Because you can never have too much support…

There are some things in life it’s just not glamorous to talk about, but it’s much better if you do: enter support tightsNow before you run away with your ears covered, hear me out.  Support tights, it’s true, have long been seen as an old fashioned and frankly downright dowdy, but smart ladies everywhere are realising that support tights are in fact a revelation for those sitting or standing still for long periods in the day.

Support tights or stockings work by applying pressure to the leg to boost circulation.  Poor circulation can lead to a whole host of health problems and affect your hair and skin!  And just like shapewear, we predict it won’t be long until the once-unmentionable garment is declared as a miracle worker by celebrities everywhere.

For classic, traditional support, we suggest you take a look at the range of Elbeo support tights, which is a specialist support brand and does a range of stockings, tights and knee highs in a wide range of colours in deniers from 15 to 40.  These are a good everyday option or ideal for those wanting to try our support tights for the first time as they are great value.

However if you’re after something

a little more chic the Aristoc Bodytoners range is perfect.  Not only do they offer medium support for your legs, they have various control options to smooth and firm your silhouette, including briefs that curve your hips, lift your bottom and flatten your tummy!  This range is ideal for wearing to the office and will give your legs a flawless finish.

Or for something extra-special for a particular event or occasion, take a look at the Falke Active products.  Falke is a top quality German brand that is a genuine pleasure to wear, and luxury is pretty much guaranteed with their products.  The Active Support Tights come in 6 classic colours including skin tone shades and the range boasts a control top version as well as socks and hold ups too!

For more information on support tights, including how to know what support factors mean and a more in-depth explanation of how they work, take a look at our support hosiery advice.


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