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Hosiery of the Year Awards: Part 3

So far this week, we’ve brought you the MyTights Hosiery Awards, with our nominees winning… well, nothing actually.  Never mind.  We’ve already seen Mary Portas pip shapewear giant Spanx to the post for best brand, and all other trends bow down to the mighty suspender tights as the winner of Trend of the Year.

We also saw Kate Middleton unexpectedly take the crown for Trendsetter of the Year, thanks to her love of sheer tights, and teen-brat Taylor Momsen take the trophy for Mess of the Year.  So it’s finally time for the big one: who will be our hosiery icon of the year?


Winner: Jessie J

Honourable Mention: Fearne Cotton

Maybe it was obvious, but we don’t care.  Named as the new face of Pretty Polly, exploding onto the music scene and making everyone fall in love with her were just three of a hundred achievements.  And she did it all wearing some ama

zing hosiery – to get her look, all you need to do is check out the Henry Holland collection…  We can’t wait to see what the next year will bring for the Essex girl.

A worthy runner up, Fearne Cotton turned up at the last moment last week after taking a hiatus from her amazing tights collection.  The DJ and presenter’s love for quirky fashion extends to her weird and wonderful choice of tights, from lace to prints and everything in between with nothing off limits – our kind of girl!

So that’s it for another year!  Here’s to the next twelve months of hosiery, and may we wish all of our customers a very happy new year.

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Hosiery of the Year Awards: Part Two

On Tuesday we brought you the first two winners from our unofficial Hosiery of the Year awards (I say unofficial because otherwise the winners will start expecting prizes and the like). After much debate, we have selected the Trendsetter of the Year and (possibly our favourite)- Mess of the Year, the award dedicated to the celeb who has most successfully taken some great hosiery and yet managed to wind up looking… well. See for yourselves.

Winner: Kate Middleton
Honourable Mention: Cheryl Cole
It’s been a good year for Kate. Despite CERTAIN people claiming that her style left some to be desired (yes, we’re looking at you, Vivienne Westwood) she has become a style icon everywhere, AND she got married to her Prince Charming in from of screaming crowds, in an Alexandra McQueen dress. If we didn’t love her so much we would hate her. Despite this, we agree that she’s an unusual candidate for trendsetter of the year when it comes to hosiery – were it not for the, as we call it at MyTights, “Kate Middleton Effect”. Turning sheer tights from “just-for-OAPs” frumpy into a covetable accessory with her sleek, glossy legs was a superhuman feat, but the Duchess did it.
It’s been, well, not such a good year for Cheryl. Back with Ashley, broken up again with Ashley, kicked off the US X Factor (even though nobody quite understands why) and forced to wear purple trousers with a

n orange top, making her look like Daphne from Scooby Doo. And then she was pictured in the Wolford Bonny Dots Tights, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief and knew Cheryl was going to be ok.

MESS OF THE YEAR (Dedicated to great hosiery made bad…)
Winner: Taylor Momsen
Honourable Mention: Rihanna
We thought we had lived a full, rounded, well-balanced life, but nothing had prepared us from seeing sulky Gossip Girl (sorry- talented rock musician) Taylor Momsen on stage at Glastonbury, ruining her beautiful lace hold ups with the rest of her outfit. It’s too upsetting – just go and look at the picture. We can’t talk about it anymore.
Something else that upsets us is having to put the usually fabulously dressed Rihanna. But when she wore those suspender tights with too-tight shorts and a fur overload, she let herself down. Thankfully, the following week she was back to her old self (but the damage had already been done: we’d seen the photos and she was on the shortlist).

Don’t forget: on New Year’s Eve we will be announcing our Hosiery Icon of the Year – for the celeb with THE most consistently best dressed legs around.

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Hosiery of the Year Awards: Rihanna, Kate Middleton and more!

What a year it’s been for celebs and their legs.  In celebration of the fabulous hosiery we’ve seen, talked about and wept over in the last twelve months, we thought we’d bring you a little reminder of the best from the last year: the Hosiery Awards 2011.

We have decided to choose our very favourites from the world of hosiery, from the brand who took our breath away to the trend that got heads turning, and of course, the big one: Hosiery Icon of the Year – the celeb with the best dressed legs around.

Today, we take a look at the best brand and trend of 2011…


Winner: Suspender Tights

Honourable Mention: Spotty Tights

What else could it have been but the classic suspender tights?  The trend was huge when it first hit a few years ago, but this year it has really resurfaced, making its way across the pond end engaging with the American celebs who all embraced it, with the likes of Selena Gomez, Rihanna and Kimberly Wyatt all donning a pair.  It also made its mark as a classic trend when it started spawning adaptations – now, not only can you get the classic Henry Holland Super Suspender tights, you can try out the embellished Pearly, sexy leopard print and pretty floral versions.

Honourable mention goes to the trend for Spotty tights.  The easiest way to rock a print and still look elegant and chic, spots rose

to prominence this year when they were featured all over the Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney AW11 catwalks.  Thankfully, the trend is set to continue well into the new year, so we can give spotty legs another outing!


Winner: Mary Portas & Charnos

Honourable Mention: Spanx

Congratulations to Mary, Queen of shops.  Not only has she become an adviser to the government on high street commerce, she also launched her own range of clothing, including her collection of hosiery produced in conjunction with leading hosiery brand Charnos.  That alone would have been enough to propel her to top spot- and then came Armery.  The shapewear for your arms exploded onto the scene and was an almost instant sellout, with suppliers struggling to keep up with demand and a very happy group of satisfied customers daring to wear sleeveless dresses for the first time in a very long time.  Even Helen Mirren is a fan! Mary: we salute you.

The honourable mention for Spanx is well deserved.  An enduring shapewear brand adored by celebrities everywhere, only the might of Mary could have knocked it off the top spot.  It seems as though devotees just can’t stop shouting about their love for shapewear – from Danni Minogue to Eva Longoria, everyone has a Spanx addiction.

Don’t forget to check back in a couple of day for more awards, including Trendsetter of the Year (you might be surprised!)

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Bag a bargin at the sales – and wear it all year

It is traditional at this time of year to do a round-up of the best of the year but you might have noticed that the sale has started today with over a hundred great products at up to 50% off so I thought I would give you a little taste of the trends that will be big in 2012 along with some sale items that will keep you on trend this season and next.


Designers have been showering the catwalks with bold prints but, unlike the clashing patterns of seasons past, this time they are all together more matchy matchy.  Make this look work for well….. work by teaming a bold dog tooth print skirt or jacket with Falke’s Grand Pepita Patterned Tights (down 50% from £20 to £10) which have a dainty check that will match but still tone down your bolder upper half.

Have some fun also with Wolford’s Wilderness Tights (now £29.70).  If you want to match your prints in a more interesting way, their tiger print pattern looks great as a softer accompaniment to straighter more regular stripes on a top or skirt.


Good news for hosiery lovers everywhere is that we’ll still be rocking the ladylike look throughout 2012.  High necks and elegant tailoring means that you can let your legs take centre stage with this look.  Show off a well turned ankle with a slim elegant stiletto and the unusual buy cheap flagyl

dium=blog” target=”_blank”>back seam on Jonathan Aston’s Vegas Tights (now down 25%).

Elegant spotted tights look lovely with knee length skirts to add something pretty and feminine.  Wolford’s Bonny Dots Hold Ups (now down 25%) look the epitome of ladylike chic when they are worn with a pair of round toed courts or t-bar shoes.


With the Olympics in London this year, the sporty trend is going to be really hot through Spring Summer 2012 but you can invest with confidence knowing that it will still look current well into Autumn Winter 2012.  Don’t worry this year’s sporty look is not about 80s style sweat bands it is all together more sophisticated than that.  This incarnation of the trend is about layering and soft tailoring with flashes of bright “go faster colour”.  Turquoise, orange and yellow make especially great highlight colours so, for spring summer, choose Trasparenze’s Monique Ankle Socks (£3.85) in Arancio (bright orange), Jonathan Aston's Slouch Socks in lemon yellow (now 50% off) or Cinzia Knee High Socks (£5.25) in Verda Acqua (bold turquoise).   Be fashion forward and wear the trend now with colourful opaque tights like Jonathan Aston 40D Opaque Tights (£6.00) in Daffodil and Orange knowing you can break them out again when the weather cools later in the year.  Ok these socks and opaques are not in the sale but they are cheap as chips all year round and a really simple way to give the requisite colour splash so I decided they counted anyway.

Lots of these fantastic pieces and more will be featuring in our winter sale – some of them with up to 50% off.  Stock up now and you’ll have you’ll have your key looks for 2012 sorted at a barginous price.

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