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New Emilio Cavallini: An 80's Throwback

Do you remember the 80’s? Well I do and amongst the oversized shoulder pads and frosted hair, there was a real feel of excitement, of rebellion and of vibrancy, led by colour of every kind becoming part of our daily fashion diet.

A never worn before explosion of electric oranges, atomic purples, acid greens and yellow and shocking blues burst into our wardrobe and for several years, took over.

It was a fashion that came from the street artists and graduated into fashion design to create the most aggressive wardrobe of the last century.

Now it seems this slice of the 80’s is back. Emilio Cavallini has launched their own homage to the 80’s with a range of ‘get happy’ hosiery that can be a great way to put that injection of colour into your wardrobe without going the whole hog. The big question is how to work this trend without looking too retro.

In the first instance you can create your own 21st Century take on this revival by using a simple stark basic as your foundation garment – a simple black dress, your favourite jeans or a stylish shorts suit. Add a pair of neon dating tips and advice for men

source=emilio&utm_medium=blog” target=”_blank”>orange tights, such as the Emilio Cavallini Semi Sheer Seamed Tights in Orange, or the acid green Poppies Knee Highs and you have an instant colour kick.

Elongate the season for dark dresses by lifting what would be a severe look into something fun. Try different colours to see what works with your leg shape, size and your own original style – there are a variety of patterns to choose from too, from fluorescent floral patterns to neon animal print tights. Team solid colour shoes so that the focus is on your legs. For the evening, shorten your hem length to put even more neon leg on display.

If leg expanses aren’t your thing, try a hint of neon. Roll up your favourite jeans to show a colour explosion around the ankle – the Emilio Cavallini Opaque Knee Highs Socks are perfect for this. Try electric blue or shocking pink. Team with contrasting shoes for a really bright fun day into evening look.

Last year’s fashion can also benefit from a neon update and whilst unpredictable weather is still with us, use fluorescent coloured tights to give a new twist on a shorts suit, cropped jumpsuit or sawn off jeans. Teamed with interesting shoes it’s a look that will see you through to summer. Who knows, it may even help to bring on the sunshine!

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