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Spanx from in the Daily Mail's Top Ten Underwear!

Hooray!  The Spanx In Power Line Super Higher Power from has been chosen as one of the top ten pairs of Knickers by Daily Mail writer India Sturgis, who calls them “an absolute essential under evening dresses”.  We wholeheartedly agree – in fact, forget the other nine entries.  Who needs “date night” or “holiday” pants when you have a miracle worker instead?  Kelly Osbourne is someone else who agrees – a few days ago she was quoted in the Daily Mail as saying, when asked about her favourite underwear: “Spanx! I don’t do sexy underwear” – and she reckoned that anyone who said otherwise was talking rubbish.

An attractive slight sheen finish makes India’s control pants of choice nicer to wear than standard shapewear, plus they stretch from mid thigh right up to braline to keep everything tucked in an give a really gorgeous streamlined silhouette.  As India points out, they are perfect under your “occasion” outfits but we even love them under a tshirt and jeans!  These really are an all singing, all dancing shapewear product – one of our favourites for sure.

If we’ve convinced you and you’re thinking of giving shapewear a try, here are our top tips for getting it right…

1)      Choose the right size.  The sizing of our products should be as per the product’s size guide – this is designed to fit properly so getting anything smaller (as lots of women discover) WON’T make you slimmer – it will just dig in, causing lumps and bumps as well as being incredibly uncomfortable!  If you want to be held in more you need to go for a firm or strong control level instead.  In your ACTUAL size.

2)      Know how to wear it.  Some women find that high waisted products can roll down, making shapewear uncomfortable and giving an unattractive bulge.  This is usually caused by an ill-fitting product (in which case follow our advice above re: getting the perfect fit). 

Also making sure that you have pulled the product up properly at the back can help (either get someone else to do it for you or check in a mirror!)  However, ladies with shorter bodies may get this problem even with the best fitting product – the way to solve it is by putting your bra on over the shaper, effectively “pinning” it in place.  Or to eliminate the issue all together, why not go for a bodysuit instead?

3)      Pick the right shade.  Most shapewear comes in two options: nude or black.  Go for nude if you’re wearing anything short, revealing or sheer to minimise its visibility.  Most nude tones have been made a little bit prettier with an attractive sheen finish – we especially love Spanx’s Slimmer and Shine Slip which comes in a gorgeous rose gold – so pretty we don’t want to cover it up!  Alternatively, black is great for making shapewear just a little bit sexier and is perfect under a black dress.

For more advice and tips, including how to know which brand to go for and what type of product to choose check out our Ultimate Shapewear Guide.



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"Mankles": The New Look For Trendy Guys Everywhere…

First we had guyliner, then brosiery… and now Mankles.  The guys, it seems, can’t stop stealing our style, and now they’ve got in on the ankle socks trend too!  There have been a lot of cropped trousers with bare ankles going on, but we much prefer a flash of colour peeking out – it doesn’t have to look like John Travolta’s jiving outfit in Grease, either.  Just look at all round trendy guy Tinie Tempah, sporting a sunshine yellow pair of ankle socks under a brown and khaki heritage inspired look.

The ankle socks look is easy to work for guys and girls alike.  For socks in a great range of colours, girls should check out Falke Socks, which are high quality and come in a gorgeous range of pastel shades.  Or for something brighter like Tinie the Trasparenze Monique Ankle Socks come in colour pop brights.  Alternatively try patterned ankle highs like those from Pamela Mann or Pretty Polly which will look super sweet with sandals.

Guys should take a look at the collection of Burlington Cotton Socks which come in a traditional argyle design in bright colours like lime green, navy and red.  Cotton socks like these are ideal in the summer as they will let your feet breathe, but in the winter we suggest switching to wool socks which will keep your feet toasty warm and cosy, in

a darker colour for a subtler take on the look.  Try grey socks with black trousers or navy with grey.   Or if you’re treating him, cashmere socks like the Falke Lhasa Casual Rib Men’s Socks are a great gift idea.  These luxury socks are wear resistant but super soft, too.

A really quick and easy way to update your outfit, socks are inexpensive, easy to wear and come in a ton of different styles, so you can match them to your mood!


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Black: The New Black

Now, as a tights devotee I spend half my life trying to convince you all to switch to bolder patterns and coloured tights, but there’s no denying that for an elegant look you can’t go wrong with classic black.  There’s a reason so many colours have tried (and failed) to be the “new” version of this colour that’s technically not even a colour, and so, in the interest of an inclusive blog designed for all, here are the best ways to wear black – even in the summer!

Black Sheer Tights

Sheer black tights should be part of every girl’s wardrobe – and not just for the office, either.  A sheer denier is perfect for switching too in the warmer months (whenever they finally arrive), and look much better than thick opaques under pencil skirts

or longer dresses as they don’t add bulk to your calves.  But of course thick black opaques are perfect with short skirts and shorts because you get a bit more coverage.  Black sheers will go with everything – go for classic plain sheers or maybe a fine seam up the back for a touch of subtle sexiness.

Black Patterned Tights

For the pattern-shy, starting with black designs can make even the craziest prints suddenly wearable.  Spots are the most elegant and demure option, but we also love bolder designs like the Pamela Mann Vertical Stripes Tights and the vast selection of animal print – in black, and as long as you temper the rest of your look, there’s no reason why patterned tights should look over the top or too much at all.

Black Fishnet Tights

I’ve been extolling the virtues of nude fishnets as a summery alternative to the wardrobe staple for ages, but there’s no denying that the classic black fishnet will never go out of style and it works best for an evening look.  Get pared down glamour for night with a simple (not too short) black dress and gold accessories.

So go back to black today – it’s slimming, elegant and will never clash – what’s not to love?


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Spanx Shapewear Reviews

This week I thought I would share some of

the recent shapewear reviews, from our independent feedback service Feefo. Customer reviews are so helpful in choosing which product will work best for you, with honest feedback from customers just like you.

One of the original shapewear companies and still one of the best, Spanx has built a reputation for being the best around, with products that tackle everything from bums to tums, arms, thighs, backs and more, so read on for Spanx reviews on a variety of best-sellers…

Spanx High Power Briefs

These waist cinchers are one of the most sought after pieces of shapewear. They are discreet, multi functional and you can wear them every day. We’ve had buyers tell us they wear them under trousers, dresses, skirts and even larger bikini bottoms or swimsuits. I kid you not.

“These are great if you’ve got a bit of a flabby tum but your bum is ok, panty line is minimal but will show under fitted clothes. I’ve also got the longer leg version which is great for shaping your bum too although you can’t wear shorter dresses because the leg is quite long. Could do with an in-between version.”

This customer is absolutely right. The shorter everyday version gives you the support around your stomach but won’t deal with the tops of your legs. The longer line version is great for treating both but you need a lower hemline. I agree that a pair somewhere in between would be great. We’ll pass your Spanx review on, thank you.

 “Very pleased. The Spanx were more visually attractive than I was expecting and were very comfortable and didn’t roll up or down once on. The size guide was really helpful and accurate. I was pleased with the effect under my wedding dress and glad I paid more for the genuine product rather than a cheaper copy.”

Quite often the times when we want to feel and look our best are at events when our whole look, hair, clothes, make-up etc really counts. Weddings, birthdays, parties, promotions, no matter what the occasion, you want to feel that you look as good with your clothes off as on. This is where shapewear that imitates everyday underwear works best. Let’s face it, in real life do we think Hugh Grant would have reacted in that way when faced with Bridget Jones’s knickers????

“Compared to other similar products on the market – Spanx is the best.  I didn’t think they would fit but I was amazed at how comfortable they were.  Also, they stayed up and did not roll down all day.  I felt amazing in them and would recommend them to anyone.  Well pleased!”

That says it all really.

Spanx In Power Line Super Higher Power

In recent times ‘boy shorts’ have become as popular as pants and Spanx tapped into this fashion by creating Spanx In Power Line Super Higher Power Shorts.  These waist to mid thigh shorts have a very firm control bottom that give all round shape and support. As one shopper commented,

“The Spanx don’t shave inches off me but they give me a smoother silhouette as I do still have a tummy from when I had my daughter.  They have given me the confidence to wear a dress to my best friend’s wedding, rather than totally cover up.”

This is someone who really knows what shapewear can achieve and what it can’t. Covering up and smoothing out is what it’s all about. It’s a sort of secret friend, as another of our buyer’s said,

Makes a really big difference and is unnoticeable under clothes!”

And that’s what it’s all about. We don’t want people to see how we’re achieving that glossy effect. We just want them to notice that we look good. I am a big advocate of ‘you get what you pay for’ and this is one product that really stands up to its claim and its price tag. We’ve all been there and tried to emulate the success of a great product with the price tag of a much cheaper one. Rarely are we happy though and more often than not we end up buying what we wanted in the first place, as one of our buyers told us,

“I have wasted a lot of money on tummy taming pants that don’t work, wish I had bought these first, they actually do what they say and don’t feel restricting at all. I have already recommended this site and this item.”

Thank you! I rest my case.

Spanx In Power Line Super Footless Shaper

Now, no matter how great a brand is, it will still have a relentless need to improve and expand its offering. Spanx is no exception to the rule and Spanx In Power Line Super Footless Shaper is the latest way to wear shapewear. Aimed at those who stick religiously to trousers, this boxer top shorts shaper with mid calf tights length to prevent VPL is also a winner with floor length maxi dresses and occasion wear. We’ve already had reviews about this product with one buyer saying,

“Brilliant item, gave me such a sleek silhouette in my trousers and so comfortable! No one will ever know you’re wearing them! The model has the shaper up to her waist, but mine was large enough and comfortable enough to pull to just under my bust line, giving my stomach a pull in too!! Would definitely recommend to anyone!”

A great shapewear review, but we do also take criticism seriously too and pass on your comments. In the case of this buyer, her thoughts and opinions have been challenged with a new and improved product,

“These latest ones are the best I’ve had from Spanx. I’ve complained in the past that the quality (for the money) was not good.  However, somebody seems to have passed on the comments and they have improved significantly, giving longer life with less laddering and less unraveling of yarn around the waistband. Despite all that, couldn’t live without my Spanx!”

And neither could I.

Spanx Slimplicity Open-Bust Camisole

Now we are big advocates of shape at My Tights which is why we love shapewear. Not everyone is stick thin and shapewear helps you to celebrate your size, just giving you a smoother looking you. The Spanx Slimplicity Open-Bust Camisole might look like a bit of an oddity but it’s been designed for those ladies amongst us who are generously endowed. What it does do is allow you to wear your own bra so you get shape and comfort combined.  One fan wrote to us to say,

“Holds everything where you would like it to be, and gives nice smooth lines, even with your own bra, which is a great idea for bigger-busted ladies like myself.”

As anyone with a D cup or larger will tell you, good fitting is everything. Our online product guides obviously do their stuff as another buyer told us,

“The product description and sizing guidance were so good that the item proved to be a perfect fit, no problem at all.”

Spanx Slim Cognito Shaping Mid Thigh Bodysuit

I find separates great when the weather is warmer but if I want all over control then I prefer a bodysuit or a slip. It’s just a personal thing. The Spanx Slim Cognito Shaping Mid Thigh Bodysuit is a real all over miracle worker. It has super strong control yet is completely seamless. I wear mine even under summer dresses for a super smooth finish.  It seems I’m not alone and we have had endless Spanx reviews that echo our lady below who says,

“Does exactly what it says. It shapes perfectly in all the required areas and isn’t too tight on my thighs causing the mid thigh bulge that other shapewear seems to result in. A bit pricey however the best I’ve tried so far.”

Spanx Slimplicity Lingerie Strap Slip

Price is a factor that most people consider when buying shapewear but you really do get more bang for your buck with a brand like Spanx. Once you’ve worn something like the Spanx Slim Cognito Shaping Mid Thigh Bodysuit a couple of times, you really will wonder what you ever did without it. Now I’m not saying you have carte blanche to tuck into roast dinners ever night of the week, but a little of what you fancy does do you good and if you can hide it, well all the better. Consequently my other ‘hero’ product is the Spanx Slimplicity Lingerie Strap Slip. It’s very reminiscent of 1950’s film stars in the way it completely smoothes your body, giving you a lovely womanly shape. It’s also great under sheer dresses as it gives you a bit of cover and under woollen dresses, which might otherwise catch against your skin. Some buyers like the following lady also seem to think it looks quite alright on its own. Eat your heart out Katie Price!

“Great buy – fantastic under a fitted dress and nips in the waist and with a good bra gives a great cleavage.   It doesn’t completely flatten your tummy (like the all in one body does) but it is really comfortable and doesn’t ride up your thighs.   It also looks great on its own – love it!”

So there you have it. Our customers Spanx reviews. What not try some of the products for yourself and let us know what you think.

Until next week….

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Fire & Ice: Falke in Vogue

Top hosiery brand Falke is in the August issue of Vogue, cementing its status as one of the most luxurious hosiery brands out there. The shoot features two prominent styles: Ice Queen Cool and Fiery Toughness… but which is your favourite and, more importantly, which will you be rocking?

Ice Ice Baby
Get Ice Queen style just like the model in the shoot with a crisp, clean pair of white tights such as the Falke Soft Merino Wool Tights. Complete with a frosty grey trench coat and blue dress, this look will be perfect for the winter months as you can layer whites, greys and icy blue to your heart’s content and look like the Snow Queen herself. This is easiest for pale-skinned blondes to pull off, but if you’ve got darker hair or skin it can work too – try lighter make up than you’d usually go for teamed with a dark purple lip and heavy brows to set it off.

Too hot to handle
The polar opposite of the wintery style, this look relies heavily on leather with a dash of sex appeal. Gone are the demure lace and subtly teasing cut out designs of last season and in is in-your-face sexy. The model teams a

long black leather coat with Falke black hold ups and, well, not much else. Accessories are sharp and scream power – fire engine red hair, long leather gloves and point stiletto courts (of course, if you don’t fancy a dye job you can always add a flash of red with your accessories instead). Although we’d recommend wearing some actual clothes (maybe a black shift), with a few tweaks this look is actually much more wearable than you’d think!
NB. Cute dogs are optional but desired.
So which is your favourite? Does the Russian-esque wintery vibe tickly your fancy? Or does the dog swing it for you? Whichever you love, you can be sure that a gift to yourself from Falke will make you feel a million dollars.


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Because you can never have too much support…

There are some things in life it’s just not glamorous to talk about, but it’s much better if you do: enter support tightsNow before you run away with your ears covered, hear me out.  Support tights, it’s true, have long been seen as an old fashioned and frankly downright dowdy, but smart ladies everywhere are realising that support tights are in fact a revelation for those sitting or standing still for long periods in the day.

Support tights or stockings work by applying pressure to the leg to boost circulation.  Poor circulation can lead to a whole host of health problems and affect your hair and skin!  And just like shapewear, we predict it won’t be long until the once-unmentionable garment is declared as a miracle worker by celebrities everywhere.

For classic, traditional support, we suggest you take a look at the range of Elbeo support tights, which is a specialist support brand and does a range of stockings, tights and knee highs in a wide range of colours in deniers from 15 to 40.  These are a good everyday option or ideal for those wanting to try our support tights for the first time as they are great value.

However if you’re after something

a little more chic the Aristoc Bodytoners range is perfect.  Not only do they offer medium support for your legs, they have various control options to smooth and firm your silhouette, including briefs that curve your hips, lift your bottom and flatten your tummy!  This range is ideal for wearing to the office and will give your legs a flawless finish.

Or for something extra-special for a particular event or occasion, take a look at the Falke Active products.  Falke is a top quality German brand that is a genuine pleasure to wear, and luxury is pretty much guaranteed with their products.  The Active Support Tights come in 6 classic colours including skin tone shades and the range boasts a control top version as well as socks and hold ups too!

For more information on support tights, including how to know what support factors mean and a more in-depth explanation of how they work, take a look at our support hosiery advice.


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Sporting Style

The streets of London are buzzing as we are just two weeks away from the start of the Olympics. In my little patch, international travellers, athletes, support crews and a whole host of fans are drinking coffee at my local café and sipping champagne at my neighbourhood pub. If like me, you take an avid interest in our visitors (even if there is less of an interest in sport), then it’s a great time to show your support and get some admiring glances into the process.

Olympic fever doesn’t need to be all about your own nationality – you can show favour to whoever has the best looking team! Henry Holland obviously had this in mind when he created the Henry Holland Rule Britannia Union Jack Tights, the Henry Holland Stars and Stripes USA Tights and the Henry Holland Aussie Tights. These are some of the best quality flag tights we’ve seen, great 40 denier matte designs in subdued blues, reds and whites that spread the flag of each nation evenly and completely over both of your legs. Definitely daywear, pick up on this season’s hottest trend combo of sawn off denim shorts and tights.  Create your own mini Olympics by taking it in turn to wear each nation and see which one generates the most interest! Good old Pamela Mann and Jonathan Aston have also come up trumps on the patriotic front with their Union Jack tights, both of which have an all over pattern that will leave no doubt as to your country of origin.

Still on a patriotic theme but less in your face, Celeste Stein patterned tights are another favourite for attracting attention. Their Celeste Stein Royal Stripe Tights and Celeste Stein Royal Stripe Footless Tights, showcase the blue and white without the red. Great for supporting the Scottish contingent in our team! The 40 denier vertical stripe design elongates legs and both pairs will take you from day into night, when teamed with the right ensemble.

There might not be any green dragons of leprechauns floating around (perhaps Celeste Stein should be made aware) but you can still show your allegiance to Wales and Ireland with the range of solid opaques available. Transparenze Monique Ankle Socks come in red and green for Wales and green and orange for Ireland. Wear one of each on either foot, trim the socks and use the other half of the pairs as wristwarmers.  A very cheap but effective old trick that I’ve dragged with me from the 1980’s! You can do the same thing with Pamela Mann 50 Denier Tights which offer orange and green amongst their shades and Pamela Mann 3D Footless Tights which have hues of orange, green and red in their collection. You could even take

the more alternative option of layering Pamela Mann Fishnet Tights over the top for added effect.

Moving away from the British Isles, the flags of our nearest neighbours in Europe supply us with endless fashion ideas. The pale watery blue of the Greek flag can be emulated with Celeste Stein Blue Lace Footless Tights which have an all over light blue design on a white background. The orange, red and black of the German flag can be generated with Pamela Mann Twicker Tights in orange and black. Layered with Transparenze Monique Ankle Socks in Red. The bright yellow and red of Spain’s sunshine inspired flag can be created with Transparenze Cinzia Knee High Socks, again wearing one of each. You can also use Pamela Mann 3D Footless Tights to create the same effect.

Further afield the flags get even more exotic, evoking names of places that we never visit. Think of South Africa and you’ll think of game reserves. I on the other hand think of Celeste Stein New Giraffe Tights and Celeste Stein New Giraffe Footless Tights which have a strong all over pattern. The strong blue and white of the Israeli flag is matched perfectly with Henry Holland Stripe Knee Highs. Japan is a great combination or red and white and taking a cue from its own fashionistas, layer white Transparenze Diorella Footless Leggings under Celeste Stein Red Reverse Calf Socks. The blue and black of the Botswana flag can be shown off with Pamela Mann Duo-Tone Tights which will also work for fans of Tanzania and Uganda (both teamed with Transparenze Monique Ankle Socks in yellow).

If showing allegiance to just one country is limiting, show how welcoming you are to all nations with Celeste Stein One World Flag Tights which really do cover the globe, as well as your legs.

So hopefully these suggestions will lead you along the path to creating great international relations. And, once you’ve bagged the man, get him to support your Olympic effort with Celeste Stein One World Flag Socks. Just as great on a man as a woman and you can steal them away once the competition is over!

Until next week..


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Street Style – Union Jack Tights

Ahh, there’s nothing so fundamentally British as the Union Jack flag.  There are many awards Britain might win – Most Unpredictable Weather, perhaps, or else Quietest Queuers – and many they most definitely won’t, but I’m pretty sure that if there was an award for the coolest flag, we’d be in with a good shot.

Iconically bold and bright, the Union Jack has been around for over 400 years and shows no sign of going away.  And with all the great events in the British calendar this year,  there’s never been a better time to get patriotic pins.

Union Jack tights are the ultimate statement and will get heads turning wherever you go.  But how to style such a bold accessory?  You’ve come to our rescue to show us how it’s done, sending in your pictures of your Union-tastic Tights…

 From laid back denim to the LBD, it seems there’s a great range of ways to style your tights.  And although keeping it pared down and basic works best when you’re wearing something as daring as the Henry Holland version, if you go for a smaller, all over print like the Jonathan Aston Union Jack Crowns Tights you can get away with the rest of your look being a bit more outrageous!  However you wear them, they’re the

perfect way to show your support for Team GB this summer.

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Updating your hosiery for the new season…

Although sheer tights are storming their way back into society with an influx of top quality bare leg look styles hitting the shelves over the last few years, many of you will simply switch your winter opaques to bare legs as the season turns.  This season, however, the all-too-inevitable has happened, and the British weather is showing no signs of settling into summer, instead creating days on end of rain as well as a muggy atmosphere that makes anything thicker than 30 denier impossible to wear.

So what’s a girl to do?  Here are our top three ways to get you through the transitional fashion period…

1)      Sheer Tights

Sheer tights are the solution to the ever changing weather – they’ll give you a little bit of coverage so that when it’s cool you don’t freeze but will give you a summery bare leg look and are much cooler than wearing thick opaques.  Plus if it suddenly gets scorchingly hot outside you can take off your tights without anyone noticing!  Our favourites are the incredibly popular Falke Shelina Tights, which come in a huge variety of shades and will make your legs look better than bare!

2)      Hold Ups & Stockings

Hold Ups and stockings are great for unpredictable weather because they give your legs some coverage but are cooler to wear than tights.  Try sheer patterned styles like Vanessa Hudgens did at Coachella this year for a new way to wear – the Trasparenze Fiore Hold Ups have a gorgeous floral design, or go for a pop of colour with their Valentina Coloured Hold Ups.

3)      Socks

When you’ve just bought those gorgeous strappy sandals but it’s raining cats and dogs outside, rocking the ankle socks trend is the perfect way to keep your toes warm AND stay looking fabulous, With an army of celebrity fans including

Fearne Cotton and featured in Lisa Armstrong’s column in the Telegraph last month, this is a trend that’s easier to rock than it looks.  Pastels colours are the ones to go for this season – but make sure you wear with heels for a look that says more sophisticated fashionista and less 5-year-old schoolgirl.


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Jessie J Works the Bondage Look at Wireless

Jessie J appeared to be taking a leaf out of fellow global superstar Rihanna’s book last night when she upped the raunch factor for her set at Wireless festival.  In fact, the singer was the warm up for Rihanna and despite the rain belted out a standout set in her usual fearless style, covering all her hits including Domino and Price Tag.

We’ve long been fans of Jessie’s outrageous style and, having been the face of tights brand Pretty Polly, it should come as no surprise that she came out wearing the briefest of denim shorts and a white crop top (erm, has she seen the weather?!) over the bondage-style Pamela Mann straparound tights.

Bondage tights first exploded onto the scene after a version by Wolford was spotted on Cheryl Cole and became an instant sellout.  Not for the fainthearted, they can add a touch of sexiness or punky cool to your look, but treat them with caution – teaming them with leather, too much black or too much flesh on show can be a recipe for disaster.

We like that Jessie’s kept it clean with crisp white and pale denim, and we LOVE her longer line hair which completely transforms her face.  However, for everyday life we would maybe los the scarf she’s draped around her waist and opt for a longer

t-shirt or even a smarter collared shirt.

However you wear them, you’ll be surprised with how easy it is to get the celeb look – at under £15, these Pamela Mann straparound tights are worth every penny and will attract compliments everywhere you go.  Not quite your thing?  Try checking out the rest of the collection of Jessie J tights for some other quirky styles of fashion tights that might be just what you’re looking for.

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