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My Hosiery Valentine

Right dear hearts, it’s a well known fact that unless you are six foot tall, weigh less than 110 llbs and are under the age of 20, you will never look that good in a Valentine themed outfit. When old Cupid came up with the concept, he definitely had a young skinny woman in mind. For the rest of us who live in the real world, we have to look to subtlety to give us a nod towards romance and one of the best ways to do this is not to wear your heart on your sleeve, but on your legs.

It’s that time of year again  and we all want to share the love so whether you have a date or not, get into the spirit of things and show your softer side. You never know who might be looking.


For those traditionalists amongst us, we need nothing more than a good seamed stocking. Gerbe Carnation Fully Fashion Stockings are the real macoy. As the name suggests, these stockings have stuck to true wartime traditions and are made without Lycra and with a seam from the toe to thigh.  Pair with a pretty suspender belt to complete the look. Jonathan Aston has bought the product bang up to date combining 15% Lycra with a great vintage style in their Jonathan Aston Seam and Heel Lycra Stockings which have a classic 7cm top band.

Pamela Mann has given the back seam an update by breaking down the seam to create a delicate row of tiny hearts that run from toe to thigh on their Pamela Mann Heart Seamed Tights.  They have also played around with another variation on their Pamela Mann Love Seam Tights which spell it out up the back of your ankle. Someone would need to get quite close and personal to enjoy the design of these two!

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Read All About It…MyTights’ Laura in the FT!

Let’s face it. It’s no secret that we love flying the flag for the latest in textile technology, as we’re big fans of all that is new and exciting. With a growing demand for multi-functioning tights that can do everything but the washing up, we’re oh so grateful for the latest offerings from Charnos.

Feeding our hunger for products that push boundaries, their Emana Control Tights are just what we crave. By harnessing the power of the unique Emana yarn, Charnos have made a pledge to turn back the clock on our pins, transforming them into lust worthy legs. With an 11% improvement on cellulite signs and an 8% increase in the elasticity of your skin over a period of 60 days, we can’t get into these quick enough!

It seems we’re not the only ones that have fallen for their scientific charms either, as the Financial Times have jumped aboard the Emana train. Including them in the article dedicated to emerging shapewear in the industry, MyTights also featured as Laura championed the hosiery. Quite rightly too! Sharing her excitement with the broadsheet, this is a telling sign that the need for clever hosiery is greater than ever.

And now for the nitty gritty science bit. Taking the infrared rays that your body gives out, the special Emana yarn re-emits these as fabulous ‘far infrared waves’. Long story short, these new vamped up rays stimulate the micro blood circulation of our legs, which in turn gets the blood going – with glowing results! With no trickery or sorcery in sight, this is just the work of clever science.

It’s not just the look of your legs that benefit either from the anti-cellulite tights. The EMANA technology is also used in some sportswear as ladies have reported a significant increase in body energy and an increase in performance.

So now that

trek to the train station and sprint for the bus doesn’t look so bad! Hooray!

Charnos, we salute you! Try the Emana Control Tights for yourself and we promise you won’t be disappointed.


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Spanx: Shapewear of the Gods, Whatever Your Shape

Tulisa might have been flashing her Spanx at the National Television Awards this week, but there’s no shame in showing off your control shapewear any more – she’s in good company, as shapewear’s legions of fans will demonstrate.  Spanx shapewear has no end of celebrity devotees, testament to its wide range of styles and control levels and shaping features for any problem area.  So find out which Spanx is for you based on your celebrity body…


Celebrity Body Double: Kristen Stewart

Kristen has a boyish shape, so if you’re like her you probably want to go for something that adds curves.  Open bust bodysuits will give you control but allow you to wear your own bra – or else try the Spanx Slimplicity Booty Booster Shorts, which have removable bum pads to give you a booty like Beyoncé’s.


Celebrity Body Double: Kim Kardashian

Kim has previously declared than

“Spanx are my best friend”, so it’s fair to assume that she’s a fan.  If you’ve got an hourglass figure like Kim, chances are you won’t need a bum booster product like Kristen.  Go for something that slims the hips like a strong control short – we love the Spanx In Power Line Super Higher Power, which is a bestseller with our customers, too.   And we’re sure the devotion won’t stop now she’s pregnant – she can just switch to Mama Spanx!


Celebrity Body Double: Adele

Apple shapes like Adele will want something that gives them that sought after hourglass figure.  Get something that adds shape by cinching in the waist, but make sure you use the Spanx size chart to avoid unsightly bulges in all the wrong places.  Adele has admitted to sometimes wearing two pairs of Spanx under red carpet looks – but there’s no need to go quite that far as you can get great extra strong support from Spanx ranges like the

Slim Cognito.


Celebrity Body Double: Brian Dowling

Spanx for women has been around for ever, and in the name of equality it’s only fair that we share the sculpting power of shapewear with the opposite sex.  Celebrity Big Brother host Brian Dowling has confessed to a love of the range, saying: “My stylist gets me the male Spanx,  It makes me lose a good inch and a half and puts my nipples up around my chin.  It’s amazing.”  Straight from the horse’s mouth – Spanx for men is the way forward, guys.


So whatever your shape, there’s a shapewear to fit, smooth and shape your body… just follow your celeb body double for the figure of your dreams!

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Below the Knee

We reach a point where some things marry naturally with advanced years – washing your hair at the hairdresser and buying more supportive underwear and elasticated waistlines. In the past you could have added knee highs to that list but not anymore. In recent years knee highs have been snaffled and retained by a much younger fashion crowd and put to all sorts of uses both in the workplace and after hours. Knee Highs have been revamped as one of the most useful and interesting accessories in your wardrobe. Here’s my list of what you should look at buying now and how it should be worn.

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Ladder Resist Styles

Ladders have to be one of the most annoying things that can happen to a pair of tights and in a recent survey that we carried out, over 100 people told us that runs in their tights or stockings are the bane of their life.  As more than a simple purveyor of hosiery, I keep a very close eye on the technology that the industry has been developing and I can tell you, ladder resist hosiery is changing fast.

Opaque Ladder Resist Tights

Pioneering the latest developments, new brand Andrea Bucci  Lycra Fusion Opaque Tights has the most amazing opaques that glare in the face of runs and ladders. We’ve played around with these in the office and the only way we have managed to make a hole is to cut them with a pair of scissors. It’s great if you want to create a new look with two pairs layered and cut into a design but also unbelievably strong and very ladder resistant. There are six colours all priced at £12.00.

Sheer Ladder Resist Styles

Charnos is another brand that has invested heavily in ladder resistant technology and Charnos Run Resist range offer a lighter leg option. The 10 denier finish that smooths out imperfections is amazingly strong. Woven with small pockets in the fibre that help to resist ladders, these are a great everyday basic, suitable for work or play. As well as the ladder resist tights

and hold ups, we have just welcomes new additions to the range, the Charnos Run Resist Sheer Stockings and the Charnos Run Resist Sheer Control Tights offer alternative styles with the same great strength and capabilities.

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Spotted: Celebs in Tights

Everywhere we look there are celebrities flaunting legs clad in the latest fashions.  But there’s no need to be green with envy – it’s never been so easy to get the look.  You

don’t need a personal stylist, insider know-how or even loads of money, as this bunch prove…

Fashion opaques are the way forward this season and winter florals were huge on the catwalks at all of the A/W designer shows.  So make like Katie Holmes, who stepped out wearing the lovely Aristoc All Over Floral Tights recently.  The actress’s fashion sense has been given a whole new lease of life since her break up from Tom Cruise in 2011, and she looked chic and sophisticated in these, teaming them with a blue coat, red handbag and grey heeled ankle boots.

Kylie Jenner (of Kardashians fame) was also snapped latching onto the opaque fashion tights trend in the super funky Henry Holland Reverse Star Tights.  She styled them with a grungy black hoodie, but you can also try dressing yours up in your favourite LBD or even take them to the office!

Meanwhile Vanessa Hudgens (pictured)opted last week for suspender tights with an all black ensemble finished with an oversized mustard scarf and studded boots.  Not only are dressed down suspender tights the perfect way to get a look that screams rock chick, they are great for keeping your pins warm while flashing a little flesh.

So apparently covering up is

the way to style your pins this season – but not with your boring plain opaques you wear winter after winter.  Choose something new and fresh with the range of fashion opaque tights at for instant cosiness, without compromising on style.


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Happy Birthday, Kate! The Queen of Sheers is 31 and Fabulous

It’s Kate Middleton’s birthday today, so we’ve taken a look at her defining fashion moments…
1) The dresses
When images of Kate wearing

that see through dress at a Uni fashion show emerged, the UK’s women were simultaneously overjoyed and dismayed. Overjoyed, because it just goes to show that no matter who you are, embarrassing mistakes will be made (Prince Harry of course plays his own part in this too). Dismayed, because the sheer dress displayed all too clearly a figure that we could never even dream of achieving. Sigh.
Still, fast forward a few years and Kate was wowing us in the blue Issa dress she wore to announce her engagement – in our opinion her most iconic look to date. A classic cut in a gorgeous fabric and beautiful hue made it the perfect dress for the occasion, so it was no surprise that not only did it sell out in minutes, Issa decided to make it part of their permanent collection.
2) The tights
If we were Kate, we’d be walking around declaring that we personally ended the recession in the UK (probably a good job we’re not, then). There’s no denying her impact on sales – after it was discovered that she wears nude sheer tights, sales of Falke and Wolford Tights at one depa

rtment store were up by 40%, while for some vendors sales were up by as much as 500%!
Kate, who packed 9 pairs of nude sheers in her case for her tour of the Far East last year, ended the stigma for nude sheers when she paraded her glowing pins around town, showing women everywhere that they are the perfect way to fake pin perfection! High end brands like Falke and Wolford are best for getting a truly luxe look, but if you’re on a budget check out the Pretty Polly Naturals range.

3) The ring
For many the most romantic part of the engagement and the centrepiece to every

Kate look, her engagement ring is iconic for more that one reason. The stunning diamond and sapphire ring was passed down from Princess Diana to William, and he then chose to give it to Kate. Sob!
We just can’t wait for the royal baby to arrive. Imagine what looks that blue blooded tot will be rocking! And while the Duchess is still by and large recovering from her pregnancy sickness, she can at least take heart from the fact that she’s still one of the world’s best dressed women. Happy Birthday, Kate!

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Top 10 Opaque Hosiery

Opaque tights are a wardrobe essential, from classic black to subtle seasonal shades and bold brights. Plus it's not all about tights, leave room in your hosiery drawer for opaque hold ups and stockings too!

Classic Black Tights

Black tights can do more for you than you think. They keep you warm, lengthen your legs, slim down those lumps and bumps… but what if they could shape, tone, massage, be ladder resistant, thermal or virtually impossible to destroy? That would be value for money wouldn’t it. Recently tights companies have thought long and hard of ways to make their products stand out and here’s a run down of

who offers what.

  1. BEST BARGAIN: Pretty Polly 60D Plush Tights – these look and feel like a much more expensive brand, yet at just £8 are one of the best budget buys on the market.
  2. LADDER RESIST: Andrea Bucci Lycra Fusion Fibre Opaque Tights – Lycra Fusion will change the tights industry forever leaving ladders as a distant thing of the past. The fibre in these tights is impossible to ladder. You can actually wear two pairs, cutting the top pair into a personalized design that will see the material separate, but NOT ladder. Genius.
  3. CONTROL TOP: Aristoc Bodytoners Opaque Toner Tights – the silk finish of these tights actually help to moisturize the skin while you wear them, in conjunction with the reinforced band around your tum and bum which holds everything in and helps to shape. At £12.50 these tights are a more affordable investment than standard opaques and shapewear undies.
  4. MEGA OPAQUE: Falke Pure Matt 100D Tights – There are few products around that are truly comparable to an expensive pair of leggings but these get my vote everytime. The perfect partner to the shortest of dresses or the longest of tees, the finish, hand stitched seams and wonderfully warm mix of materials justify these as one of the best premium brand black opaques.
  5. THERMAL: Pretty Polly 200D Fleecy Opaque Thermal Tights – Of course you can go one further and 200 denier is about as thick as you can get before the product reverts from being tights to leggings. These tights have the look and feel of fleece and will withstand even the coldest temperatures.

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New Year, New Hosiery

Well, have you started the great new year clear out yet? Done the kitchen cupboards, sorted the shoes, started on the wardrobe? It will all need updating you know, or so you make yourself believe. Well I’m here to tell you to stop right there. Before you do any more damage with your credit card, exercise some limitations and look at how you can creatively update your wardrobe on a budget.

We all want to start the New Year with a spring in our step and a new look can be the best way to refocus. Every January I extol myself to try something new and this year is no different. Last January I vowed to rid myself of all but essential plains and embrace pattern and colour. After a year of compliments, my commitment continues.

Opaque or sheer, a few pairs of coloured tights can completely change the look of every individual dress in your wardrobe. If we start with opaques, we should really look to the future and Andrea Bucci is a new name that has one of the most advanced Lycra formulas

on the market. Super strong and super soft, Andrea Bucci Lycra Fusion Fibre Opaque Tights are amazing. The technology applied to these tights guarantees that they won’t ladder. In fact, you can layer them, cutting the top pair with fabric scissors to create fab geometric patterns. Wash and wash again and the fabric will stay the same making their £12 price tag superior value for money. The range of colours – strong purples, burgundy, navy and greys heralds a new classic with a twist. Mary Portas tights are another brand that’s nodding downwards a more grown up audience. The range of seven sludgy, pared down hues of green, aubergine, rust and damson are typical of the colours so beloved by the fashion press. With a slight sheen, Mary Portas & Charnos Satin 80 Tights will work well into Spring. At the other end of the colour spectrum, Pamela Mann 50 Denier Tights strongly support the mantra of ‘a little of what you fancy does you good’. At just £4.95 per pair, there are 24 colours to try from the gently colourful to the downright shocking, all in a really good quality, matte reinforced toe finish. Sheers will also give you good colour coverage in a more subtle way and Jonathan Aston is the leader in this category. There are 19 colours available in the Jonathan Aston Sheer Coloured Tights range, priced at £4.10 per pair. Exchanging your traditional black opaques for sheers can also change the look of your outfits.

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