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New in: Children's Tights

Mothers love dressing their daughters, that’s a fact. My sister has girls and for the longest time she has enjoyed choosing their clothes and making them look pretty.  Unfortunately they are growing up now and they want to choose their own clothes which can make creating whole new looks, an expensive matter. However, spend wisely and your little girls can get a whole new wardrobe of outfits using the clothes they have. The secret ingredient?  Tights!

Here at My Tights we are so excited that our new range of children’s tights have landed. Woollies, sheers, lurex, spots, stripes, school tights, plain colours, loud colours and quiet colours, we seem to have ordered the lot and now I need to tell you about them, so you can buy them!

Country Kids Warmer Cotton Children’s Tights seem to have come up with just about every colour under the sun. With over 80% cotton in the mix and a reinforced toe, as the name suggests, these are warmer weight winter tights, perfect with boots, shoes or wellies. The range includes classic school colours such as navy and grey, red and black so these are also perfect as term time staples.

Pex Cotton Rich Children’s Tights are hot on their heels, if you’ll excuse the pun. These are slightly lighter weight tights but still warm and cosy with over 70% cotton in the mix. There are 12 colours in the range including Pillarbox Red and Pea Green and a really true Royal Blue. Both these and the Country Kids Warmer Cotton Children’s Tights appeal to young ladies of all ages. Pair them with pretty dresses if your child is small or team them with sawn off shorts for tweenagers. Several pairs in different colours will change the look of an outfit in one foul swoop. Bingo, cheap updates.

Sheers are another way of taking an outfit from casual to formal. Pex 20D Sheer Children’s Tights are a simple way of making an outfit smarter or more grown up. Paired with pretty shoes these are the kind of tights that tweenagers and teenagers alike will want to see them through the cooler Autumn months. Navy, black and cream work with any outfit and change colour and hey presto, change the look.

Pex 70D Opaque Children’s Tights  advertise their range as uniform colours – the perfect school tights – but fashionable young misses will see that there are key colours such as burgundy, steely grey and navy, all top of the bill for this season. Again, buy several pairs and chop and change with dresses, skirts and shorts for a legion of hot off the press looks.


we’ve talked lots about how to please older children but younger ladies can develop their own style early on and combine obstinacy with a penchant or spots, stripes or any other particular theme and unless you get it right, you have a fight on your hands. Luckily we can cover every eventuality.

Country Kids Dot Children’s Tights have a smattering of rainbow colours set against a black or fuchsia pink background. Both are great for adding a dash of colour to woolley dresses, stretchy skirts and oversized knits. Stripes are another fun way to add interest to an outfit. Country Kids Lollipop Children’s Striped Tights come in two colourways, fat candy stripes and skinny pastel stripes, all with a plethora of pinks, baby blues and greys with a little yellow and orange thrown in for good measure.

All little girls love a bit of sparkle and Country Kids Sparkly Footless Tights and Country Kids Sparkly Tights don’t fail to deliver. The stretchy 80 Denier , shiny finish comes in gold and black and silver (Country Kids Sparkly Footless Tights only). Don’t think you have to save these for Christmas. As the pictures on our model show, they can look good at the height of summer.

Most of the childrens tights we’ve detailed are priced between £5 and £10. If you can create five different looks by just swapping clothes with tights, mixing and matching looks, you can begin to see what a cost effective exercise this can be. Try it with your children’s wardrobe and you might take a cue and start looking at your own!

Until next week…..


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What to expect when you're expecting

We know that it can be an absolute nightmare finding clothes when you’re pregnant – your body’s changed so much that nothing seems to fit right, and most of the maternity clothes on the high street are SO not even last season (or the one before that, or the one before that – in short, they’re dreadful).  Thank goodness then, that you don’t have to worry about that at, as we’ve got your capsule collection of maternity hosiery sorted!

1)      The Sheer

In those long months when you feel exhausted but still have to lug the two of you to work every day, it can be lovely to be perked up by great quality officewear, and the sheer 20 denier Maternity Tights from Trasparenze have a chic slight sheen that will make grey days just a little brighter.

2)      The Shapewear

Yes, thank heavens for maternity Spanx, which will give you a neat little bump and slim everywhere else!  It can be too easy to worry about putting on weight when you’re pregnant, but by wearing maternity shapewear you can ensure you feel great while eating enough to keep your nbaby healthy – without the worry of extra padding!

3)      The Support

Support tights are a godsend when you’re pregnant as they help boost circulation and so are great for avoiding swollen ankles and sore leg muscles.  Elbeo support tights are some of the best around, although when you start to show you could try switching to stockings instead as they won’t have to expand to accommodate your bump.

Don’t despair of never seeing your feet again – the day will come, and now you can get there in style with the maternity range at  Plus, check out our new

collection of children’s tights, so you can kit out your little one when they arrive!

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Neon Like Never Before

Oh. Dear. Lord. No. It’s arrived. That dreaded moment to shred you of the dignity you’ve managed to convince your new partner you have an abundance of.  When friends or family in an act that makes them more frenemies and foes, and in an act you should have seen coming but of course never do, bring forth…the photo albums. You in your heyday, lathered in leather and nursing neon stripes in your hair.  Ohhh the shame, the mortification of being confronted with your fashion faux pas; tangible evidence that proves bright pink fluorescent hair was not just a dream gone wrong but rather ‘Inception’

multiplied a few times where your dream spiralled into layers and layers of nightmare. The “Rave” is what we called it; to its grave is where we rolled it. Or so we thought.

For imagine our fear, nay, our horror to hear of the return of…whisper it…N-E-O-N. Neon. Ladies, it’s time to forget the photos and the fashion flops we’ve faced in this most stunning of shades (Note: look up the dictionary definition of ‘stunning’ and you’ll know just how deeply, truly, literally it can be applied to Neon).  Neon is back and while we understand your hesitancy to go headfirst into a Neon flash with all guns blazing, all shades dazzling in a fluorescent flash of dresses, onesies and hair (you’ve done all three in the past and at once), accessories are the optimum way to wear loud shades subtly. So to get you channelling the trend, opting for bright over black, we’ve got a few tricks of the tights trade to share with you.

If you want to ace the loud shades in a ladylike look neon ankle socks are the way to do it. Try Transparenze’s Marta 70D Ankle Highs in shades of Ciclamino Hot Pink or Verde Aqua Blue, or for a touch more cotton comfort try the Transparenze Monique Ankle Socks in the Bright Daffodil Yellow or Bright Green.


If you want that Neon flash that gets people wondering “was it a bird? was it a plane? no it was your pins” you have to look at Jonathan Aston’s Sheer Coloured Tights and Jonathan Aston 40D Opaque Coloured Tights. Available in every colour under the sun, you and I are for the moment only interested in the Velvet Green Aqua and Fuchsia pairs, though we’re certainly partial to the Orange.

Now for the Never-Before-Seen-Neon MyTights bring you Henry Holland’s New Houndstooth Tights. Both the Blue and Pink pairs promise an electric flash of zesty shades so spotlight stealing people nearby will have to sport shades. The Henry Holland Zig Zag Tights which intersperse the tights semi-opaque base with neon bright zig zag stripes follow the trend just one decibel down. To get a neon look no one else has you can pre-order Fast at Jonathan Aston’s Scramble Tights made from an all-new cationic yarn fabric that brings a bi-colour effect to the neon Orange (Tangy/Lipstick) and Blue (Electra/Aqua) shades.


Finally, for the girls who want to get naughty in their neon, browse the Transparenze Valentina Hold Ups in Bougainvillea Hot Pink, Lemon Yellow or Azzurro Bright Blue. Is it ok if he has to don shades between the sheets? For fashion we say it’s fine. Alternatively, we have to show you Pamela Mann’s bargain Fishnet Tights in Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Green and Fluorescent Pink. Don’t judge me when I tell you I’ve got a pair of every colour of these neon tights. At £3.75 a pair I’ll judge you if you don’t.

As ever, accessories are the best way to wear fashion when it’s as seasonal as ours always is. Not only do we save spending our unborn child’s inheritance on a dress that doesn’t see the light of day after its first outing, but we’re able to incorporate the trends into our daily lives. So forget your fashion ghost of yesteryear hidden in those photo albums and embrace the flash in a new way. For old times’ sake.



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Red Carpet Alert – AnnaLynne McCord wears Henry Holland!

There’s a small pang that must be what a wounded lover the victim of adultery feels stabbing at them sharply

when we see Henry on another woman’s legs. He and his jaw-dropping, show-stopping designs are ours and in a similar way to how we view our favourite Frae flavour of the month, we don’t like to share.

This being said, we couldn’t help but be a little bit happy at how fabulous AnnaLynne McCord looked in Henry Holland’s Alphabet tights. Bonus points that it means the 90210 star agrees with us on what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to fashion. We expect her to accept our invitation of tea to share style tips to arrive in the post any day now…

Styled with some super sexy tight black micro-shorts an animal print cami and a beyond enviable biker jacket in a nod to this season’s fetish for leather, it was nevertheless the accessories that made the outfit red carpet worthy. Layered necklaces and a pair of Henry Holland’s Alphabet Tights with the highest black platforms we reckon she owns and voila – a star can strut.

Don’t be under the misconception that this look can only work for the superstars in the bright lights of Hollywood’s big city. At 5’6”, AnnaLynne is no taller than you or I and we should both have a pair of Eiffel tower-ing black heels to help us on our way towards the heavens. As she nipped you to the bud in getting the last pair of black Alphabet tights, give the silver pair a spin on your pins to win the fashion points this season.

In fact, for those of you who really love your heights, have a look at the Henry Holland Ladder Tights. And for those of you who love AnnaLynne’s nod to animal print, try a stint in the Fishnet Animal Tights. Each style promises the pattern in a slightly different way; it’s all just dependent on whether you’re a literary lover and want to improve your ABC’s or if you’d rather play yourself at snakes and ladders on your commute.

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The Thrills of Frills: MyTights in Nineteen13

Like any good girl I’ve always known my sheers from my sixty deniers, my fishnets from my footless. But on entering the land of luxurious lingerie, I’ve learnt a lesson so important I feel morally obliged to impart my knowledge with you lest your Grandmother never sat you down over a cuppa and a box of Werther’s Originals to tell you. It might not sound like headline news at first so read this s-l-o-w-l-y and read it twice: the pure, unadulterated fun to be had in this oh-so-wonderful world of babydolls and negligees, bodysuits, basques, slips and stockings belongs exclusively to women. Ok

so you’re no doubt thinking that’s no newsflash. Give me a second to explain. Put your hands up if you’re guilty of buying lingerie to satisfy a man, or even to fit into his ideal of what a woman “should” wear underneath her skirt suit. Most women not only pick underwear they hope pleases the opposite sex, but also the lingerie that most likely fits the character of the woman they’re looking for. Bows and frills inevitably have different connotations from, say, black crepe de chine, and we care what either style may suggest to him.

So certainly, there’s no denying men enjoy the benefits of lingerie, with their preference probably being a saucy set of undies. But my newsflash, hold the traffic ta-dah! moment discovery is that the selection of lingerie, from a satin pair of stockings to ever-so-slowly slide on, relishing in every toe wriggle as you take precious time to place the seductive back seam in the prime position on your pins to the rich wine and burgundy hues of the ruffles here paired with the plum dash of silk chiffon organza there, ripe with a delving velvet scalloped lace set of lingerie is something that women and women alone can relish in. The thrills of frills are ours ladies.

This well-guarded secret is why the launch of Nineteen13 is so entirely spot on, as it transpires the secret sensual pleasure to be had in lingerie has been slightly too top secret. The brainchild of Emily Hoyle, Nineteen13 was born of a similar treasure trove discovery that the range of designers, styles and advice ready and waiting for the lingerie consumer to devour in tandem with trying the range of products on offer is crucial to making the most of our most intimate items. Women and young girls need to learn not only their bra size and the style of knicker that best suits the shape of their bottom, but whether the suspender belt will flatter and the balcony bra will deceive (A’s into C’s); whether black fishnets go well with black tulle or whether a contrasting pair of colour pop hold ups would be the “wow” factor they never believed could be a term to apply to their legs.
















Pairing a bra to a knicker and a knicker to a hold up takes an educated eye. Which is why Nineteen13 through their editorials, styling features, articles and interviews, showcase lingerie in beautiful illustrations put together with tender love and care. The hope is to inspire; the desire is to innovate; the underlying dream is to stop women from settling for any old comfort bra and ladder-ridden tights. When it comes to your most intimate clothing, a little investment of extra cash pays off in quite a dash. So of course Nineteen13 editorials feature in abundance!

We’re pleased to say that when it comes to your hosiery, investment in your intimates need not break the bank. With Nineteen13’s stunning editorial piece ‘In The Shadows’ featuring some of our favourite products, it’s evident that luxury legwear is indeed the most financially accessible treat you can give yourself. In fact is a gorgeous and guilt-free treat even a treat? We prefer the term necessity. So if you haven’t stumbled across these stocking necessities yet, I hope you have your bra, knickers and hell, your heels, ready to pair with your favourite. For a pair of Pamela Mann’s Multi Top Hold Ups will sprinkle any set of hot matching lingerie with flakes of fabulous fun. And in much the same way, how can a pair of Transparenze’s Valentina Coloured Hold Ups not inject a sexy look with a delicious dash of cheeky colour popping flirtation? And now, for the absolute classic style that comes with a heart warning (his might just stop beating when he sees you): Cette’s Berlin Sheer Seam & Heel stockings, a pair of stockings so sexy they ooze seduction better than Dita Von Tees does it on stage. We love that Cette’s superb set of stockings come in a similar pair for fuller figured women: the Paris Plus Size Hold Ups acknowledge that luxury lingerie is for all shapes and sizes.

Ladies, these are not just stockings; these are MyTights stockings. And if you need a reason to be convinced about wearing the leg enhancing, bottom boasting aphrodisiac de luxe then read it from A Male’s Point of View.

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A/W Preview

There is no greater confirmation that we are almost at the end of summer, than the High Street windows, which are full of Autumn fashion. It’s a time that I approach (just as with Spring) with excitement and trepidation. I love the change of seasons, the chance to buy new clothes, change my look and embrace what’s new. I also put away my current season clothes with some sadness as I know it will be a good six months before they see the light of day again.

This year though, the first of the Autumn and Winter collections have wiped away any traces of sadness – they are great. Henry Holland, Falke, Charnos and Wolford are our first new arrivals, offering a mixture of crazy colour, definitive design and well, a real wow factor.

Let’s start with something light because we’re bound to have a mild September.  Charnos have subtle, yet effective designs through to its range of tights and Charnos Multi Spot Tights, Charnos Multi Diamond Tights and Charnos Argyle Tights all take traditional tights and play around with them to great effect on a super silky, sheer black weave. Perfect to give work wear a lift or add a playful (yet elegant) effect to evening clothes. These are the kind of tights that will extend your time with your wispy summer dresses.

Falke, which you must know by now is a favourite of mine, has also chosen to play around with black sheers this season. All those sheers, it must be the ‘Kate’ effect! Anyway, Falke has introduced its own very graphic designs featuring continuous loops, as seen in the Falke All Over Elements Tights, reverse and non reverse squares as seen in the Falke Cubes Tights, slim ribs as seen in the Falke Rib Net Tights and a very eye catching blurred continuous triangle as shown in the Falke Modern Graphic Tights. These tights will suit women of all ages but I particularly like the fact that this is real subtle genius, designs that I can wear for a bit of sophisticated modernity.

Wolford is another company that has universal

appeal and it’s timeless designs tend to stay around for a long time so if you find a favourite amongst their new collection, chances are it will be back for a second season next year. Wolford’s price point is higher than other brands but the quality certainly accounts for this. Wolford Ariella Tights is a new semi-opaque design with a gentle reverse scallop effect. The sandal toe makes this a great ‘introducer’ to Autumn, perfect for nights when it’s not freezing and you still
want to show those toes. Wolford Rockin’s Rose Tights are one of the best new designs I’ve seen and I’ll definitely be wearing these this Autumn. As the name suggests, this is a Rock n’ Roll take on a traditional floral that looks as if it’s been hand drawn in graphic black onto a barely there background.  The show stopping design stops mid thigh so if you are lucky enough to have ‘Legs Eleven’ this is a great one to show off with something short. Wolford Fire Net Tights plays on a similar theme with what looks like beautiful spindly flames rising from toe to mid thigh. Again, following a hand drawn effect, this design is a slightly more subtle interpretation, which will have day and evening appeal. Finally, not one to completely ignore a classic, Wolford has taken the success of its Wolford Bonny Dot Tights and reinvented the design for A/W 2012 with Wolford Dolly Dots Tights. These classic 20 denier sheers start out with small spots over the ankle, rising to larger spots mid thigh to waist. Now as I’m not about to advise you to go about with your bottom hanging out just so that you can show off the full effect of these tights, what I would suggest is that you find an appreciative man who can admire this lovely design, in the privacy of your own home….

Staying home was never on Henry Holland’s mind when he launched his first new designs for A/W. These babies scream “look at me”. For a relative newcomer, Henry Holland has fast become a household name and this season he has channeled the most ‘it’ colours including teal, lime, rust, bright red and this season’s hottest colour, burgundy. Taking traditional houndstooth and playing around with the theme, Henry Holland Zig Zag Tights and Henry Holland Houndstooth Tights have an overgrown pattern that offers a modern interpretation on a classic design. Designed to be worn with something short, so you can see the whole pattern, Henry Holland Houndstooth Tights have a 20/40 denier weave and an all over matte finish.  A little more on the heavy duty side, the 60 denier weave of Henry Holland Zig Zag Tights will see you through the coolest of days.

This is just a brief snapshot of what’s to come and over the next few weeks our entire A/W collection will be online. Look out for some great staples from Aristoc and Jonathan Aston, beautiful new designs from Trasparenze and Oroblu and of course the best selection of ‘wear everyday’ products from the likes of Pretty Polly and mary Portas. This year for the first time you can also kit out your daughters from our website.   More about that later though………

Until next week,

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Tights to Take to Turkey

As June and July have melted seamlessly into August and many of us still await our much needed summer holiday whether that be as near as Penzance or afar as Papua New Guinea, the question begs: how do we work some fabulous tights into our capsule suitcase? The ideal item to pop in a side pocket, there are nevertheless a few hosiery hurdles to jump when seeking to stuff some stockings in stowage.

Namely, many of us associate tights with woeful weather – something that even the most sensible of suitcase packers tends to brush off with little more than a passing thought at the possibility of rain as they embark on their oft dreamt of travels; they’re leaving England. Enough said – the weather can only improve of course. Assuming that this tends to be the case and we’ll be dining al fresco under the sun sipping bubbles, with hair still salty from the day’s frolics in the sea and the smell of suncream still ripe in the air from our early exertion of lying beached-whale style on the sun lounger, surely tights are the last thing we want to put on with our silk shift dresses and floating chiffon hi-lo skirts? We’ve been scrubbed, buffered and waxed within an inch of our lives so why on earth would we cover all that time, energy and agony not to mention rare perfection up? And uhh, hosiery with bikinis will never have a ‘fashion moment’.

Ah but what’s that you feel? The evening breeze coming in off the sea is actually quite cool; are those goosebumps? Heaven forbid! Let’s all take a moment to give thanks to the creator up in Hosiery Heaven for creating Hold Ups, undoubtedly the best way to protect our legs from that slight chill in a fresh, comfortable way so we can relish in the stunning setting that surrounds us as we sip our holiday night cap. Falke’s Lunelle Contrast Top Hold Ups being only eight denier provide that little extra layer we were after in a stunning, sexy style while Falke’s similar Shelina Toeless Hold Ups serve much the same purpose while working in tandem with our holiday peep toe wedges to help us accessorize our floral maxi dress.

But…oh you love your favourite mint green kaftan but why, oh why, didn’t you pack the right accessories? Worried your stunning chandelier earrings would be damaged in transit, your options for this evening are to wear a dress with shoes and that’s about all your outfit will amount to. Not if you’ve packed a few pairs of squishable, squeezable, suitcase-friendly holiday staples! And while in England you have to balance fashion with the warmth of your legwear, on holiday all you need ponder is trends, trends, trends and you can focus on the fresh, summery colours, so bright they sometimes upset your fellow commuters. For a wonderful, zingy pair to pop on with anything and everything white, try Jonathan Aston’s Cherries Tights. A similarly lovely pattern is undoubtedly Emilio Cavallini’s Flowers on Sheer Tights, promising cool comfort and a delicate look with which to accessorize that hi-lo skirt.

If you wake up one morning and are faced with your other half wanting to go cycling round the nearby town (no doubt his attempt to distract you from your beach read of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’), then your only wardrobe option is Celeste Stein’s Blue Palm tights with a fresh white lace kaftan so that like a tropical bird of paradise you can match your summer surroundings perfectly.

The endless fun to be had in carefully picking the best bikinis, specially selecting your as-yet-unworn raffia wedges and those stunning lace and floating tops you only get to wear

once a year before laying each item carefully in your suitcase is one of the rare pleasures in life. MyTights would like to let you in on one of the less well known but just as great pleasures in life – stuffing some fabulous, stylish and versatile hosiery into all the suitcase gaps around your most prized holiday capsule wardrobe and standing back to view the result. They’ll be the best things you take on board that Boeing Jet.

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Robert Pattinson: A Spanx Fan?

With Robert Pattinson’s first foray into the outside world since the break up, we bet tensions were running high.  What would he say?  Well, he didn’t say anything about his romantic status, but he did seem to allude to a love of shapewear, saying to host Jon Stewart (about his ice cream): “I’m trying to avoid eating this because I’m gonna split my Spanx”.

Now, we’re pretty sure Rob was joking – but if he wasn’t, he definitely wouldn’t be alone.  Not only did we see Kristen Stewart in shapewear on a show not too long back, Spanx now do all kinds of shapewear for everyone and every occasion.   Here are three situations we bet you didn’t know there was a Spanx solution for…

1)      Men

Well, with Robert Pattinson as a role model, why wouldn’t you?  All jokes aside, Spanx do a great Spanx for Men range that every guy should

try out.  And the best bit is, there really isn’t any stigma attached to wearing shapewear these days – everyone’s at it.  But the designs are also really discreet, so noone will know – unless you choose to tell them.

2)      Baby Bumps

Yummy mummies everywhere, don’t despair – there’s a Spanx for you too!  Maternity Spanx is the ideal way to get a trim figure whilst looking after your bump.  The Spanx Power Mama has an extra stretchy material that goes over your bump but provides shaping control around your bottom and thighs, as well as giving support for your lower back.

3)      Hot Weather

The mere thought of hot temperatures and crowded tubes is enough to put us off shapewear, but once again Super Spanx have come to the rescue with the Spanx Slimplicityrange, made with ultra lightweight fabric meaning not only will they keep you cool and comfortable, but also won’t show up under your slinky summer dresses!  We especially love the Lingerie Strap Slip, which is so elegant we wish we could wear it as outerwear!


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The Olympics Legacy

So seventeen days of what may well have been the best party ever to hit not just the capital or the country but quite possibly the whole globe and, as The Sunday Times puts it we’re left with “miracles and memories as London gets Games right”. Before and throughout the past fortnight of celebrations, jubilations, broken bodies, broken records and dreams both made and dashed amid a fair few medals for GB, the words on everyone’s lips have been what will the Olympic legacy be? You keep us posted on what it means for sport while we keep you posted on what the legacy is for our legs.

If you didn’t notice the hordes of hosiery donned crowds at Olympic venues all over the capital, where on earth were you? With sports viewing comes crowd stalking and fashion spotting. And WOW was there a lot to spot! Who would have ever thought Stratford would become the fashion hub of London let alone the world?

The Closing Ceremony was what fed our fashion dreams more than anything and ignited our new belief that cat walking (in a fabulous pair of tights of course) should be an Olympic sport. The flaming phoenix may have been distracting for a moment but hopefully, like us, your eyes were then dragged to Darcy Bussell’s fabulous flame-clad legs. In a multitude of overlapping reds, oranges and yellows from toe to thigh, we do concede they may be a little much for everyday – unless of course like Darcy, your day job is as a prima ballerina. In which case contact her stylist (and pass the details on to us? Pretty please?). For the rest of us, Wolford’s Flame Tights will channel the hot trend perfectly by subtly decorating our ankles in a more workwear friendly neutral shade. If a little ankle adornment isn’t quite enough and you’re legs are looking for an evening allure, try Wolford’s Fire Net Tights. You’ll set hearts and minds alight and may even have a few people calling the fire brigade, so hot is the combination of flames and fishnets. Don’t be afraid to turn up the heat just like Darcy did; it’s not being called The Olympics Closing Ceremony to end all Olympics Closing Ceremonies for nothing.

Amidst the array of singers and dancers, we couldn’t help but spot the trend for stripes and suspenders sported on Russell Brand’s backing dancers. Celeste Stein’s Royal Stripe Tights will let you join in the Ceremony fun and keep the patriotic colours on the streets as the majority of commuter’s return to their grey and black wardrobes. And of course if you’re more of a suspender starlet than stripes-kinda-gal then never forget Henry Holland’s Pearly Suspender Tights – a girly update of his Super version that translate the cute stripy suspender look into your own Olympic Closing Ceremony look. We know you like to put your own spin on things.

We can’t finish without a shout out to Jessie J’s incredible body. And no, although Jessie does have a fantastic body, we’re talking about her leotard – the appliqué floral patterned body designed and made by Vivienne Westwood. Returning to her signature skin tight, spotlight stealing style has us begging the question: where can we get something similar? And how do we follow suit without being shamelessly obvious copy cats? Pre-ordering the Fast at Jonathan Aston Scramble Body is how. In zingy seasonal shades of Tangy/Lipstick, Electra/Aqua (our favourite to keep GB colours alive and kicking) or the more subtle Mercury/Flint, you can rock a body as fashion-tastic as Jessie faster than Jess Ennis completed the

800m Heptathlon final, but in colour popping style and a unique design that differs enough from the Westwood Wonder to be your own interpretation.

Food for fashion thought has been ripe these past seventeen days. Don’t let the extinguished Olympic flame extinguish your inspiration whether it be on the field, or off in the fashion field. A pair of slightly eccentric fashion tights are sure to banish post-party blues and keep people talking about what a celebration we’ve had of anything and everything GB long after the party’s been wrapped.

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Holiday Hosiery

So you’re escaping the rain and sporadic sunshine

for sunnier climes?  Lucky you.  However, before you dash off with just 3 bikinis and a pair of flip flops in your case, have a think about packing some hosiery.  Yes, we know what you’re thinking, hosiery is the last thing you’ll be needing when you’re sunbathing in 30°c, but you’d be surprised!  Here’s the hosiery you need, whatever type of holiday you’re off on…


No, we’re not going to try to convince you that you need to wear tights, but guaranteed sunshine is the perfect time to try out the ankle socks trend – that way you know you won’t end up shivering and wishing you’d worn opaques instead!  Footless tights are also ideal for balmy evenings as they are sheer enough to keep you cool but give a little coverage, PLUS you can still wear your flip flops!


If you’re off on a citybreak, what you pack obviously depends very much on where you’re going.  But if you’re off somewhere warm, sheers will keep your legs looking flawless.  If you’re going to be out exploring all day, hold ups or crotchless tights will help you to stay cool, or try over the knee socks for a stylish look that will stop you from getting hot and bothered.


Ski season is pretty much done for the next few months but if you’re lucky enough to be jetting further afield to hit the slopes, you’re going to need to stay cosy warm.  Wool tights are the order of the day – try a vibrant colour like red or green for something a little different that will help you hit the slopes in style.

Homeland Holiday

With so much going on in the UK this year, we don’t blame you if you’ve chosen to holiday in the land of Hope and Glory.  And although you’d be well advised to pack for cooler weather thanks to our unpredictable weather, we think you can probably get away with sheers most of the time.  Try bold colour to get that holiday vibe – yellow tights and hot pinks might not be the most conventional look but the shades are cutting edge and will make you feel as though you’re holidaying in a tropical paradise.

Have we convinced you?  Whatever you pack and wherever you’re off to, have a great time.  We’ll see you when you get back- just in time for the Autumn fashion!


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