Black: The New Black

Now, as a tights devotee I spend half my life trying to convince you all to switch to bolder patterns and coloured tights, but there’s no denying that for an elegant look you can’t go wrong with classic black.  There’s a reason so many colours have tried (and failed) to be the “new” version of this colour that’s technically not even a colour, and so, in the interest of an inclusive blog designed for all, here are the best ways to wear black – even in the summer!

Black Sheer Tights

Sheer black tights should be part of every girl’s wardrobe – and not just for the office, either.  A sheer denier is perfect for switching too in the warmer months (whenever they finally arrive), and look much better than thick opaques under pencil skirts

or longer dresses as they don’t add bulk to your calves.  But of course thick black opaques are perfect with short skirts and shorts because you get a bit more coverage.  Black sheers will go with everything – go for classic plain sheers or maybe a fine seam up the back for a touch of subtle sexiness.

Black Patterned Tights

For the pattern-shy, starting with black designs can make even the craziest prints suddenly wearable.  Spots are the most elegant and demure option, but we also love bolder designs like the Pamela Mann Vertical Stripes Tights and the vast selection of animal print – in black, and as long as you temper the rest of your look, there’s no reason why patterned tights should look over the top or too much at all.

Black Fishnet Tights

I’ve been extolling the virtues of nude fishnets as a summery alternative to the wardrobe staple for ages, but there’s no denying that the classic black fishnet will never go out of style and it works best for an evening look.  Get pared down glamour for night with a simple (not too short) black dress and gold accessories.

So go back to black today – it’s slimming, elegant and will never clash – what’s not to love?


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