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Sheers for every need…

The rain in Spain may stay mainly on the plain but in the UK when it falls,  it falls everywhere. Just as we’d wheeled out the whites, brought out the brights and put on our pastels, so the weather changes again and we need to rethink how we pull our look together. None of us wants to revert to darker colours, yet that inevitable combination of chilled skin again pale colours is not attractive. The solution? Sheers.

As you will know from my columns, I am a huge fan of sheers and skin coloured tights and rely on them all year round. I love my legs but they’re not perfect by any means. With sheers, depending on the colour tone you choose, you can reveal as much or as little as you wish. The sheerest of sheers will show off everything so you need good skin tone to carry them off. If you have bumps and bruises then go for a slightly denser knit or a shade darker than your normal skin tone if you favour neutrals or a sheer colour that will give you a decent level of coverage. Are you following me so far? Different companies produce sheers in different ways and so it’s ideal to match your own personal skintone with the right product. Confused, well here’s my lesson in the in the best sheers for every need…

Bare Leg Look

This is the most daring and yet the most versatile. The products that fall into this category offer the sheerest of knit yet the most unnoticeable product so people comment on what they think is just great skin.  In my view the Queen Bee of ultra sheer tights in this section is Falke Shelina. We call them ‘make up for legs’ and for good reason. The 12 denier weave (with a sheerer 8 denier appearance), flat matte colour and great range of shades (7 in total) means that people really wont believe you are wearing tights at all.

Glossy Leg Look

Wear these shiny tights when you want people to notice that you’ve gone to the effort of dressing your legs.  One of the best around is good old Aristoc Ultra Shine 10D Tights which come in five different colours, and have  a sandal toe which allows you to be flexible with your choice of footwear. The luxurious glossy finish and 10 denier weave are really light and airy so this is another product that you won’t know you’re wearing.

Sheer Hold Ups

Not everyone likes tights – I don’t know why, but each to their own. Hold Ups are a great alternative and something that the Italians do really well. Oroblu, a leading Italian store Aviva Rock Slider hosiery brand has one of the best sheer hold ups around. The Oroblu Soiree 15 Hold Ups are available in six different shades which relate to natural skin tones, with a deep lace top. The Oroblu Suntime  Hold Ups are a new sister product that has been designed to give you naturally sunkissed looking legs, made using ultra light sideria yarns. Both have a subtle matte finish over a 15 denier weave and a very pretty yet practical lace garter.

Control Top Tights

We all need a bit of support sometimes and a control top sheer will give you both great skintone and a flatter tummy. Aristoc Bodytoners Low Leg Toner Tights is a great product that was designed to really hold everything in. Available in a light and dark natural tones and in black, the longer length trunk combines shaping control that gives medium coverage and a smooth finish, even under the lightest of fabrics. The sandal toe also allows for flexible shoe choices!

Long Legs

While we’re on the subject of longer length trunks, if you are longer and leaner you should be sure to choose a product that’s been designed with a more generous length. You would think that a product like this might come out of Scandinavia or the Benelux countries but no, it’s been left to the Italians to once again solve our problems. Levante Class Tights span the spectrum with ten different sheer colours ranging from skin tones to dark navy, grey and black, which you might want to stock up on for Autumn. The 12 denier boxer brief style has a reinforced toe for durability and comfort and a subtle sheen to its finish and the extra tall size is available in sizes up to 6’1”. Definitely a great day into night choice.

Fuller Figure

Just as the long legged amongst us need to tailor their purchases to their length, so plus size ladies should do the same. Pretty Polly, one of our great fashion stalwarts has created a whole range for the more generously sized amongst us. Designed with everything in the right place, you can kiss goodbye to biting waistbands or skimping fabrics. Pretty Polly Curves Ladder Resistant Tights are available in sizes up to dress size 26 and three easy to wear colours, neutral, black and barely black. The three pack option is an affordable buy at just £6.25.

Ladder Resist

I know, I know, I say sheers and you think ladders. It is unfortunately a ‘no pain, no gain’ factor with sheers, although the technology that is being put into today’s tights is mind blowing and is working hard to counter our most common tights problem. Aristoc 5D and 10D Ultimate Ladder Resist Tights are some of the most advanced yet sheerest products on the market. LYCRA ® Fusion technology has revolutionised the sheers market and these matt 10 denier tights and light, light weight 5 denier weave tights show just how far the hosiery industry has come. This is a serious bestseller, available in three neutral colours and black, I defy you not to love these tights.


I think we all need a bit of pampering from time to time and where would we be without life’s affordable luxuries. When I need some retail therapy, I look to Wolford who continue to make beautiful, luxurious tights and stockings. My little treat to myself is Wolford Fatal 15 Tights which have an amazing texture that feels like silk, and absolutely no seams. Seamless tights are the ultimate in style & comfort, making the ideal occasion tights for a lovely evening out, a special party, a wedding – whatever summer brings to your door. The three neutral colours cover most skin tones and black is a great option for after dark. At £23 they won’t break the bank but they will make you feel that little bit extra special.

Having said that, all of our tights and stockings, hold ups and socks are great. I love the time that I spend researching products because I know that while we all like to look good, functionality rates highly on our list of expectations too. I hope the above information will guide you on your way with sheers but remember if you need more advice, we are on the end of the phone or email, so call us!

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It feels a world ago now that Marc Jacobs unveiled his Spring/Summer 2012 collection for Louis Vuitton. But the legacy lives on! As Now Magazine feature Jonathan Aston’s Sweet Roses Anklets in their ladylike spread, reminisce on the faraway land on a cotton candy cloud that Jacobs’ S/S ’12 collection transported us to: a world of broderie anglaise and lady-like laces whispering of spider-web woven delicacy, all in sublime pastel shades so soft and sugar-sweet you could wince at the mere sight of such hues of lollipop creams and duck egg blues, as though looking at them was taking a bite from a duck-yellow saucer shaped sherbet lemon.

No wonder this dream that Jacobs’ dared to concoct in his designer lab of fairytales and frills has lasted in the high street trends. It’s what our dreams of being princesses from the age of four to…well our princess dreams are still alive and kicking if we’re going to be completely honest, have been made of. And the best thing about the look? It’s all far far too easy to access. As in, you can access it right now at the click of a button. Make the look, as Now suggests, through donning “ankle socks and sandals”, with the help of our ever handy Jonathan Aston. He really is our favourite at (but ssshhh don’t tell the others).

The petal power of these sweet roses anklets to propel you into a polished and picture perfect look is unmatched. Pair the elegant ivory or marshmallow pink shades Aston offers with peppermint greens, ice cream peaches and sorbet blue hues. Just as the model shows, in such candy coloured pastels oozing an age of innocence and girlie play, daring to bare your legs in ankle socks is one of the best things about the look. However, with the great British weather playing up as ever to add mercilessly to our wardrobe woes and hosiery hells, think of a few different ways to wear your anklets.

One alternative we love is to channel the layering look, wearing the little anklet on top of a pair of Jonathan Aston’s Sheer Coloured Tights; at an absolute steal of £4.10 you don’t even need to choose between which colours to make your pastels play with; team the little anklets with a pair of Fuchsia, Mulberry, Burgundy or Royal Blue shades on a different day each week and you can make the play date last until winter and beyond – we all know the trend will certainly still be around when the Autumn leaves come to fall and Jacobs’ move to Dior starts a whole new movement in the hosiery halls.

Alternatively, for those of you who find the concept of lace combined with cotton candy colours far too girlie to adorn their own slightly

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edgier ankles, the Jonathan Aston Roses Anklets in black lace offer the look in girlie grunge galore. Wear with checked shirts, denim, denim and some more denim, finished with a sprinkling of studs and leather in the form of a short ankle boot and you’ve transformed the anklet from girlie to grunge!

As Now point out, a pair of super girlie sandals are a great way (for everyone else) to finish off the look. Start by getting the look the easy (and economically friendly!) at The peep toes can wait; the little lace socks can’t!

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The story goes that once upon a time in Ancient Greece, men and women wore socks made from leather held in place with string wrapped around their ankles. Fast forward a few hundred years and the nobility of Europe were wearing embellished socks with ornamental designs to distinguish them as the wealthy

elite; so much could be said through the donning of just two little pieces of fabric.

Well the story of the sock went underground for a while but lucky for us, this most mysterious of garments resurfaced in 19th century Germany when Franz Falke founded the family company. It was a founding that would reignite the tale of this essential garment we wrap our toes in, as for over one hundred years now Falke socks have redefined the qualities we demand of those two such small but oh-so-important pieces of fabric embracing our feet for hours on end.

As a garment, we must admit the sock has a pretty rough time of it; feet can produce up to 500ml of perspiration a day. And the sock sits tightly pressed against this most used of human limbs for hours on end. Which is why practicality and quality will always need to top the list of characteristics we look for in a sock as we demand a sturdy amount of sock stamina from the little guys. Falke check the box for practicality and offer oodles of quality in their socks, but these two things alone have never been enough for Falke and are not what have made Falke socks the staples in our chest of drawers that they are.

No, Falke went a step further in offering us what so many sock syndicates fail to. And that, ladies and gents, is choice. Where once, our choice consisted of black or white and cotton or…cotton, we now get to peruse for hours if we want to, browsing socks as though we’re filling a bag of pick and mix at the cinema. From knee highs under trousers to white cotton socks for the tennis courts, from little Falke Bedsocks to keep us cosy in the coldest of winter months to luxury men’s silk socks so he can stroll confidently into the boardroom, of course not forgetting the Falke Airport Sock and the marvelous merino styles in shades that sound good enough to eat like Grape, Raspberry and Gooseberry Plum, Falke provide a seventh heaven of socks. With fabrics and styles, cuts and colours galore, any mood and every occasion is provided for.

Falke have reshaped the sock and leg wear market with their quality designs and top class productions for over a hundred years now. This isn’t just the story of the sock and its history in hosiery. This really is pure and utter Falkelore. 

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Wimbledon: Show your support with top British Brands

Following on from our last post about the trend for all tights in all crazy colours at the 2012 championships, we wanted to draw attention to an even wider selection of tights to wear to Wimbledon in this ever changing weather. With high hopes of British success there has never been a better chance to show our support off than with tights from British brands.

British brand Aristoc are very proud of their great British heritage, with the majority of their products still made in Derbyshire today. A personal favourite of mine are the Aristoc Ultra Shine 10D Tights; I find that these glossy tights are a staple to my wardrobe – they can be worn with every outfit. With a sandal toe you can wear them with your strappy sandals and your friends will never know that you have decided to wear tights rather than brave bare legs; available in five shades these tights are perfect  for every occasion.

If you are feeling more adventurous, why not try fellow Britiosh brand Pamela Mann’s fishnet tights. As well as classic nude and black, they come in such a selection of shades you can pick a colour depending on your mood that day. I would definitely recommend showing your patriotism and try them out in red or white or if you feel you really want to get into the Wimbledon spirit why not wear them in purple or green

Every year at Wimbledon there is that one day where the weather forgets it is summer and you are left wondering what to wear; I think the best answer to this inevitable dilemma is to opt for Pretty Polly’s Daisy Tights. You can still look summery while wearing warm tights, and these 50 denier daisy tights are a fun way to look ultra-stylish while coping with the turbulent British weather.

So why not show your support for Great Britain in a different way this Wimbledon season and embrace some of our favourite

British hosiery brands, with these tights it has never been easier to update your look and show that you are proud to be British.


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To Go Punk or To Go Pretty?

Maybe it’s a subtle nod to the GB cycling team or maybe it’s a matter of making the most out of possessing a pair of perfect pins but either way – and we do think the latter is a little more likely – Little Mix have solidified the look that Rihanna got trending at the Hackney music festival last week. The star dared to bare her best assets in  fishnet cycling shorts, layered underneath a pair of barely there denim shorts. And Little Mix didn’t miss the new look.

Long gone are the days where donning a pair of cycling shorts meant the dreaded cross-country race across muddy miles of school fields. Now it seems on hearing “cycling shorts” we should picture a bit of punk mixed up with a pinch of pretty. Rihanna opted for fishnets, clearly leaning towards the “punk”. But Perrie from Little Mix channelled the trend with a bit more pretty at T4 On The Beach this weekend, and that’s the way see this trend taking off.

These Jonathan Aston lace shorts are the way Perrie mixed a dash of punk with a sprinkling of pretty. Worn with a pair of denim hotpants, a peek of luxurious lace adds a touch more coverage to a revealing outfit while simultaneously accentuating a fabulous pair of pins. The Telegraph recently revealed a new poll on how over 50% of tradesmen say they would never wolf whistle at a woman, but unwanted attention in summer can nevertheless appear when the sun does and these shorts can serve to protect your modesty while combining the trend of the moment. If you want to wear your denim hotpants without the hounding, we can’t think of a better way than with some lovely, ladylike lace.

If you love the layering look but the lace shorts still shout a little too much punk over pretty, I have a sneaky suspicion you’ll be falling in love with the Jonathan Aston Adore Tights. Envisage elegant ladylike lace a la Audrey Hepburn as floral patterned off-white laces are paired with delicate egg-blue pleated skirts, pastel candy-pink cardigans and ropes and ropes of pearls. It can work just as well with the Jonathan Aston Polka Dot Opaque Shorts too. Certainly this is a very different look to the one sported by Little Mix’s Perrie but the versatility of the sporty look is what we love. Rock the look that feels right.  But in the spirit of sport and sport luxe wear, do dare to rock the look.

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Festival Style: Ankle Socks

One of the things I look forward to about summer is the vast number of music festivals. While I love seeing all my favourite bands in one place, the thing I really enjoy most is the fashion. Festival fashion is such a unique style that I can’t help but get inspired and incorporate the things I see into my summer wardrobe. All the hottest trends can be spotted at festivals, and this year a huge trend, both at festivals and on the streets, is ankle socks. They first made an appearance last summer, where they were met with mixed reviews, but they stuck around for another summer and the trend is picking up steam, seen on too many celebrities to count.  Ankle socks can be quite versatile; they can be worn with a variety of different shoes, giving each shoe a different look. The best part? Ankle socks are inexpensive, and they have the ability to change up the entire feel of your outfit.

Britain’s hottest new girl band, Stooshe (pictured right), shows off some of the various styles seen at festivals, including ankle socks. Stooshe is no stranger to the festival circuit, and ankle socks fit in perfectly with their daring and fun style. Karis is pictured wearing these Falke socks paired with neutral wedges. These come in a large variety of colours to match any of your festival outfits, giving a hippy chic feel to normally sweet wedges. Another great way to wear ankle socks is with a pair of trainers. By simply pulling on a pair of socks, you can transform your everyday shoes into a fashion statement. Unfortunately, festivals often come with rain, so boots are sometimes a must. However, you can still update your look with ankle socks underneath combat boots, softening up the sometimes harsh, military look of Doc Martens. Jonathan Aston has a great pair that will keep your feet warm and stylish in the cold rain.

If these festival fashions aren’t quite your style, ankle socks can also be worn with a pair of heels for a fashion-forward look. The newest trend in ankle socks? Lace or

fishnet socks paired with stilettos for a sexy date night look. Jonathon Aston and Henry Holland offer versions that are right on trend. So whether you are looking forward to another festival weekend, or are simply looking for a way to update your look, ankle socks are the perfect way to stay stylish.


(Picture from Celebs on Sunday in the Sunday Mirror 1/7/12)

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