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May, 2011

Whoops! Your SPANX are showing

We’ve often claimed that Spanx are a red carpet favourite amongst celebrities but a recent piece at which features the stars showing off their shapewear (albeit accidentally)  made me think that perhaps the time had come to offer up some proof!

Shapewear should never be seen of course, and Spanx go to great lengths to make sure their products are invisible under clothing, but every now and then a celebrity has a moment that gives us just a little glimpse of the secret to their fabulous figures.   Whether they flash their Spanx sliding out of a car or because of an unexpected gust of wind, when the photographers’ flash bulbs are popping from all angles there is nowhere to hide!

An energetic dance routine gave the game away for Katy Perry during a recent performance.   When she hitched up that sparkly, figure hugging dress she revealed a pair of Spanx mid thigh shorts.  One of the great things about Spanx is the feeling of all over control that you get from the moment you put them on.   Your body will feel firm to the touch and nothing wobbles.  So, if you are planning a big night out Spanx are one way to make sure you stomp, shimmy and shake with confidence of Katy Perry!

Making a graceful exit from a car in a short or tight skirt is the Achilles Heel of many a celeb. Desperate Housewife, Eva Longoria gave us a little Spanx show when jumping out of her car on the way to the Allure magazine party.  When she didn’t have pesky photographers pointing their lenses up her skirt however, she looked sensational in a figure hugging black satin dress.  Tight dresses in satiny fabric can be seriously unforgiving and this is when Spanx really come in handy to smooth out any lumps and bumps.  To make absolutely sure you get a smooth line all the way down your torso, choose products that go up to the bra line like the Spanx In Power Line Super Higher Power or a full body suit like the Spanx Slimplicity Open Bust Mid Thigh Bodysuit.

Not all celebs are shy about their Spanx habit however, Danni Minogue has been quoted extolling the virtues of Spanx – “I always wear them on the red carpet” she said.  She went on to say “they make my butt into the shape it would be if I was really good and went to the gym and had a personal trainer!”.  Proving that Spanx is not just for special occasions, America’s chat show queen, Oprah Winfrey said “I love Spanx. I wear Spanx every single day. I’ve given up panties. I wear Spanx!”.  The prize for the most enthusiastic (and incomprehensible) endorsement, however, goes to model Tyra Banks with this little gem:

“Every celebrity walking down the red carpet. You think she’s all just naturally like ‘shooop.’ A lot of them have SPANX on…… You put ‘em on, it sucks you up, baby. No matter what red carpet, I got ‘em on. I look like a granny before I put the dress on, but I put on the dress, and it’s like, ‘palow!’”.

Palow?!  No me either.

Stylists and celebrities the world over use Spanx because they work.  Some celebrities are happy to tell us how much they love their Spanx, sometimes it takes a mistimed car exit or wardrobe malfunction to do it for them.  Either way, they are essential red carpet wear and now Hollywood’s worst kept secret!

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At the beginning of May, was honored as a definitive tights site that offers only the best selections for all tights. Recognized for selling tights for every day wear, special occasion and everything eccentric, MyTights can offer those tight selections that department stores lack.


Bare Leg Looks

We can tell you are all feeling optimistic about summer when our bare leg look sheer tights start flying off the shelves.  Over the last couple of weeks ultra sheer tights have clambered their way to the top of the bestsellers list.  Particularly at this time of year, when you want to show a little leg but lack of exposure to the sun means your legs are still a little pasty, bare leg tights can be a saviour.  They’ll add a little colour to your legs as well as evening out your skin tone to make sure your legs look flawless and healthy.  A lot of our customers find the brand and colour that suits them and they stick with them for years but, if you haven’t yet found your perfect bare leg look, here is an overview of some our bestselling bare leg products and why we think customers come back to them time and time again.

Falke’s Shelina Tights are perennial MyTights summer best sellers and, in my mind they are the best bare leg look tights around.  You needn’t just take my word for it – last summer Grazia voted them they ultimate bare leg tights.  I love these for the subtle shimmer which looks so natural on the leg – I wear these all the time and people just can’t believe that I am wearing tights.  They look very fine but they are actually 12 denier so you will find them more durable than many bare leg tights.  Falke also makes the Shelina range in an unrivalled number of colours so you can match them to your skin tone which enhances the natural look.   They are made from a bi-component yarn, are incredibly cool in the summer and still offer a really good fit.  These are firm favourites with me and an essential in my summer wardrobe and, because they are so enduringly popular, Falke have created a whole Shelina range which includes toeless tights and hold ups, hipster tights as well as the standard tights and hold ups.

Another really popular range is the Pretty Polly Naturals Range.  The range has recently been updated and I wrote about the features of the new Pretty Polly Naturals range in some more detail a couple of weeks ago.  I won’t repeat myself here but if you are interested in reading about this range in more detail you can check out my previous blog here.  However I will say that, at half the price of the Shelina Tights, these Pretty Polly Naturals 8D Tights offer really good value for money.  Unlike the Shelina, most of the products in the range have a matt finish but they still give really good coverage and colour and look very natural.  I would recommend these to anyone as great every day tights.  If you live in sandals in the summer the 8 denier open toe tights from this range rival more expensive versions.

Finally, I have to give a mention of Wolford’s Luxe 9 Tights.  These tights have a very loyal following and it is rumoured that they have been worn by Beyonce Knowles, Sarah Jessica Parker and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.  It’s sometimes difficult to tell though as they look so bare!   Like the Shelina, they are made from a bi-component yarn.  The slight sheen also gives a flattering just moisturised look and when matched to the colour of your skin they look incredibly natural.

There isn’t much in it but for me the Falke Shelina just pip the Wolford Luxe 9 to the post with their broad range of colours, their range of styles for every outfit and their great price.  The Wolford Luxe 9 Tights are an excellent choice but at £14 a pair I can understand how they might be a little too expensive for many to consider for everyday use.  The look of the Pretty Polly Naturals certainly holds its own against luxury brands like Wolford and Falke and I’d highly recommend keeping a supply of these in your tights drawer for every day and in your desk drawer for emergencies.

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Royal Wedding

Now that speculation about what the new Duchess of Cambridge was planning to wear on her wedding day has been satisfied nicely, it will be interesting over the next couple of months will be watching the influence of these lavish affairs on the weddings of us mere mortals.  Is anyone hurriedly changing their choice of dress to mimic Princess Catherine?  I do hope so, I do enjoy a bit of irrational bridal behaviour. How much inspiration will the rest of us as guests be drawing on from guests at Westminster Abbey?  Plenty I’ll bet, so with the wedding season officially in full swing, here is our guide to some of the best bridal style.

Hold ups though will certainly be the leg wear of choice for many brides this summer.  Not only does the lovely lace detailing on the welt look pretty and sexy but they will keep you cool all day and night – especially important if like Kate Middleton your dress has lots of layers.   The Trasparenze Athena Bridal Hold Ups are classic and beautiful – what’s more you can team them with a matching garter (also from Trasparenze) which will count as your “something blue”.  Alternatively, we have a range of Falke Hold Ups and stockings in natural shades, or try the Falke Seidenglatt Thigh Highs or the Falke Seidenglatt 15 Stockings which come in a soft white which look complements a range of different white shades.

Following the grand reveal of the lace detailing on Princess Catherine’s gown, you can be certain that lace is going to be a HUGE bridal trend for this and summers to come.  Jonathan Aston’s Sweet Roses Lace Hold Ups come in a lovely shade of ivory which is perfect for brides.  The lace pattern is small and pretty and could be worn as the centrepiece of your outfit or under a floor sweeping gown to give a little something different when you kick up your heels on that first dance.  If you feel more secure with tights you can get a similar look from the Trasparenze Vivyan Tights which come in pure white and a flattering creamy, off-white.

Girls that want to show a little individuality on their wedding day can inject a welcome splash of colour into your outfit with the Jonathan Aston Sheer Coloured Tights.  Choose from soft or strong pinks, blues reds and greens and add matching accessories for novel way to break up all that white!

If you have chosen a truly fabulous pair of shoes for your wedding day, you certainly don’t want your hosiery to spoil the look.  Even with a sheer toe, open and peep toe shoes can still give away that you are wearing tights.  We’ve solved this dilemma with our range of open toe tights.  Pretty Polly’s 8D Open Toe Tights give a great natural look to the leg that is really good value for money.  However, the ultimate in bare leg looks comes from the Falke Shelina Toeless Tights.  Stock up these for bridesmaids and the mother of the bride too – they’ll thank you I promise.  They give your legs a lovely healthy look with a slight but very natural looking sheen but they will also allow you to show off those lovely pedicures you had at the hen party!  For a more bridal or “just off on honeymoon” look choose yourself the brand new Falke Shelina Toeless Hold Ups.

For more bridal hosiery and garters don’t forget to check out the bridal section on our website.  Whether you are looking for something demure or different, there are plenty of options that will make you look like a princess on your special day.

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