Over the Knee Socks.

The stylist for this shoot has also incorporated a fishnet stocking from Jonathan Aston to accessorise that pretty red print dress.  If you want to get this look we’d recommend the Jonathan Aston Fishnet Hold Ups with a Plain Top in red – which have a silicon band around the top to keep them in place while you jaunt about this summer.  Wear them a little lower down the leg than normal hold ups to give a denser colour and create more of an over the knee look.  Now all we need is some sun!


Tulisa looks glamorous in Look

Look Magazine – March 2011

This week’s Look magazine features Tulisa from N-Dubz looking seriously glamorous in the Gerbe Plumetis Spotty Tights from, as well as Wolford’s Artiste Lace Up Tights.