By Royal Appointment…

So we think we can say its official. Sheer toe tights have been given the royal seal of approval and aren’t we pleased here in the office! Our favourite member of the family (not including the Queen after that magnificent skydive for the Opening Cer

emony), the Duchess of Cambridge has shown the world what side of the fence she’s on when it comes to the toes of her tights.

During her recent Royal

Tour of the Far East and South Pacific, Kate Middleton reminded us how useful a sheer toe can be in times of impromptu heel removals. Now we don’t want to do a disservice to the humble reinforced toe, they provide a multitude of tight-saving moments. However, Kate has shown us how elegant and undetectable a sheer toe can truly be.

We’re pretty sure no-one would have flinched if she removed her heels to reveal a reinforced toe, but it is the little details that make your tights so essential for everyday situations, from the ordinary to the unexpected. Sheer toes only add to the illusion of flawless legs with undetectable coverage. The idea behind the sheer toe is that the denier and stitching on them does not differ from the rest of your tights. Made for those of you who adore peep-toes and strappy sandals, revealing unsightly seams or a difference in denier is no longer a worry.
To achieve the Royal look, we recommend our Falke Shelina Tights. A firm favourite in the office, the Shelina Tights come in 8 shades, one for every skin tone. With a slight sheen finish, the hosiery has been celebrated by women everywhere as it provides coverage so convincing and flawless. And of course, it comes with the newly notorious sheer toe.

As mentioned earlier, it’s important not to overlook the benefits of a reinforced toe at the bottom of your tights. Possibly unsightly when compared to other toes but what it lacks in looks, it makes up for in durability. The denier and weave alter from the rest of foot making it visibly thicker than the rest of the tights. The reinforcement can be hidden away under closed toe shoes and heel which is simply perfect for everyday wear. For those of us that won’t be attend any Royal affairs in the next few months, make the most of hardwearing tights with a pair of Pretty Polly Nylons Tights. Available in a 9 colours, there’s no excuse not to invest in a pair of them!

So whatever toe team you’re on, follow by Royal example and make sure you plan it right to gracefully deal with any impromptu shoe removals this Autumn.

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