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Shout it from the rooftops: We Love Spanx!

mama-spanx-nudeWe used to think that shapewear had to remain a shameful secret that we’d take to the grave.  Frankly, we thought we’d rather do pretty much anything than own up to the fact that we were getting a little helping hand from Spanx UKbut it seems we were wrong.  Nowadays, any VIP or FOP (Fairly Ordinary Person) is queuing up to lavish praise on Spanx shapwear… and who are we to turn our noses up at such a trend?

Mum-to-be Kim Kardashian was snapped this week wearing a camel coloured leather dress (a brave choice on any day of the week, let alone when you’re also juggling a baby bump)… with trusty shapewear shorts peeking out from underneath.  The Kardashian sister has declared her love for the brand in the past, calling them her “best friend”, and it seems she’s not about to give them up any time soon.  Luckily Spanx has a range of lines to suit every need, including maternity Spanx (of which Rochelle from the Saturdays has already admitted to being a fan)… so now you know just how she’s keeping that svelte pregnancy figure!

Kim loves her leggings, so we’d be surprised if she hasn’t also tried Spanx leggings.  I can personally vouch for these – I love them.  They pull you in, flatten your stomach, tone your legs… pretty much everything you could ask for and more.  The control around the middle even makes me sit and stand better, so you get better posture into the bargain!  Plus you wear them just like normal leggings, so there’s no need to hide them away, and no possibility of your secret getting out.

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Henry Holland Reaching New Heights

And he surprises us again! For the grand opening of Leed’s new shopping centre, Trinity Leeds, Brit designer Henry Holland, one of our favourites, broke a Guinness World Record by designing the world’s longest dress. Known for his bold and outrageously innovative designs, there is no surprise that Henry Holland made an amazing dress 15 metres high – the equivalent of three double decker buses – not to mention 48- square metres wide. This lavish red and yellow polka dotted dress encrusted with thousands of Swarovski crystals was unveiled and emerged from a large box during the opening ceremony. The dress was made from layers of silk was inspired by insects and their wings.


This project enabled Henry Holland to deliver a spectacular show that would excite the new shoppers and launch the Trinity Leeds into the centre of the British fashion world. Holland said that it gave him the chance to celebrate fashion in a unique a way. And in Holland’s terms, unique is something entirely out of the ordinary – he makes his own category of unique. For the opening, the dressed was modelled by aerial acrobat and former Cirque Du Soleil principle artist, Collette Morrow. We wouldn’t expect anything else from a shopping centre opening featuring Henry Holland.

In all his creations, Henry Holland makes fashion more fun. From his own fashion line to his collaboration with Pretty Polly to make a line of absolutely fabulous tights that all the celebs are taking note of. Celebrities such as Rihanna, Little Mix, Paris Hilton, and the Kardashians rock out in the House of Holland tights. Like the rest of his style, Henry Holland designs innovative creations and makes tights that change the way we approach hosiery. He changes up the design of usual plain tights with fashion forward ones that add a bit of funk to your wardrobe.  One of his most popular looks is the mock suspender tights and this season he alters that style a little by

creating Stripe Over the Knee Tights (pictured). These tights have thick vertical lines that run up your lower legs that wraps around the top of your knees to complete the design. Always surprising us with amazing designs, Henry Holland is a fashion force we are glad to reckon with.

His cutting-edge collaboration with Pretty Polly is an affordable way to get a piece of Henry Holland’s fantastic designs. His fashion tights make an outrageous statement with any outfit, yet are completely comfortable to wear. Whoever said fashion was pain obviously hasn’t worn a pair of these tights.

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Carly Rae Jepsen in House of Holland

Shop NowYet another famous face seems to have fallen for the much feted Henry Holland tights collection…

We spotted Canadian cutie Carly Rae Jepsen performing this week in Paris, sporting none other than a pair of the super cool House of Holland Reverse Polka Dot Mock Hold Ups Tights.  Lending an edgy feel to her look, the Call Me Maybe singer teamed hers with denim shorts and a grungy jacket – a far cry from the usual super

sweet, girly styles we are used to seeing her in.

These spotty suspender tights are a great way to get the look of over the knee socks without the hassle of pulling them up every 6 steps – plus they’ll give your legs a little extra coverage while the temperatures remain low (we’re pretty sure summer is NEVER going to arrive).  In fact, Brit designer Henry Holland has definitely taken the British weather into consideration with his most recent collection, opting to reverse his bestselling designs into a sheer pattern on opaque hosiery – and for that, Mr. Holland, our legs are sincerely grateful.

Get an edgy, casual look like Carly or else dress them up for evening with a simple, timeless combination of LBD, suede wedges, leather jacket and a slick of postbox red lippie.  And if you like these, be sure to check out the rest of the Henry Holland collection, including the classic suspender tights (as worn by Paris Hilton, Jessie J, Caggie Dunlop, Rihanna and countless others).

Yeah, we’ll call you maybe, Carly.  For fashion advice and styling tips…





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Mixing up their wardrobe

Don’t know

what to wear with those mock over the knee sock tights or the reverse polka dot tights? Just look at girl band the Little Mix! No stranger to statement tights, Little Mix is known for their eclectic style paired with funky legwear. Because Little Mix is not afraid of the fashion risks, we love their style and their love affair with Henry Holland tights. Always seen in a pair of tights by Pretty Polly, the band embraces their edgy, gothic look. A typical outfit for the girl band is accessorized with a pair of quirky tights or other legwear.


As the girl band invaded the US last week, they showed off their British fashion to an American audience. Jesy Nelson sported fishnet tights with over the knee socks that complimented her denim outfit while the other girls wore floral prints and striped patterns with ankle socks that peeped out of their trainers. Little Mix love their legwear and show off their style on and off the red carpet.

On the streets, Little Mix pair their outfits not just with tights but with a wide selection of socks. The band add to their clothes with ankle socks that peak out of their high heels or colourful knee highs or mid calf socks that accentuate their fashion choices. Careful not to commit fashion faux pas, the girls of Little Mix wear coloured socks that match their clothes perfectly.  They choose from a range of standard black socks for a more subtle look to ruffled socks that dress down an outfit while keeping it fun.

Looking for the newest trends? Just follow Little Mix’s style and their trail of funky tights and socks. We adore love for tights and can’t wait to see what’s next!

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Who’s Flashing Us Now?!

We love it when our beloved Hollywood starlets reveal a little too much (no, not like that!), and show us that they too need a little helping hand to look that gorgeous. We’re talking of course, about Spanx. Like a breath of fresh air, we can’t get enough of those accidental glimpses of shapewear, reminding that whilst they may earn more than we can count, they’re just like us.

The last few days brought with them several Spanx sightings, and some from those who you would never even guess! The beauty of shape wear is that essentially, it remains your special secret. Good fitting shape wear will nip & tuck you in all the right places, transforming outfits and adding a rather large dose of confidence in the process. With a pair for every shape imaginable, it’s hardly surprising that celebs all over rely on them to keep any lumps & bumps in check.

Katy Perry ‘almost always wears hers’, Gwyneth Paltrow has a drawer full of them…but who’s been wearing theirs now?

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian loves her Spanx, even naming them her ‘best friend’ in one interview. But it seems that sisters still share, no matter her famous they are, as Khloe has been spotted flashing her shapewear at the weekend. Notorious for her on-point and super chic style, the youngest member of the Kardashian clan showed off a striking monochrome dress & gorgeous figure – complete with a pair of the Spanx In Power Line Super Power Panties. Never one to be embarrassed, Khloe hardly looked phased by the accidental reveal, which makes us love her that little bit more. A fan of the Kardashian style? Layer your favourite hosiery over your shapewear to streamline in secret.

And from a sister of an expectant mummy to a pop star ready to, well, pop, Rochelle Humes from super girl group, The Saturdays, has recently expressed her appreciation for maternity Spanx. Mama Spanx have been specially designed with you & your bump in mind, lending support to those sore backs and working to gently shape bottoms. What’s more, as Rochelle puts it, they ‘make you feel so comfortable’.  You’ll find that thanks to some very clever expandable fabric, your shape wear will grow as you do, making any Mama Spanx the perfect investment. Love being a mum-to-be but miss your favourite sheer tights? Get your hands on a pair of the Mama Spanx Maternity Tights and wear under your favourite shift dresses.

And for the man in your life? It’s been reported that Brad Pitt is no stranger to the shapewear, as he relies on his for a little extra help when it comes to maintaining those dashing good looks and physique. Working to show off all the good bits whilst transforming the not so good parts, why not get him the Spanx for Men Zoned Performance Tank? Subtle enough to pop under a work shirt or tee, the breatheasy fabric slims & trims instantly, but most importantly, in top secret. And as if Brad Pitt’s body wasn’t incentive enough, we’ve learnt that funny man & TV personality Jonathan Ross adores his Spanx too – if it’s good enough for

Brad, its good enough for everyone!

Shapewear – what we would do without it?!


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Tights for Little Legs

Last month it was all about the who’s who of the fashion world showing us what we had in store this Autumn and it seems that this week it’s happening again…except the models are a lot smaller…and cuter!

For the first time ever in the history of catwalks , our little ones are in the spotlight as Global Kids Fashion Week visits London for a two day delight. In light of this, I’ve decided to dedicate Laura’s Choice to those with very little legs. Whilst they may have knack for transforming our lipsticks into impromptu crayons and emptying expensive perfumes into the bathtub, they adore tights as much as we do in the grown up world. And why shouldn’t they? With the ability to pull off candy pink and glitter more than most of us can, I believe that children’s hosiery should be as fun and as fashionable as the tights we fold away in drawers ourselves.

I’ve even spotted a few celebrity tots debuting their admirable hosiery collection,with Harper Beckham rarely photographed in anything but her cosy tights and Geri Halliwell’s daughter Bluebell showing off her love of coloured opaques.

But before we get too fussed with glitter and offspring of the A-list, lest we forget just how quickly these little ones move! Over the years, I’ve witnessed my nieces run in the door from school, complete with the latest dried pasta collage and a new collection of snags in their tights. Short of going out and purchasing titanium trousers, I quickly clocked on that children’s tights have to be as functional as they are fashionable. Playground proof and washing machine friendly, hosiery for little ones needs to withstand the climbing frame test, which is why I can’t champion our range of children’s tights more. 

From the small legs to the very small legs (even newborns), there’s a size for all ages, which makes keeping up with that ever expanding wardrobe a piece of cake.  For their very first pair, why not try a pair of cotton tights? The high cotton content in the Country Kids Warmer Cotton Tights ensures that they feel gorgeously soft against her skin, eliminating any irritation and most importantly, they’ll keep her warm! With 15 shades to choose from, there’s no risk of temper tantrums either when she starts to dress herself in the morning…

From their first pair to her first school party, glitter and sparkly tights will always go down a treat. Guaranteed to put a smile on her face, these are the perfect finishes touches to that outfit. The Country Kids Sparkly Tights come in a gorgeous black tone, with a subtle shimmer so chic that we want a pair ourselves! With a handy footless version available that you can layer under her boots for a snug fit, these are likely to fall into her ‘favourite pile’ every morning.

And for when she outgrows her obsession with all things pink? Although no mother wants to admit it, there will come a time when their little one will want to stretch their wings and with this comes experimenting with the latest trends. Whilst you may raise an eyebrow over some of her choices (whilst conveniently forgetting our teen fashion faux pas), add to her hosiery collection with a few on trend styles that will even fit you too, keeping your wardrobe happy in the process. For daughters that swoon over anything with hearts on, the Pamela Mann Candy Hearts Tights are just the ticket. Great for dressing up or down, the subtle but sweet pattern looks fab when worn with her converse, and just as gorgeous when you style it under your shift dress & heels.  The choice doesn’t just stop there either, as there are enough patterns, prints & colours to keep her content and out of your wardrobe – also known as her ‘one stop shop’ for new clothes…

So whether you’re after tights that will keep that smile on her face or you simply want to keep your little ones warm in the chilly temperatures, let them join in on the hosiery fun and give them a wardrobe to rival Mums!

Until next time…

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Who’s That Girl? It’s Zooey!

Known for her quirky and girlish style, Zooey Deschanel is unlikely to be seen without tights on. She knows how to match her bubbly outfits with coloured tights that

add to her charm. Sticking to her classic look, Zooey recently donned her classis dark blue opaque tights with a black and white striped dress at the PaleyFest honouring ‘New Girl’ in Beverly Hills, California. 

We fell in love with the ‘New Girl’ star and her ‘adorkable’ style on her show about an eccentric young woman living with three men. She not only makes us laugh until we can’t breathe with her ridiculous stories, but she creates a feminine style that we are all envious for.  Dressed in a cream ensemble (pictured), Zooey matched her dress with black opaque tights to keep her look classy. She catches our attention by pairing simple coloured tights with her bold coloured jackets, bohemian dresses and vintage-inspired clothing. Showing off her unique style in a recent episode, Zooey sported the high waisted shorts and tights look that we gushed over. Whether she wears sheer tights with knit knee high socks or wears a simple dress with opaque tights, Zooey knows how to rock it.

Coloured tights make what may be a simple outfit into a playful one, giving a subtle flirtatiousness and bright colour to it. If you want a change up in your standard wardrobe, a pair of tights will do the trick. As Zooey demonstrates, wearing coloured or opaque tights give off the element of femininity.

Zooey, we love your style. Please keep the tights coming!

Need inspiration on how to sport coloured tights? Check out our Celeb Style! Board on Pinterest to see how Zooey Deschanel and other celebrities wore their tights right.

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You Heard It Here First – Brown is the new Black!

It’s official ladies, our fail -safe shade of choice has been knocked off its prime position in the colour chart – with a Royal approval to boot! We know, we know, what on earth could replace black? Well, with one glance at Kate, Pippa & Zara at the Cheltenham Races, it seems that brown is very much back on the colour radar, and we couldn’t adore it more.

Kinder on skin tones and a much softer alternative to bold blacks , chocolately hues are perfect for adding a warm touch to any ensemble,

particularly when sunshine is fast becoming a myth! With not one but three Royal ladies (!) embracing the trend, it’s only a matter time before we all attempt it ourselves. Forever here to help with your hosiery needs, we’ve rounded up the best of the bunch when it comes to the cocoa colour…

Sister of the moment and tabloid sweetheart, Pippa Middleton, was seen working her brown tights at the races, teaming it with a canary yellow coat & suede knee high boots. Now, whilst the flo-yellow shade may not be everyone’s cup of tea, we simply loved her cosy opaques. Perfect for protecting pins from that chill in the air, thick chocolate tights look as delicious as they sound! A fan of Pippa’s look? Go for the Pamela Mann 50 Denier Tights in Chocolate. With a price that won’t hurt your purse, these look fab when worn under knee high boots and a flirty hemline. If the temperature is far too unfriendly for you, step up the warmth factor in the Pamela Mann 80 Denier Tights, for the same shade but a slightly thicker opaque.

And for those pattern fanatics? Whilst the rest of the world may be waiting for the latest addition to the Royal family, we’ve got our eyes firmly on the Princess’ choice of hosiery! Showing her appreciation for all things chocolate, Kate Middleton treated her pins to a pair of faux net tights. Pairing hers with a peachy pea coat and boots, we think she looked the picture of elegance. Add interest to your winter coat in these gorgeous Oroblu Loreline Tights. With a touch of Art Deco to them, your legs are sure to be the talking point.

If you want something for when the sun does decide to come out and play, sheer tights are just the ticket. The good news ladies, is that your favourite sheers come in the gorgeous brown shade too! Previously overlooked for their black & nude counterparts, this time round it’s all about the cocoa. With four gorgeous tones to choose from, we love the Levante Class Tights. From an espresso Mocca to a golden Hazlenut, there’s an option for any ensemble this spring. Be sure to inject a little colour into your outfit to keep things cheery, avoiding the temptation to match accessories.

Still not convinced to put down your black tights? Never fear! Although the Royals have failed to win you over, we still have a gorgeous range of black hosiery to keep those wardrobes happy…


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My Pick of Patterns!

Whilst the weather outside is becoming as reliable as a chocolate teapot, there’s only one thing I’ve got my eye on this week – new spring fashions. Never one to let a bit of snow deter me, I’m already dreaming of the fabulous hosiery that the sunnier & warmer season will bring with it.

For those avid readers of Laura’s Choice, it will come as no great surprise that I adore a bit of pattern, particularly of the colourful variety. Rather luckily for me, trends this season dictate that print is very much welcome, so I’m using this as the perfect excuse to get my hosiery drawer up to scratch.


First on my list – butterflies. It seems that this season, fashion has taken a rather holistic approach, paying homage to the glorious & great outdoors. With this comes the tribute to the beauty queen of the insect world, the butterfly. From a few to a full on rabble (I’ve done my research!), they’re perfect for adding a feminine touch to any ensemble. If you’re after a more demure style, go for the Trasparenze Belen Tights. As part of the SS13 range from the Italian brand, these sheer tights feature only a handful of the pretty little things, with a few hidden away on the brief. Styled with peep toes and a gorgeous chiffon skirt, even the most pattern-phobic amongst us will be converted!

For me, the cream of the crop has to be the Dream Tights from Jonathan Aston. Having selected them as one of my birthday favourites, I’ve been patiently waiting for the next batch of sunshine to appear so I can pull them on again. Adorning your pins from toe to brief with stitched butterflies, these tights add a fresh and fun feel to any outfit. Great for the office when teamed with a simple shift dress, you can also dress these versatile tights down at the weekend with a touch of denim.


Moving away from all things fluttery, the next pattern in my shopping basket has to be hearts. The last month has proved to us that the romantic motif is still going strong, as Burberry sent their models down the catwalk with gorgeous heart prints worth swooning over. Whilst the majority of us may not have their ready-to-wear collection at our disposable, we can still join in on the fun with the Pamela Mann Candy Hearts Tights. A near doppelgänger for the couture print, these opaques make a bold and beautiful statement that looks fab when paired with a trench (handy for those April showers) or for more fashion brownie points, a clashing animal print.

If you’re as dedicated to the sweet shapes as much as I am, seek heart print solace in the charming Celeste Stein Red Hearts Tights. Known as the ‘American Printcess’ to some, the brand are my go-to for quirky tights that will get those heads turning. By merging this season’s current obsession with all things white with dainty red hearts, these are a sure fire way to inject a playful, retro feel into your outfit and day.


And now for the last of my pattern trio – dots. And lots of them! Elegant, timeless and chic to name but a few, spotty tights have taken a permanent residence in my hosiery drawer for as long as I can remember. So versatile it sometimes borders on unbelievable, the celebrity following for the tights speaks volumes. But the pair of tights that has made me sit up and listen this week is the Bubbles Tights from Trasparenze.

Gorgeously charming, my favourite has to be the Multi colourway. Packed full of vibrant neon-pops, these will add a playful touch to even the most sombre of ensembles. I’ve always maintained that your legs should do the talking for you, and with these, you’ll never need to be the one to start the conversation!

So regardless of your pattern penchant or the temperamental weather outside (snow in March? Really?), make your print decisions now to stay ahead of the pack, keeping your wardrobe happy in the process.

Until next time…

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