Adele’s Spanx Secrets Revealed!

'The Late Show with David Letterman', New York, America - 30 Mar 2009Pop superstar Adele has confessed before to wearing not one, but two pairs of Spanx on the red carpet, and now her stylist has gone on record as saying that the star “always” wears the slimming shapewear to red carpet events.

We’re with you all the way, Adele – not that we don’t think women should be proud of their bodies, curvy or otherwise. But shapewear’s smoothing and sculpting powers mean that any lumps and bumps are disguised, giving you body confidence – plus they make you more aware of how you’re holding your body, so your posture improves and as a result you appear taller and slimmer.

It’s pretty well known that any celeb worth their salt layers Spanx under their outfit at events – we’re even seeing the rise of Spanx for Men as stars like Brian Dowling don the shapewear for guys that’s becoming increasingly popular (it’s even rumoured that even Brad Pitt wears it!). And more and more stars are coming out of the shapewear closet, admitting to fans, press and anyone who’ll listen that Spanx is their shapewear secret.

The few remaining stars that continue to try to hide their reliance on shapewear should be warned – it ain’t easy. Celebs are forever flashing their Spanx – Kristen Stewart, Eva Longoria and J-Lo are just three of the many famous faces that have given us a glimpse of their magic pants. The latest in a long, long, LONG line was The Help star Jessica Chastain, who last week flashed her Spanx at Cannes – but it wasn’t Spanx as we know it. In a vivid purple hue that perfectly matched her floor length gown, the bottoms of her shaping shorts were visible as she hitched up her dress to climb the stairs at the All Is Lost premiere. Talk about colour blocking!

We are obsessed with our Spanx and it seems the A List are too. The one and only thing we have in common with the rich and famous, we’re not giving ours up easily – and neither are they. Watch this space for more celeb Spanx reveals…


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