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Rihanna, Queen of Hosiery

We couldn’t help but notice that Rihanna has been seen out and about A LOT recently in some mind blowing hosiery. From working the sports luxe look in some cute fishnet socks to sporting super glam bondage style tights, she’s been rocking some amazing styles. Here’s a round up of our favourites…

Fishnet Socks

Rihanna was spotted celebrating her Brits win in Mahiki nightclub wearing fishnet socks just like the new Henry Holland Fishnet Anklets with pointy blue heels and a bright yellow/green playsuit. As with most of Rihanna’s looks, on paper it just shouldn’t work and yet somehow it does! She finished the look with some huge futuristic sunglasses and a long gold necklace. She has also worn fishnet tights on several occasions, including black and nude versions while performing as well as seamed fishnet tights at V festival in the summer!

Luxury Basics

Rihanna has also been seen in several styles of luxury basics. Last month she performed at the Grammy’s in a pair of Falke Pure Matt 50 Tights which kept the rest of her look (leather shorts, a mesh crop top and wild hair) chic rather than trashy. In the same month she also tried the Wolford Velvet de Luxe 66 which she wore out and about in London. Stepping out to dinner in an unusually demure outfit, she teamed her black opaques with denim cut offs, a black polo neck and grey blazer, finishing with lots of chunky gold jewellery to complete the super luxe feel. Getting your basics from high end brands like Falke and Wolford can be cost-effective as they tend to last longer and be more durable, and especially if you wear tights on a regular basis they are definitely worth investing in.

Red Or Black?

Both, if you’re Rihanna. The singer stepped out in a pair of her trademark denim hotpants which allowed everyone to see her black stockings with red suspender strap combo. You can get the look with our range of stockings and a suspender belt such as the Jonathan

Aston style which is available in scarlet. If you’re not used to stockings or simply find them difficult to wear all day, check out the Pretty Polly Pretty Braced Suspender Tights – the traditional suspender tights design with a red mock suspender strap.


Following on from the massive success of website Wolford’s bondage tights which were an instant sell out when Cheryl Cole wore them back in 2010, Rihanna sparked a frenzy recently when she was snapped wearing a pair of bondage tights. While the exact style she wore have now sold out, you can still get the look – try the Wolford Captivate tights or, for a cheaper alternative, take a look at the Pamela Mann Straparound tights. Although Rihanna gets away with teaming the tights with a baseball cap, oversized denim jacket and high heeled boots, we recommend trying them with a pretty summer dress or structured shift to balance the look out.


Of course, if you find most of Rihanna’s outfits tricky to pull off, there’s still the classic look to fall back on that anyone can work – suspender tights. This classic design shows no sign of slowing down or going away just yet, with new celebrity converts swelling the ranks every day, from Made in Chelsea’s Caggie Dunlop to society heiress Paris Hilton. These are so easy to wear and go with everything – from tailored shorts and silky blouses to slouchy t-shirt dresses.

With so many looks to choose from it’s never been easier to get a slice of the pop princess’ style. Whether you want some super luxe opaques for daytime in the office or something straight from the catwalk, take a look at the selection of Rihanna Tights and get the look today!

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Pixie Takes a Walk on the Wild Side…

It has just come to our attention that Pixie paid a visit to her old school, the Italia Conti Academy of Performing Arts, wearing an amazing pair of tights. How we missed such an amazing look we have no idea… but the good news is you can get the exact same look with the super cool Jonathan Aston Wild Tights.

You can dress these tights (which are an absolute bargain at just £12, by the way) up with heels a

nd a mini dress but we just LOVE the way Pixie has styled hers with flat lace ups and a matching leopard print shirt for a casual daytime look. Teal is leopard print’s best friend -we don’t know why, they just look amazing together- so by adding a splash of colour she really brightens up what could otherwise be an outfit verging on boring.
To match Pixie, get the tights in Black (sheer black with an opaque black leopard print), but if you really want the design to stand out go for contrasting nude with black pattern.

If these aren’t quite what you were after, take a look at the entire collection of animal print tights to find your perfect partner!

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All About Sheers

The sun is shining, and the sky is blue (at least today that is) but there is still a nip in the air. If like me you want to embrace the first flush of Springtime but you don’t want to completely expose your pins then you can step into sheers to bridge that gap between Spring and Summer. Just as cruise collections have become a great way of easing yourself into a new season, sheers give you the coverage and the colour without the weight of a heavier denier fabric.

Before you throw up your hands and shout “American Tan”, think again. Sheers have been hit with a colour explosion, the like of which hasn’t been seen since the 80’s. Jonathan Aston Sheer Coloured Tights is one of the biggest ranges around with an amazing 21 colours ranging from the delicate to the  downright bold. The 15 denier finish is a perfect way to add a flash of colour whilst still letting the sun shine through. If hold ups are more your thing then Transparenze is another brand that’s bang on the buck for colour. The Transparenze Valentina Coloured Hold Ups 20 denier range includes electric oran

ge, hot pink and grass green alongside softer shades.

If you want to keep your sheers calm, then take a cue from our lovely Duchess of Cambridge and match your tights with your skin tone. Just as you would choose your foundation, mix and match different brands to get the right look each time.  Falke Shelina Tights remains a bestseller combining a 12 denier strength, with an 8 denier sheer appearance, in a range of colours to suit everyone from the very pale to the very dark.  Good old Pretty Polly Nylons Tights is another brand that covers a full spectrum of skin tones wrapped up in a 10 denier finish while Wolford Individual 5 Tights is as low as you can go – delicious 5 denier matte finish with great support around the waist.

I swear by sheers, I really do. The new shades will give me a burst of colour all year round while the pure magic of nude sheers is that they will even out my skin tone giving me the closest thing to perfect legs.  See what sheers can do for you.

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Getting Married? What Lies Beneath?

If you are getting married this summer I’m sure the planning will be well underway.  You’ll probably have picked out your dress.  That was the first thing you decided on right?  You’ll probably even have picked out your shoes.  But have you thought about what goes on underneath?   Are you opting for a sexy stockings and suspender combo?  Maybe hold ups are more your style?  Whatever your preferred style we’ve got a great range of bridal stockings and hold ups to choose from.

If you aren’t used to wearing stockings and suspenders but plan to wear them on your big day then I would highly recommend getting some practice in now so you know you have exactly the right fit and style.  You don’t

want to be worried about popping a suspender strap while you are signing the register.  Try out the Kiss Me Deadly Van Doren Boned Belt or Longline Girdle which will grip your bridal stockings firmly with their metal clasps.  With their deep lacy band around the top, Falke’s Seidenglatt 15 Stockings make perfect bridal stockings and with their luxurious feel and wonderful fit they will definitely make you feel special on your big day.

If hold ups are more your thing then get yourself a pair of Trasparenze’s Athena Bridal Hold Ups which also have a gorgeous lace band at the top and a sheer and subtle pure white or ivory leg.  Team them with a Trasparenze Aurora Bridal Garter which – if you choose the navy – could also double as your “something blue”.

It’s never too early to get your bridal underwear sorted so check out the Bridal section on the website for our full range of bridal stockings and hold ups.

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Miraclesuit – “Look 10lbs lighter in 10 seconds”

It’s a big week here at MyTights Towers as we’ve just received the Miraclesuit shapewear range and we think they are going to change the way we view our shapers forever.  With extra firm control across the range and a promise to make you “look 10 lbs lighter in 10 seconds” I can see why Miraclesuit is a household name in the US.  We are sure you are going to love them too.

All of the Miraclesuit range offer extra strong control so they are good brand to turn to when you want a flawless look for a special occasion.  All of Miraclesuit’s products are cut and sew and this means that they deliver really targeted control that will pull you into that hourglass shape.  They are probably the strongest shapewear we stock – stronger even than Spanx’s Slim Cognito range.

Miraclesuit is a family owned brand that has been designing and manufacturing shapewear for women in for 80 years.  They specialise in cut and sew shapers which will pull you into the perfect hourglass shape and they believe this is technique is the only way to get the extra firm control that they are so famous for.

Miraclesuit’s years of experience have also led to innovations like WONDERFUL EDGE™ which stops their shapewear rolling or riding up and the use of special bonded panels to create strong control with minimal seams.    By way of an introduction to the brand, I’ve picked out a few of the products that I think really represent Miraclesuit’s incredible shaping power and passion for innovation.

Let’s start with Miraclesuit’s Soft Comfort Open Bust High Leg Body Briefer, this all in one body suit flattens your tummy, pulls in your waist and smoothes out the annoying rolls that can appear around your bra line.  All this in a tactile and silky smooth fabric that feels gorgeous against your skin and allows you to wear close fitting tops without showing any of the lumps and bumps you can get around your bra straps.  It’s also handy under clingy dresses as fabric just glides off it to give you a smooth outline.  Other open bust shapers often have lingerie style straps that can still cut into your flesh but this has wide straps that are padded slightly for extra comfort.  They might not be for wearing under strappy tops but they will give you a much smoother look under your clothes than those bra straps.

The panty is also cut so that it covers right over to the sides of your bottom so you don’t get any visible panty lines.  At the panty line, the shaper is finished on the inside with Miraclesuit’s amazing, patented WONDERFUL EDGE™.  These hairline strips of silicone discreetly grip your skin and hold the shaper in place so that it doesn’t ride up.    Onc

e you have put the WONDERFUL EDGE™ in place it won’t budge spelling the end of tell tale tugging on your shapewear.

Another of Miraclesuit’s famous shapewear innovations can be seen on the Miraclesuit DSC High Waist Thigh Slimmer.  The zoned control on this shorts to waist shaper comes from special bonded panels that give really strong shaping control but without creating any extra seams that could show through your clothes. Not only does this make the shaper more comfortable but it is a great choice under clingy dresses or very light fabrics like satin or silk.  When you pull this shaper on you will really be able to feel it working on your tummy, waist and down the sides of your thighs. The WONDERFUL EDGE™ silicone strips also appear at the bottom of the short to keep it in place.

Finally, I don’t think we have ever stocked a product like the Miraclesuit Waist CincherBased on the principle of an underbust corset or waspie, this boned shaper does an amazing job at nipping you in at the

waist.  It might not be as flexible and comfortable as the soft shapers I’ve mentioned above, but if you want really, really strong control focussed on your waist and tummy then you simply cannot beat boning.  If you have a special occasion coming up, wear this with a dress that really shows off your waist and you’ll be proud of your silhouette.  Position it just under your bra and it will sit low over your hips so there is no bulging at the top or the bottom.  The boning also has the added advantage of making you sit bolt upright which automatically makes you look more elegant and confident.  I’ve also heard that, because it focuses around the middle, it is a favourite for controlling post pregnancy tummies.

I’ll be the first to admit they aren’t the most attractive looking shapewear garments we stock.  If want shapewear that doesn’t look like shapewear then this might not be the brand for you but what they perhaps lack in good looks Miraclesuit shapewear more than make up for in strength.  When you need some serious pulling in, Miraclesuit is the no nonsense brand you should turn to.  Check out the full range at in the Maraclesuit section of our website.

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Raising Money for Mercy Ships

We’d never heard of Mercy Ships before we were approached by the girls at Downe House School to help with their charity fashion show, but when we found out more, we were convinced we had to get involved.

They told us about Mercy Ships’ amazing work in some of the world’s poorest countries.  As the name suggests, they run a ship crewed by doctors, nurses, water engineers and agriculturalists providing free surgery and medical care, such as performing operations to correct blindness and deformities, dentistry and offering training and advice on HIV AIDS prevention.  They also provide literacy education and materials and hands-on assistance in agriculture and securing water supplies.

I can see why, after meeting a member of a Mercy Ships Crew, the girls were compelled to do something to help raise money for the charity.  So, last week they put on an impressive fashion show featuring some tights donated by and managed to raise an incredible £8,000 to help this very worthy cause.

In the process, they also proved themselves to be worthy stylists.   We love the way they combined House of Holland Pearly Suspender Tights with a delicate lace dress.  The cialis without prescription

ityshow&utm_medium=blog” target=”_blank”>Pamela Mann Sheer Bows Tights were a lovely decorative addition to a plain asymmetric dress.

Lovely work girls and well done for organizing such a  professional and successful show.  Most of all congratulations for raising so much money for this very worthy cause.  If you are interested in the work of Mercy Ships then do visit their website


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