Beyoncé Bans Tour Photos – But Her Pins Always Look Amazing

Beyonce_Glasto2Single Ladies singer Beyoncé has hit the headlines again over her attempt for total image control.  It seems the former Destiny’s child singer is insecure about certain pictures that have emerged, despite being the archetypal pin up girl for bootylicious body confidence.

She first hit the headlines back in February when her publicist was reported as asking website Buzzfeed to remove “unflattering” images of the stars Superbowl performance.  Now the singer has again courted controversy after the Daily Mail reported that she has banned all press photographers from her tour – except for her personal official photographer, who has allegedly been hired to capture her most flattering moments.

It’s hard to disagree when you see the released “approved” pictures.  Photographed in a variety of outfits on tour, the images all have one thing in common – a fabulous looking Beyoncé, with no awkward poses or deranged grimaces.  And as usual, the star is wearing her favourite fishnet tights throughout which make her legs look amazing.

Fishnets aren’t just a Beyoncé thing, though.  Loads of pop stars, including Rihanna and the Saturdays, wear them on tour.  Why?  Well firstly, they look amazing.  Until you try it you can’t fully understand, but a nude fishnet has such a flattering look on the leg, softening your silhouette and giving your skin a flawless appearance.  They also provide coverage and a little support for the leg but simultaneously let the skin breathe – ideal for dancers under hot stage lights but equally great for mere mortals in the summer months.

Not only that, but the mesh design means you can pin costumes to them easily to keep them in place without creating holes or ladders.  High quality fishnet hosiery is more durable than sheers too, with a lattice structure that is a lot tougher to snag or rip.  Make like Beyoncé and wear your nude fishnets all summer – and switch to raunchy black styles with seams, teamed with your favourite LBD, for a Chicago-inspired evening style.

Now all you need is your own photographer to ensure none of your unflattering photos end up on Facebook…



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