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City break – city chic

Holidays are beckoning and whatever your style you will be thinking hard about what to pack.  If you are anything like me you will also be wondering just how many pairs of shoes it is reasonable to take for a week away.  There is no answer to this but here at we can make your life a little easier by keeping your holiday capsule wardrobe interesting and ensuring you have plenty of room for extra shoes in your suitcase.  Tights can transform outfits in seconds and take up almost no space so you can have loads of choice and still travel (relatively) light.  We have picked out the best pieces from Wolford for girls that prefer to take their holidays soaking up the culture in some of the world’s finest cities.

If you prefer the buzz of the city to the languorous atmosphere of the beach, then you can do worse than packing some Wolford chic in your suitcase.  A firm celebrity favourite, this luxury brand will always turn heads.  Guaranteed fashion kudos even if you are visiting one the world’s fashion capitals!  Try the Wolford Hero Tights (for a look that has been sported by Cheryl Cole) or Artiste the famous Lace up boot style tights from Wolford

For quiet romantic dinners in plazas and palazzos, the Wolford Satin Touch 20 Tights with their glossy finish are glamorous but understated.  For those that prefer a matte finish, the Wolford Fatal Seamless Sheer Tights will not only give you a lovely smooth finish on your leg but because they are seamless you can wear them with very light summery fabrics or sexy fitted outfits and they won’t show through.

Stock up on Wolford before your holiday to make sure that you have all the essentials you need to.  Sure they are a little more expensive but you deserve to feel special on your week away.  Because of the quality and durability you get from Wolford they will last that little bit longer so you can even enjoy them when you get home.

Happy holidays.


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La Perla

You probably know La Perla as a luxury lingerie brand.  Famous for their highly decorative and sensual underwear La Perla is one of the top names in luxurious lingerie.   Keen to show off their famous craftsmanship and design prowess, a couple of years ago they even designed a collection of underwear made from filigree silver and gold.  Bra made from 14 carat fibres from a solid gold ingot anyone?  I’m guessing it’s probably not intended for every day.

Less well known is La Perla’s luxury hosiery range and I have always thought that it was a little unfair that their brilliant tights stockings and hold ups are eclipsed by the more eyecatching bras and knickers in their collections.  As you would expect from La Perla, they are fantastic quality and packed full of great design features.  Compared to many of the underwear sets they sell, they are also an affordable bit of La Perla luxury.

For a wonderful bare leg look, try the La Perla Leger Tights.  The most remarkable thing about these tights is their 8 denier appearance coupled with the equivalent strength of a 20 denier.  If you shy away from ultra sheer tights because of the risks of ladders then these may well be the tights for you.   Because they are woven from super fine yarns they give an ultra sheer appearance but with extra strength built in.   Apart from the merest touch of colour, they just disappear on your leg while their soft sheen gives a natural and healthy look. 

Hipster waistbands have always presented a slight problem for tights wearers.   Naturally, the waistband on most tights wants to sit around your waist and so it can poke out at the top of your skirt. Not an attractive look and rolling the waistband down creates bulk just where you don’t need it.  La Perla’s Complice 15 Hipster Tights solve this problem with their lower waist band that sits just above your hips – the waistband itself is also whisper thin for extra comfort and minimal show through.  These La Perla tights are the perfect accompaniment to laid back summer styles as they give an ultra sheer appearance with a slight sheen for sensational looking pins. 

If comfort is your priority, then the La Perla Allure 15 have one of the widest comfiest waistbands and the flattest seams around.  The waistband measures over 4cm and is incredibly soft and stretchy and gives an excellent fit.  The tights themselves are extraordinarily soft on the skin for a really luxurious feel with a noticeable but subtle sheen that works for all occasions.  If you love the tights then do check out the Allure 15 Hold Ups too.  You’ll get the same beautiful finish on the leg, topped with gorgeous wide band of La Perla’s world renowned luxury lace. 

Sure they are probably a little more pricy than your every day tights but you do get a truly luxurious product and, compared other luxury clothing items you could choose, La Perla tights are an indulgence you can afford.  Browse the full range of La Perla hosiery products on our website and, if you try them, let us know what you think via Feefo!

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Glasto Envy

You’d think I’d be over it by now.  I have after all endured a lifetime of not going to Glastonbury.

This is not for want of trying I can assure you.

There are signs that my chronic Glastonbury envy is getting easier to deal with each passing year however.  This time it has taken only a week for it to subside enough for me to do a quick round up of the fashion treats on offer at the UK’s most revered festival.

I’ve said before that tights are a festival essential.  Festival pro Kate Moss has been spotted sporting a pair of black fishnet tights.  Fishnet made a strong showing at Glastonbury this year.  Ke$ha performed in a pair of wide net fishnets which gave real attitude to her ripped, off the shoulder t-shirt.  For a similar look try the Jonathan Aston Burlesque Midinet Tights with their larger net design  – give them a rock and roll edge by putting some extra holes in them like Ke$ha.  If you are really daring you could even try this look with fishnet hold ups. Rather than pulling them up to the mid thigh as you normally would, choose a smaller size and wear them lower down the leg – more like over the knee socks.  With their plain tops and wide net the Jonathan Aston Midinet Hold Ups are perfect for this look.

Even Beyonce got in on the fishnet craze, performing her electrifying set on the Sunday night in a pair of nude coloured fishnets.   If you are thinking of emulating Beyonce not only do we wish you all the luck in the world – we’d also recommend you do so using Levante Fishnet Tights which come in a natural and mocca as well as the standard black.

It is no surprise that sock and welly combos we were popular with those that had to brave the mud with the rest of the crowds.  Pixie Geldof went for a little flash of colour under her trusty wellies like hundreds of hardy festival goers.  Knee high socks in bright colours like Trasparenze’s Cinzia Knee High Socks work well for this look as do over the knee socks like the Pamela Mann Ribbed over the Knee Socks.

For me though, outfit of the weekend goes to Alexa Chung.  Once the rain eased off a little, she slipped into an impossibly white sun dress teamed with cute black jodhpur boots and grey socks.  Now it is easy enough to lay my hands on a white cotton dress and those Jonathan Aston Slouch Socks in just the right shade of grey.  Would anyone care to donate a Chanel handbag to complete the look?


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