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Bebaroque Rocks!

Well done to Bebaroque for winning the Accessory Designer of the Year 2011 at the Scottish Fashion awards.  Famous for their luxurious hosiery decorated with sparkling embellishment and intricate printed designs, everyone in the MyTights office has a pair of Bebaroque tights on their wish list.

We are getting ready to stock Bebaroque’s new Autumn Winter range and believe me there are some truly vintage pieces in the new collection.  Keep an eye on the site later in the year – you won’t be disappointed I promise.  Or keep an eye on this blog, I predict another over excited, gushing blog post when they come in!  I’ve included a little sneak peek of what is to come with this post.

Sure, they are quite pricy but you are paying for the stunning original designs and the superb craftsmanship including hand embroidery and drawing.  You can also feel all warm inside knowing that you are supporting an eminent British brand led by a seriously talented design duo.   I’m going to dig deep for my Bebaroque tights come Autumn but it will be worth every penny.

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Tights as Art

When our sheer coloured tights started disappearing off the shelves even faster than normal we wondered what was up! When we discovered they had been bought in bulk by one person we were even more intrigued. Speculation was rife in the office.  Was she dressing a vast dancing troupe?  Was she making an elaborate sculpture made entirely from tights?

In fact that is exactly what artist Madeline Berkhemer was doing.  Her fantastic creation has now been installed in the Netherlands Architecture Institute.  Thanks Madeline for sharing your work with us, and for clearing up the mystery.  I hope the new residents and visitors to the Netherlands Architecture Institute love your piece as much as we do!

Have you used tights for anything out of the ordinary?  We reckon we’ve got loads of creative and inventive customers out there and we’d love you to share your ideas and creations too!

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Top Rated Sheer Tights

In the last year, you may have noticed a few weeks after you have made your order you will get an email from Feefo asking what you thought of our service.  Since we started using Feefo a year ago, you have given us over 3000 individual feedbacks.  Your comments help us improve every aspect of the business from improving our website, to making our customer service even better to making sure we stock the products that you want to buy!  So thanks to everyone who has provided feedback – it really is valuable to us.  Your opinions on the products you have bought don’t just help us to decide what to stock and how to look after you though.   Feefo reviews are your honest opinions, we cannot edit them in any way, and because they are made public and will soon be displayed against the description for the product you reviewed, they also help other customers with their purchases.  So with that in mind, I thought I would give you the top five sheer tights at with the most positive ratings from our customers.


I am delighted see how much customers love the Falke Shelina range.  Avid readers of this blog will have seen that only a couple of weeks ago I ranked the Falke Shelina Tights as number one on my top ten tights!

Now you don’t just have to take my word for it. Not only are these huge sellers in the summer, but they attract some of the most rave reviews from our customers.  As one customer put it, “My legs but better!”  Pretty much sums up Falke Shelina I’d say.  Another customer said “Love love love these tights, their feel and finish are wonderful, plus the compliments i get about how tanned and flawless my legs look is enough to make my day.”  The Falke Shelina range not only includes regular tights and hold ups but also open toe tights and hold ups.  Falke really have thought of everything.


Customers who like their sheer tight with a glossy finish rate the Sheer Lustre Tights by Charnos especially highly.  At £4.50 per pair they are very affordable and as customers stated via Feefo, Charnos Sheer Lustre Tights are “Brilliant value for money. For every day use knocks spots of anything else”.  With the second highest rating of any tights on our website these are clearly a big customer favourite.

3) Pretty Polly Pretty Cool Tights

Pretty Polly’s Pretty Cool Tights have an enormously faithful following.  These tights have an open gusset which lots of people find more comfortable in summer and which many customers also choose for health reasons.  They are not always easy to find on the high street and this has put them high up on the list of our top rated sheer tights.  We have received many comments like this one from a customer that was delighted to find them on our site: I have worn these for many years and they are perfect and are the only tights I wear. I was very pleased to find that your company supplies them as a lot of the usual departments stores do not sell them any more”.


Close behind the Pretty Cool Tights are the Falke Pure Matte 20D Tights.  These tights have an attractive matte finish and at 20 denier they are slightly more durable than many other sheer tights – although they look much finer than 20 denier.  This is definitely something that our customers have picked up on with one saying “Very good product, I bought them for my Son’s wedding, bought 2 pairs in case I put my toe through, but they were great, wore them all day and well into the night, washed and wore again. Spare pair still in pack. THANK YOU!”  After buying the Pure Matte 20D Tights, another Falke convert remarked “Falke tights are amazing. They last for ages and feel great”.


Finally, yet another entry in the top 5 for Falke with their Seidenglatt 15 Tights.  These 15 denier tights are super shiny but also really soft.  One customer described them as “The best most luxurious tights I have ever worn” another said “Probably the best in this category. Extreme softness combined with an excellent fit makes these tights a real pleasure to wear.”

Customers clearly cannot get enough of Falke tights as they have dominated the top five sheer tights.  The customer is always right and I have to agree that Falke tights and Falke hold ups are fantastic quality and but still quite affordable.  It has been fun looking back over some of the feedback we have received over the last year, it’s a nice to receive comments from customers who are delighted with their orders or who appreciate that we stock products like the Pretty Polly Pretty Cool Tights that are not readily available on the high street.  Keep those comments coming!!

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The Ultimate Festival Accessory

If you are going to a festival this summer then you’ll certainly know that planning your outfits for a 3 day al fresco musical feast can be daunting.   On other weekend jaunts you might be able to get away with packing a little extra but there is no “Just one more pair of shoes.  Just in case” for the festival goer.  It doesn’t matter what form of transportation you have chosen, on top of the tent and a weekend’s worth of essential supplies, you don’t want to lug about any extra weight.  If your purse is still recovering from the cost of your ticket you won’t want to spend lots of money on new outfits either.

My tried and tested festival wardrobe requires a pair denim shorts, a few carefully chosen t-shirts, a pair of light pumps or wellies.  Add a small collection of festival friendly hosiery and you will be set for the whole weekend and without breaking the bank! 

Tights really are the festival goer’s best friend.  They are light, take up very little space and can transform your look in an instant.  They’ll keep you warm when it gets chilly and, if you get caught in a shower, they dry really fast.  They even roll up small enough for you to slip in your bag meaning you don’t have to miss a minute of the action as you trek back to the campsite to change.  What’s more, they look great with a pair of funky wellies in the rain or pretty pumps when it is dry but chilly.

The Miss Oroblu Darling Tights add a little flower power to proceedings with their vibrant green yellow and blue floral print – they just scream festival wear.  The light blue tones make them perfect to team with a pair of denim shorts and the mock hold up detail adds a cute but sexy twist.

For bold festival statements you can’t go far wrong with our new range from Celeste Stein.  The Black Fruity Tights fit with the trend for fruit inspired accessories and look fantastically summery.  If the 70s trend is more your thing try the A Flowers Powers Tights with their bold psychedelic design.  If you like your tights with pop heritage, choose Celeste Stein’s Comic Tights which have been spotted on Katy Perry.

Dress like a rock star in the House of Holland Superstar tights that have been spotted on Jessie J and festival favourite Ellie Goulding.  With a choice between funky black and glittering gold stars these tights are a real statement and are sure to make you stand out from the festival crowd.  For another sure fire festival winner, choose Henry Holland’s famous Super Suspender Tights.  They look achingly cool and are seriously versatile so they’ll work with a variety of post festival outfits.

On balmy festival days, accessorise summery playsuits and floral dresses with cute ankle socks like Pamela Mann’s Sheer Heart Socks.  The pretty heart design looks gorgeous with a pair of chunky sandals or cute pumps.  From eye popping brights to soft girly pastels, has ankle socks in all the colours of the rainbow!

We are all holding out for solid sun over the festival season but the British weather can’t always be relied on.   The range of funky festival tights from roll up into nothing and will transform an outfit in seconds.  The quick drying properties of tights means they beat jeans hands down in the rain.  They might just be the ultimate festival accessory!

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Celeste Stein: How do you wear yours?

I’ve just spotted this appeal from the Fashion Resister blog asking for ideas on how to wear her new collection of the fab new Celeste Stein prints.  Celeste Stein is renowned for her bold prints and the Black Fruity, Yellow Bugs and Giraffe designs Tessa has featured on her blog are certainly not for the faint hearted.   But, as a huge fan of Celeste Stein’s bonkers style, I for one can sympathise with this dilemma.  Plain black is obviously the safe option and allows you to showcase the tights perfectly.  Mixing with colours or patterns can work but it needs to be skilfully done.  I’ve seen it done on many fashion pages but this might be best left to the professionals!  I tend to opt for plain black outfits with subtle detailing and of course lots of colourful accessories!

How do you wear your Celeste Stein?  Let us know on the MyTights Facebook page, we’d love to know and we’ll pass all your best suggestions on to Tessa at Fashion Resister!


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My Top Ten

Someone asked me recently for my top ten pairs of tights – I suppose that is not so unusual in my line of work – but it actually turned out to be a surprisingly tricky exercise. Having personally selected each of the products on the website, each with its own style or special qualities I found it seriously tricky to get down to just ten. We really do pride ourselves on bringing you the best very products and brands. We try and test and put a lot of work into to finding them. In short, nothing goes on the site unless we think it is great! But, after a lot of thought and deliberation, I’ve whittled my favourites list down to ten and so, I thought I’d share it with you too.

1. Falke Shelina tights

In at number one has to be the Falke Shelina Tights. I live in these tights in the summer. They give the most incredible bare leg look and even, when I have worn them with strappy sandals, friends say ‘Laura, I can’t believe you are wearing any tights’. Of course it is my job to enlighten them. You don’t have to. Just let everyone believe those sensational pins are entirely natural!

One of the best things about the Shelina range is that they come in lots of shades and, as they are so sheer, I tend to go for something a bit darker than my natural pasty white so I look healthier but still have a ‘bare leg look’. They are also quite durable – I wear them bicycling round London and I manage to get quite a few wears out of them. They are also available as toeless, hold ups, ankle highs and knee high styles. A perennial best seller that I cannot recommend highly enough.

2. Falke Fond de Poudre Tights

I tend to prefer shiny tights so I don’t wear these matt tights very often. However, I do still remember when I opened these up for very the first time just before I launched They are so soft and fine, it was a real Eureka moment for me. I thought “Yes! This is what I have been looking for!” They give a very attractive, slightly powdered looking finish on the leg. A really gorgeous product for girls who prefer a natural look with a matt finish.

3. Wolford Satin de Luxe
Super shiny, mega thick tights with a seam up the back. These are tights are just pure luxury and they feel über silky. You just won’t be able to stop stroking them!

4. Pantherella Cashmere Socks
Ok they aren’t tights but Pantherella’s cashmere socks are still worth a mention. They are just pure heaven to wear. I haven’t specified a particular product as I love them all. Soft, soft cashmere in beautiful styles and colours. Just remember not to put them in the washing machine!

5. Henry Holland Superstar tights
The Henry Holland Superstar Black Tights are so funky but they can still look stylish and elegant. I love these are they are so easy to wear but still add a little cutting edge to your outfit. They also feel great to touch and are relatively durable.

6. Henry Holland Super Suspender
The Henry Holland Super Suspender Tights have to be on the list simply because they have been so influential. Every now you find a fashion product that is so popular it could almost be considered a basic wardrobe staple. Suspender tights are one of those products. With the Henry Holland Super Suspender Tights at the top of every fashionable girl’s wishlist, and with a host of celebrity fans, these tights have sparked a huge trend. Suspender tights are still one of our best selling products and most of our brands have brought out their own versions.

7. Aristoc Ultra Shine
As I mentioned earlier, I am a big fan of shiny tights. On days when I am looking for classic sheer tights the Aristoc Ultra Shine is what I will go for. They are good quality but still very affordable which makes them great for every day and work wear.

8. Wolford Nola Tights
I think these are very elegant and easy to wear fashion tights which elongate your legs nicely. They have been spotted on pop star Jessie J who teamed them with super short skirt. For the less adventurous, they look great with knee length and above the knee skirts for day to evening outfits. As you would expect from Wolford, they are also top quality and long lasting.

9. Trasparenze Vivyan Tights
I love a lace flower pattern. I’ve just ordered all the new fashion for this autumn winter and there are plenty of lace and flower designs on their way. I can’t wait for them to come in! In the meantime, my pick of the current crop of lace tights is the Trasparenze Vivyan Tights. They are cut and sew and therefore have a lovely seam at the back.

10. Miss Oroblu Darling Tights
Miss Oroblu’s Darling Tights are big office favourites. The floral pattern has fresh summery look and the addition of a mock hold up detail is both cute and sexy. I think these are really funky. I love them and I wear them all the time!

So that’s my list, what about yours? We always love to hear feedback about the products on our site – or suggestions of products you would like us to stock. One way to do that is through our feedback service, Feefo, and we’ll send you an email after you’ve made your order asking for your comments. But you can also review our products on the website, post your comments on our Facebook page or even drop us an email.

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