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June, 2012

Sexy Versus Spanx

Thanks to commercials, magazines and runways increasingly featuring plus size models, as celebrities from Oprah Winfrey to Michelle Obama and Kim Kardashian simultaneously fess up to their secret Spanx addictions, we can officially celebrate that curves are in Vogue. And Cette’s new range of plus size hosiery is the prime example of why

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we’re celebrating as much as we are.

Fantastic quality, comfortable and affordable plus size hosiery – of course we’re celebrating! But wait for the real X Factor of the leading Belgian brand’s new luxury leg wear line, the crack-open-the-champagne-we’re-celebrating-factor: the fact that these tights are sexy.

Yep you heard right ladies. Cette’s new range of plus size hosiery is comfortable and sexy. Browse the full collection in a minute but right now have a little lust after these Cette Paris Plus Size Hold Ups. A subtle shine and a lot of lace scream sex appeal a lot more than a pair of suck-it-all-in-Spanx. While hold ups were previously the domain of salad eating stick insects, in creating a product this sexy and properly fitting for the fuller figured women, Cette are revolutionising the hosiery market for plus size women.

Ask yourself how often you’ve sacrificed comfort to squeeze your way into another pair of Spanx. I’m going to hazard a guess you don’t have enough hands to count on. The result may be that hourglass figure aka Joan Holloway from Mad Men that yes, is sexy for passers by who get to look at you. But do you feel sexy?

There’s a time and a place for Spanx, for instance when you want your curves to accommodate the dress of your dreams. But day to day, let’s not girdle ourselves ladies; I’m sure Joan would be a lot less stressed in the job if she could breathe. Let’s look and feel truly sexy aka Marilyn Monroe with the wind blowing up our dress as we wear a pair of fabulous and properly fitting lacy hold up stockings rather than always resorting to the Adele method aka layering four pairs of Spanx for the “correct” silhouette. A little less of the Bridget Jones-esque scenarios where our embarrassing knickers are uncovered at the end of a night and a touch more of the tantalizing that accompanies fancy, fitted lingerie will do very nicely, thanks Cette!



What to Wear to Wimbledon 2012

There are few better ways to spend a lazy afternoon in late June than with your darkest sunglasses donned, popping oh-too-sweet-strawberries and swigging ice-cold Pimm’s to the rhythmic echo of a tennis ball being hit back and forth at the Wimbledon Championships. If like me, you go to watch the tennis at Wimbledon as much for the people watching and trend spotting as you go for the actual tennis, then read on.

This year the unspoken Wimbledon dress code seems to have been backhanded off the courts. Delicate lace, crisp white linen and raffia wedges remain – phew! – but the simple accessories and nude hosiery are no more. Animal print belts adorn white cotton dresses in place of blue satin sashes, leather biker jackets add Rock to a look that shouts a Kate Middleton Princess style, and the array of coloured tights sitting courtside are bold and bright enough to

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distract even the most focused Federer from his game. In fact, rumour has it that Nadal lost yesterday after a pair of funky fuchsia ones knocked his concentration.

We’re hankering after every hue, as it’s far more than just red and blue being donned. Little denim shorts are being paired with saucy scarlet tights and in one case a wispy white, pleated skirt was matched with daffodil yellow coloured tights in a cute ensemble that resembled a walking daisy – truly floral from head to toe. A tennis tournament is the ideal catwalk to clash the conventional dress code with something unexpected and coloured tights are the best way to try a new look that toes the tennis line.

Two of my absolute favourite coloured tights have to be the Grape and Raspberry shades on offer from Pretty Polly tights – they sound good enough to eat! But more importantly, they’re more than colourful enough to wear. If the bold and sometimes psychedelic prints on some fashion tights seem too much to handle on the morning that you pull together the pieces you’re wearing to Wimbledon, grab a pair of fun and fabulous coloured tights. We guarantee you’ll be standing out in the stands for all the right reasons.


Pretty Provocative Polly

Perusing the most recent hosiery collection from Pretty Polly, it suddenly hit me that a fashion dichotomy had snuck into the scene. “Pretty Polly” are two words that conjure images of fresh white daisies lazily scattering fields under a Lichtenstein pop-art blue sky as two best friends dressed to match in cream cotton dresses and with their hair in pigtails climb over fences and pluck strawberries from the neighbouring farm before being called in to tea and scones by their mothers. Sounding a little bit House on the Prairie? I know. But that’s what “Pretty Polly” is. In the fashion world it’s white lace and coloured tights in all colour palettes from the palest of pinks to zesty orange. In the social world it’s…well quite simply, it’s Kate Middleton.

So you’ll forgive me for stopping in my tracks when I saw the most recent Pretty Polly tights collection. Luckily it was for all the right reasons. Pretty Polly tights this season, on top of drawing inspiration from the fashion and social scenes, are channelling the trends of the literary world. Think “Fifty Shades of Grey” more than girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes. Don’t be alarmed if you haven’t read the book or indeed the trilogy. No doubt you know the novel’s themes. The translation of this really rather dark novel – more midnight-black than “grey” – into fashion was an eruption of dominatrix styling, lots of leather and a fair bit of

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bondage. For fashion tights, as Pretty Polly is showing us, it’s meant crochet fishnets and “backseam opaque with bow” styles. “Pretty Polly Suspender tights” are the epitome of a clash of the unexpected, a style that’s erupting everywhere in the fashion world.

Fashion tights are the best way to wear a bit of pretty on your sleeve and some sexy on your pins. Match a cream Zara dress with black suspender printed tights; clash Louis Vuitton lace with fishnets or coloured tights in shades of navy, burgundy or plum. Maybe don’t let ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ inspire you literally, but do let it inspire you in your hosiery endeavours and embrace the fashion dichotomy Pretty Polly tights have to offer.


Rihanna's Daring New Shorts

Last weekend, the Hackney music festival was held in East London. Musical artists such as Ed Sheeran, David Guetta, and Jessie J gathered to perform in front of thousands of screaming fans. Although music was the focus of the weekend, festival fashion is always a hot topic. This time the style debate was on whether Rihanna’s Jonathan Aston fishnet shorts were trendy or trashy. Rihanna paired her shorts with leather hot-pants, a leopard printed shirt and a gold detailed leather jacket, exuding an urban cool vibe.
Rihanna’s exact look should probably stay on the stage, but as usual she is always sporting the latest trends. The cycling shorts look has resurfaced this summer, seen on celebrities such as Alexa Chung and Little Mix. This style can be quite flexible, layering lace shorts under skirts or satin shorts are girly and more conservative, while fishnet, patterned, or bright colour shorts radiate more of a relaxed urban vibe.
This is a fun trend to play around with, but is not for those not

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willing to experiment. If you want to be a bit edgy, try Jonathan Aston’s Opaque Shorts underneath a short dress or long tee. If your style is more classic, wear Jonathan Aston’s Lace Shorts layered underneath a mini skirt, tight at night or full during the day.
Another fun way to wear cycling shorts is to layer them over your favourite tights and pairing them with a boyfriend blazer or long sweater, changing up the look of both the shorts and tights. Overall, cycling shorts are actually easy to layer and quite versatile. They are great to avoid a wardrobe malfunction with those slightly too short shorts and skirts and they provide an inexpensive way to perk up an outfit.
At first this look may seem hard to pull off every day, but really it is quite wearable for everyone. If you are looking to mix up your style and try something different, throw on a pair of cycling shorts underneath a typical outfit and you have a fresh new look. Just please wear shorts longer than Rihanna’s!


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Your Wedding Look Sorted (whether you're guest or bride!)

Wedding season is fast approaching again, and whether you’re a Bridezilla in the making or a nervous bridesmaid secretly hoping to upstage the bride à la Pippa Middleton, your hosiery choice for the day can make all the difference. Whatever you decide to wear, a great base is imperative which is where your underwear and tights come into play. Sure, weddings are about celebrating the love between souls, but who’s saying you can’t look amazing while you do it?

The Mother of the Bride is a hugely important role in a wedding, both in the run up and on the big day, and keeping the flower girls in check whilst lending support to a nervous bride can be a big task to juggle. Take one thing to worry about off your list with some great quality ladder resist tights. Or if you’re on the lookout for something a little bit superior to your everyday sheers, take a look at the collections from top brands like Wolford and Falke for truly flawless legs.

Brides can take a deep breath and relax, too – we’ve got you covered. Take a look at the range of bridal hosiery for some gorgeous styles that will make you feel like a princess. We especial

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ly love the Falke Seidenglatt Hold Ups, with their ultra deep lace top for something breathtakingly beautiful to go under your dress. Plus we have loads of other options to go with any style of dress or shoe, including seamless and toeless tights.

If you’re a bridesmaid-to-be and your pre-wedding diet is going not-so-great, fear not – you can still get a silhouette Pippa would be jealous of. Spanx UK is one of the most famous shapewear brands for a reason – a huge variety of slimming, shaping and boosting choices for every style of dress and every problem area. Tummy haters will love the range of hourglass forming brief-to-waist shapes, while J-Lo enviers will go crazy for the bottom boosting styles! (Brides should also make sure to check out the range of shapewear for something that will make you look every inch the goddess in your wedding dress).

If you’re not part of the main bridal party but are looking forward to seeing old uni mates for the first time in ages or dreading bumping into an old flame, browse all of our hosiery to find something that suits your style and outfit for the day. Personally, though, we think the Pamela Mann Love Seam Tights (pictured) are perfect for weddings – sexy without being too obvious, and a great way of toasting the happy couple. Of course, champagne always works, too…

New Update: Extreme Trading System – Make 75% – Great Conversions!

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My Top 10 Summer Essentials

No matter where in the world I am, I meet someone who comments on the British weather. Our reputation as the island with ‘four seasons in one day’ has reached every corner of the globe.

Hot on the heels of discussing

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the weather is our style and it’s interesting how the two seem to go hand in hand. Like evolution of man, our fashion has developed because of our need to be prepared for everything. I certainly have my favourites, which are the worst kept secret in my company (something to do with me plundering the stock in the warehouse) and so I thought I’d share my essential tights & socks with you, along with a few other summer basics too…

1. Bare Leg Look Sheers – Falke Shelina

Sheers always feature top of my list. I like great looking skintone and capitalize on this by using some of the great hosiery products out there. Falke Shelina Tights and Falke Shelina Hold Ups are my stalwarts. I swear I will be buried with these two. The 8 denier appearance (with 12 denier strength) is just enough to give you an even skintone without imposing additional colour when you don’t need it. If you have a suntan, buy a shade that’s slightly darker to match. You skin will still shine through. These are the non tights tights, the ones that you yourself don’t remember that you’re wearing. They feel lovely and the decent sized 6.5inch lacy top on the hold ups are so feminine as well as practical. Try them once and you won’t believe what you did before you found them.

2. Light Shapewear – Spanx Undietectables

If you’ve read my column regularly you’ll know that everything should start with great foundations. None of us wants to be trussed up like a turkey when it’s warm but there is nothing that will boost confidence and give you that carefree groomed look like a good base. The Spanx Undie-tectable Bodysuit is one of the lightest shapers around – wearers say it feels like wearing a ordinary underwear, yet the invisible compression still pulls you in and firms you up in all the right places. It really is my ‘wear all day everyday’ product.

3. Footless Tights – Pamela Mann 50D

Footless tights may not be my cup of tea, but the girls in the office can’t live without them during the summer! They are great for days when you can’t tell if it will be wet or dry. There is a huge range out there now but one of the favourites continues to be Pamela Mann50D Footless Tights. Their colour range is huge and covers pastels, fluoros, dark colours, primary colours. You name it they have it. Footless tights are a great way to create a colour blocking effect which is so ‘now’. You can put them under shorts, dresses and skirts and they will instantly change your look.

4. Toeless Tights – Oroblu Sunny 8 No Toe Tights

Toeless Tights are another great invention and believe me, they do work. I have worn them with the strappiest of strappy sandals and they are brilliant at giving you great, even skin colour. Oroblu are an Italian company whose products have a really superior finish. Oroblu Sunny 8 Tights are a lovely light 8D weave with completely flat seams so you will never be able to see where you tights end and your toes begin.  If you are going for a shade darker to promote good health, just make sure that your toes get a dusting of bronzing powder and a good pedicure!

 5. Classic Net – Levante Fishnet Tights

You might associate fishnets with evening wear but they are incredibly versatile during the summer months. Levante Fishnet Tights in Natural are a great way of adding interest to an outfit and giving the illusion of all over good skintone whilst allowing your legs to breathe. Black on the other hand changes your look completely and all of a sudden a very demure dress can give itself a sassy edge. Black fishnets have been around for ever and there is a reason why. They are a classic and one that we all associate with bringing out the inner woman in us all.

6. Elegant Lace – Charnos Tattoo Lace Tights

Lace tights are another classic and in recent years the range of patterns and styles has grown enormously. Lace is incredibly feminine, I think the Charnos Tatoo Lace Tights in black, should be a staple in anyone’s wardrobe. For an extra summery touch take a look at the lace hosiery we have in pale grey and cream shades.

7. Polka Dots – Mary Portas Sheer Spot Tights

Spots are another post war design that has stayed with us and the breadth of spotty tights available is still growing. Cheryl Cole grabbed the World’s media attention last year with her oversized spotty tights and since then we’ve seen polka dot tights on a host of celebrities. My favourite way to wear my Charnos Sheer Spot Tights is with an oversized sweater dress, combining dress down comfort with all out womanly legs.

8. Bold Colours – Jonathan Aston 40 Denier

With the unpredictable weather it is likely that the temperature will drop on numerous occasions throughout the summer months. This can be tricky when making outfit choices – but you can still keep your summer look by swapping black opaques for bright coloured tights. My favourites for summer are the semi-opaque Jonathan Aston 40 Denier Tights, which are available in 24 colours.

9. Ankle Socks – Trasparenze Monique Socks

I don’t spend my whole time in tights, although it might seem like I do, but I do pay the same attention to detail when buying socks. I like nice socks and Falke and Transparenze make some of the best. Their lovely ice cream colours and superlative finish have been everywhere this past season and with Autumn not too far ahead, there is no need to switch product, just change your colour scheme. The lighter Transparenze Monique Ankle Socks come in eight colours including cherry red, pea green and the more subtle indigo while the cotton Falke Family Socks are available in all of those ‘I need that’ colours from navy to chocolate, grey to black and even white.  Try substituting tights for socks with knee highs. Transparenze Cinzia Knee High Socks are available in 14 colours with something for every season and every look. Styled well, they will make you look more ‘business’ than ‘Britney’.

10. Footliners – Trasparenze Peggie Footcover

Footliners are a must-have in the summer months. The Trasparenze Peggie Foot Covers are ideal at only £3.95, they will protect your feet and shoes whilst keeping you fresh. The low cut means they will remain undetectable under your shoes!


So there you have it. My guide to essential hosiery for the summer… plus we have entered all our facebook fans into a lucky dip to win an entire set of my top ten products! Become a fan here

These are great products, well priced, that will see you through the Summer and into Autumn. Using these you can inexpensively completely change your look and feel at the drop of a hat. Now, with black clouds looming, where did I hide those bed socks…


WIN Wolford Tights Worth £120…

I Wanna Get Back With My Ex 0″ height=”540″ />Long known to be a super-luxe brand worn by the likes of Rihanna, Cheryl Cole and Jessie J (and rumoured to be the brand of choice for the Duchess of Cambridge), the Wolford name is a hallmark of quality in the world of hosiery and Wolford tights are some of the best you can get.

At the moment is giving you the chance to WIN a pair of the super sexy Wolford Brilliant Tights!  With a sultry lace up design that gives an over the knee boot effect, they have real ribbon criss-crossing at the back that you can tie in a bow at the ankle or thigh.  These striking tights are worth a huge £120, and they could be yours in just a few clicks – head to our competition page to enter now.

If those aren’t quite your style, take a look at the entire Wolford collection, or check out our top three below…

Summery Sheers

Sheer tights are a summer staple and with Wolford, the saying “you get what you pay for” couldn’t be truer.  Luxury sheers may seem like a lot of money but Wolford’s range, in particular the CBs #1 Source For Government Seized & Surplus Property

/sheer-tights-1/wolford-individual-5-tights-8282.html?utm_source=seo-wolfordtights&utm_medium=blog”>Individual 5 Tights are great quality AND will give you a fantastic bare leg look.

Opulent Opaques


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Velvet de Luxe 66 tights are without a doubt one of the most popular Wolford products.  A wear-with-anything matte finish, super smooth, strong and long lasting, it’s easy to see why these are so popular with our customers.  They are available in chic shades like dark grey and navy blue, as well as classic black.

Fabulous Fashion

High quality fashion is just another strong on Wolford’s bow, and we love this season’s Ribbon Tights, which are cute and subtle enough that they won’t be a one-season wonder.  Girly style at its best, they are made from sheer 20 denier hosiery and feature an opaque bow print that will perfectly set off your Peter Pan collars, playsuits and cropped cardies.

Tights have never been so luxurious to wear…


I Wanna Get Back With My Ex


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Ankle Socks are IN: It's official…

Telegraph Columnist and all-round stylish lady Lisa Armstrong has given her stamp of approval to the ankle socks trend – sort of. After an initial resistance against the trend (and we can see why – ankle socks are TRICKY to pull off) she found herself weakening, and we for one are glad.

Ankle socks are a firm favourite of designers and the fashion elite alike. Maybe it’s the rose tinted fashion glasses harking back to our carefree school days, maybe we saw the Mulberry models in them and wanted to get the catwalk look, or perhaps we British are simply suckers for a trend that keeps our tootsies warm. Whatever the reason, ankle socks are sticking around for another summer, so if you haven’t yet dipped a toe into the trend it’s time to have a go.

According to Lisa, the firm favourite of the fash pack is the Falke Ankle Socks in Grey which seemed to become a front row staple. Made from mercerised cotton, these socks are “a superior genus of ankle sock”, says Lisa. They’re certainly high quality and the mercerised cotton means that they are soft and comfortable to wear (unlike the hideously high heels you’re supposed to team them with, of course). Falke make some of the highest quality hosiery and socks around, so in many ways, it’s easy to see why this luxury, wear-with-anything style has become the ankle sock du jour.

For a summery look that’s straight off of the catwalk, you can’t go wrong with coloured socks. From ice cream pastel pinks to sunshine yellows they will perk up any outfit – we think they look great with canvas pum

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ps or your favourite wedges and sundresses. Finish with a wide brimmed straw hat and you’ve got a retro summer look that will sway even the most hardened anti-ankle sock fashionista. The Trasparenze Monique Ankle Socks are perfect for

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this – they come in 13 gorgeous colours and, at only £3.75, you can get one to match every outfit!

Alternatively bring the look into the evening with a statement anklet. Try black lace with stiletto heels, or for a very fashion-forward look as seen on the Henry Holland SS12 catwalk you could try fishnet anklets. Rihanna has been spotted in a pair very similar to Henry Holland’s version, which she teamed with pointy courts and a satin playsuit. We also adore the Pamela Mann Sheer Heart Ankle Socks which have an opaque heart pattern and the sweetest scalloped top, and have been worn by Fearne Cotton.

But Lisa Armstrong’s choice, Falke Socks, are the way to go if you’re looking for luxury, quality and longevity – they have such a wide range including merino wool styles for cooler weather or cotton for when it gets warmer, and they also do a popular range of Men’s socks.

Maybe you’re still not quite convinced, and that’s ok. Falke tights are the next best thing – the luxury brand will never go out of style and their tights are second to none in the style stakes. But we guarantee next time you get caught out in the rain in your flip flops, you’ll start to come around to the idea…


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Shapewear Guide for Every Problem Area

Over the past ten years there have been annual survey’s asking women what they think of their bodies and the results that have come back have made for stark reading. “Only One In Ten Happy With Their Shape”……. “99% Of Women Under 25 Not Happy With Their Bodies”…..  “More than 60% of Women Would Turn to Surgery if They Could Afford It”…. And so it goes on. It would seem that the ‘Body Beautiful’ is something that defies most of us. In an ideal world we would all like to hit the treadmill after work, go swimming or head off to yoga. The reality though is that for most of us, there just isn’t time.

The beauty industry and the shapewear industry have been quick to respond and the market is now flooded with great products that help to shape and tone, lift and smooth and even burn fat through wear. It’s all about finding the perfect product for your problem areas, and here is our definitive shapewear guide by target area…

Tummy Flattening

This is the most common problem area and one that has all shapewear products address. If this is your only problem area though, all you really need is briefs or shorts. Our favourite one stop shop product to address the tummy area is Spanx Slim Cognito Seamless Control Panty. At £47 it’s an investment buy but worth every penny. It’s Spanx’s strongest product and one that really pulls you in. It has hidden pockets to lift your derriere in all the right places and a non-binding waistband so you can wear it under the sheerest of fabrics without the dreaded VPL.   If it’s a bit of everyday support your after, and you can’t get that from your husband, then Naomi and Nicole has two great products, Naomi and Nicole amazing Light Brief and Naomi and Nicole Amazing Light Girl Short. Both offer light but firm support and have an adjustable waistband that allows you to roll up or fold down at the top, depending on what you’re wearing. Perfect for high waisted trousers or waist slung skirts.


Waist Cinching

If you want to create the illusion of a great waist choose high waisted styles or traditional corsets We recommend the Miraclesuit Waist Cincher is a traditional style corset that you wear over your underwear. It works like a dream, pulling you in and giving you that classic 1950’s shape. With built in flexible bones, it hugs your figure from the bra line right down over your hips.  As well as giving you great shape its design encourages you to stand straighter and taller – ironically a subject that most of last weekend’s newspapers were talking about.  Spanx Higher Power Briefs or Spanx Higher Power Shorts are more of a 21st Century version and have breathable cotton pants or shorts built in to the In Power Line waist cincher for the effect of a corset without the hassle!. You literally pull it on and roll it up for an instant smooth finish from your hips to your breast bone.


Thigh slimming

Thigh slimming is another big driver towards buying shapewear and you can easily combine this with tummy control by using a longer line product such as ShaToBu High Waist Mid Thigh Shaper which controls your middle area from below your bra line right down to your knees. The resistance bands that are woven into ShaToBu products help you to burn calories through daily wear. Thigh shaping shorts focus on smoothing the tops of your legs and have become a stalwart in most women’s wardrobes. Spanx In Power Line Power Panties are a personal favourite and their ultra strong, ultra slim long line covers you from mid-thigh to waistline. Spanx Slim Cognito Mid-Thigh Shaper is another super strong product that again covers your thigh to waistline. Both have targeted compression zones and here’s the science bit -  they condition your body, holding in certain bits and lifting others to give the lovely womanly curves that we all (secretly) want. This is the trongest product that Spanx does and it works! It is apremium brand though and if you need to count your pennies in addition to everything else (well it’s what women do) then ShatoBu Get Fit Mid Thigh Shaper is another great, if slightly less firm shaper that burns calories during wear. To firm your things & tame your tummy, whilst burning calories, this shaper is a must!

Back Smoothing

To eliminate back fat and visible bra lines we recommend you go for a camisole, bodysuit or slip. Spanx Slimplicity Lingerie Strap Camisole is a single layer and ideal for anyone with a smaller bra size who can use the support in the camisole instead of a bra. It’s sister product, the Spanx Slimplicity Open Bust Camisole is a better bet for those well endowed ladies out there or just great if you have a low cut top and want to expose a cheeky bit of bra strap or lace. Both act like a waist cincher, smoothing out the front, while the high back prevent any lumps or bumps from the rear. The invisible seams don’t detract from your top layer of clothes and give smooth lines whilst holding in your waist, your tummy and your back. How could we do without something like this in our wardrobe?  A word to the wise though, step into your camisole rather than pulling it over your head. That way you smooth up rather than down – a bit like putti

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ng on your face cream.

Bottom smoothing and Rear Lifting

It might sound like a line from a song, but the Spanx Simplicity Booty Booster does just that. It’s a super strong control short, that will lift your bottom whilst controlling your tummy & hips, with removable bum pads that will allow you to boost or not boost depending on what you’re wearing. This is a classic and often cited by stars as the one item of shapewear that gives them womanly curves in all the right places. It’s not a cheap buy but the kind of product that once tried you won’t be able to live without. Good old Trinny and Susannah (remember them from their bottom squeezing days) have come up with their own version and it’s really good. The Trinny and Susannah Bum Tum and Thigh Reducer will lift and firm your rear as well aas pulling in your tummy and giving you a great waist. As the pioneers of the original ‘magic knickers’ these girls know their stuff. Newcomers Naomi and Nicole are another power duo (if you’ll excuse the pun). The Naomi & Nicole Rear Lifting Boy Short is a very affordable yet highly effective product with a slightly lighter control. Made from a fine but powerful mesh, the strategic bands on this product help to lift in just the right place, under the most fleshy part of your bottom. 

All Over Body Shapewear

The classic bodysuit or slip is the best way to give yourself a smooth all over shape.   A bodysuit works well with trousers whilst a slip is generally a better option for wearing under dresses. Take time to get your sizing absolutely right to ensure the smoothest possible fit. Spanx Slim Cognito Shape Suit is a classic fit with delicate straps to suit all kinds of slim fit, sheer or strappy tops. This is a super strong product, with graduated compression is guaranteed to hide the most prominent lumps and bumps, whilst contouring your figure into the perfect hourglass, and often used by new mothers to held move everything back into place. It’s an investment buy but with the right care and washing should last a lifetime. There is also an open bust option, the Spanx Slimplicity Open Bust Mid Thigh Bodysuit which allows you to wear your own bra, combining a pretty neckline with all over support. The Spanx Slimmer and Shine Strapless Slip is designed to give you ultra strong control which will sculpt your figure to perfection in a very fluid bodysuit with apretty satin detailing. This is Spanx’s most attractive shapewear and although it is an investment buy, will adapt to work with most of your wardrobe. 


Arms are a big sore point for women, particularly over a certain age. Diane Keaton is famous for her dislike of showing her arms now that she’s over 60. She’s clearly never tried some of the great shapewear options that are out there to deal with this problem area. Spanx On Top and In Control Elbow Length Top is a classic shape, pulling in your waist, smoothing out your tummy and controlling those bingo wings to a tee. It’s a t-shirt that you wear as a single layer or under a lightweight shirt or fine sweater. Consequently it won’t work so well under that strappy dress. This is where the Queen of the High Street, Mary Portas has come up with her own unique solution. Mary Portas Armery is a range of pretty fishnet, lace and patterned arm shapewear that you can slip on under the most floaty and flimsy of dress or top. The idea is that you slip into the bolero style all in one arm piece and then slide your dress over the top. As well as smoothing your arms, the lovely lacey patterns will add a dramatic or interesting touch to the plainest of dresses, taking daywear into nightwear in one swoop. A real recession busting addition to your wardrobe.


Now I like my legs and although they don’t need much help, I’m smitten with Spanx Look at Me Leggings. A shapewear take on the classic black footless tights, they fine guage, strong support leggings firm and sculpt you from waist to ankle. They feel so nice at the end of the day I don’t want to take them off. But I do, to swap them over with my ShaToBu Get Fit Shaping Tights and ShaToBu Get Fit Shaping Footless Tightswhich burn calories during wear. I ride my bike around London and it’s great to know that my legs are working doubly hard when I cycle in these tights – a real cheats way to exercise. If I haven’t transformed your view of shapewear by now, let me offer up just one more very important bit of advice. Don’t treat all shapewear the same. Just like the M&S and Zara battle, what works for one person might not work for another. The big lesson here is try before you buy. The brand is important, the cut and fit is important and the size is very important. Too tight and you’ll look like you’re wearing someone else’s skin. Too loose and the product doesn’t do it’s work. Try, try, try and only then buy. Get it right and shapewear will become a staple in your wardrobe. Believe me, you’ll get more love and support from these great products than the man (or woman) in your life!

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Katy Perry ♥ Statement Tights!

Katy Perry just can’t get enough of statement tights at the moment!  The pop princess was in London promoting her movie Part of Me and was spotted leaving exclusive London haunt Cirque Du Soir where she was partying with Florence + the Machine guitarist Rob Ackroyd in what looked like fishnet hold ups (but which were on closer inspection tights with a hold up design printed on).  As she left, she even accidentally flashed her bottom to the waiting paparazzi!  This look is the latest in a long line of funky hosiery that we’ve spotted her in – these are just three of our recent favourites…

Spotted in London

Everyone loves spotty tights – and it seems Katy is no different!  When she was interviewed on Radio 1 in March she teamed oversized polka dot tights with a really elegant combination of cream dress,

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beige trench coat and Charlotte Olympia Kitty pumps.

Get the Look: Pamela Mann Oversized Spot Tights or Jonathan Aston Cherish Tights will both give that large spot look à la Katy, or for something a little subtler try the Mary Portas & Charnos Sheer Spot Tights.

Oh My Goth at Coachella

A look we were a little less sure of was what she wore to the Coachella launch party in April.  A gothic dipped hem dress and studded leather jacket (trust us, it’s worse than it sounds) were rescued only by the fabulous Henry Holland Bones Tights.  These are a real statement product that will get heads turning -  however, wearing them with something tailored will ensure you end up looking a little more Friday night frolics and less Friday the Thirteenth.

Get the Look: Henry Holland Bones Tights

Star in Stars on Ellen

Completing the trio of tights-tastic looks was what Katy wore for her appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show at the end of May.  The star showed up in an unusually simple black dress which she perked up with some of her characteristic quirkiness – purple hair and the Henry Holland Superstar TightsWe love!

Get the Look: Henry Holland Superstar Tights or Pamela Mann All Over Sheer Stars Tights.


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