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Guest Blog: The Fashion Marketing Guru


As the seasons change, so do hosiery trends, and Michele Duncan, Marketing Manager at INVISTA, the company that owns the LYCRA® fibre brand, takes us through the company’s predicted legwear trends for 2014 / 2015…

Here at INVISTA we love spending time researching fashion trends around the globe and as a result we’ve compiled a range of styles we believe we will be just as popular on the high street as they will be on the catwalk.

Also, we’re proud that the presence of LYCRA® fibre means that our legwear products are fashionable and ultra-comfortable – leaving us ladies to enjoy the day in style!


Beauty Lab

Using brave experiments to create contouring for constructive silhouettes, Beauty Lab is about concentrating on how to build a perfect body. Through the use of a minimalist palette to enhance silhouettes, this trend gives a hint of science by showing a touch of mathematics and robotics in the designs. This results in flattering legwear created by linear grids, dashed lines and highlighted body parts. Beauty lab trend leggings with LYCRA® fibre >>



Do the Twist

Do the Twist is all about making traditional and iconic patterns relevant for a new generation of legwear consumers by adding a playful twist and an element of surprise to ordinary legwear. Using popular patterns that are made to look as though they have been cut up and pasted back together again, this creates a series of geometrically composed hosiery items displaying surprising novelty in a monochrome palette. Do the Twist trend LYCRA® fibre leggings >>



Raw and Wild

Raw and Wild uses surfaces that are inspired by nature’s organic surfaces and wild animal skins using earth tones as the main palette. Reflecting a raw rusticity, this trend includes motifs that look as if they were touched by time and the elements, with legs matching rustic heathers and marls and tweeds that are on trend for the coming seasons. Raw and Wild trend MADE TO FIT YOU tights with LYCRA® SOFT COMFORT fibre >>




Montmartre is inspired by the belle-époque spirit of Toulouse Lautrec’s Montmartre. This trend alludes to the boudoir through the use of ribbons and lace and is complimented by the soft and silky texture. This trend creates a feeling of nostalgia and ensures that the hosiery looks sophisticated. Montmartre trend LYCRA® fibre tights >>




The Cabaret trend demonstrates ‘cancan’ looks that are pretty and lavish, reviving the spirit of music halls and chorus lines and celebrating the audacity of couture. Made up of a vibrant palette that allows legs to take the lead, parading the stages with frivolous details, extravagant ruffles and ruches, the contrast of jet black and lipstick red makes for passionate plains as well as seductive patterning. Cabaret trend LYCRA® 3D knee highs >>


Athletic Chic


As the name suggests, this is legwear for the fast-paced, athletic and chic woman who wants powerful design that is intended to be noticed.  This legwear shows racy geometrics, juxtaposed with sheers, daring slashes and open works. By using LYCRA® fibres to pair smooth translucency with mirrored foils, electric blues and cosmetic pales, smooth curves and bold colour blocks, these garments really stand out.


Creative Energy


Inspired by design experimentation, this trend entertains one-off patterning and playful creativity connected to cutting-edge technology. Its design inspiration comes from digital screens, glitches, grids and graphs with its rhythm and symmetries broken by wide angles and sharp facts.

LYCRA® is a trademark of INVISTA

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Review: Trasparenze Dora Wool Rib Over the Knee Socks

Reviewer Gisela ?trasparenze-dora-socks
Product Trasparenze Dora Wool Rib OTK Socks
Range Trasparenze
Colour Black
Size OneSize
Price ?8.00
Colour Comments (if applicable) Can’t go wrong with black – classic, failsafe and go with everything – but these also come in a muted brown and a rich wine shade if you’re looking for a little more interest!
Appearance comments Very classic, not too flashy.
Appearance Score 9/10
Feel comments Extremely soft, they really feel great on your legs.
Feel out of ten 10/10
Fit comments Like almost every over the knee sock, these do tend to slip down. If you’re moving around a lot in these socks, you’re going to have to pull them up from time to time. Good thing is they don’t usually slip down past the knee, like other over the knee socks that I have tried.
Fit out of ten 8/10
Value for Money Comments These socks are so warm and soft – they feel more expensive than they are! Definitely worth ?8
Value for Money out of ten 9/10
So, Does it Work? Keeps me warm, keeps me comfy, and doesn’t fall past the knee. Works for me!
General comments They come up a little higher than some other over the knee socks, which I really like. Keeps more of your legs warm and looks a little less “school girl-ish”
Any Tips or Care Instructions? Follow the instructions and make sure to handwash these delicate socks! It’ll keep them from getting any snags.
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Style File: Gisela

Student Gisela divulges her fashion secrets…

Name Gisela Gisela
Occupation Student
Describe your style in three words. quirky, colourful, flowery
Favourite High Street Stores? Brandy Melville, Levi’s, Miss Selfridge’s
Favourite Designers? Chanel, Acne
Most Coveted Item? An overall dress
Favourite Trend this season? Cut out boots!
Where do you get your fashion inspiration from? Indie fashion bloggers, and street style
Biggest fashion disaster? Uggs
Favourite item of clothing you own? Short-sleeve dress (I have the same one in two colours, that’s how much I love it!)
Who is your style icon? Lauren Conrad
If you could go back to any era to rock the trends of that time, what era would it be? 1940s, no question – pure elegance
What one wardrobe staple could you not live without? My combat boots – perfect for balancing girly looks and super comfy!


Shop the look: Pamela Mann Paris Skyline Suspender Tights, ?9.99





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Guest Blog: The PR Girl

Sidonie-portraitWe managed to persuade top PR girl Sidonie Goldman from Wolford to tell about a typical day in the Wolford PR office, and also to give us her top picks for the season ahead?

My day in the busy press office at WOLFORD

What I love about my job is that each day is different!? Here?s a snapshot of what is happening in our busy press office?

- 8.50am – Arrive at the office.? Take a look at all the press clippings and social medi

- 9.00am – Meeting with my team about the day?s tasks and weekly project

- 10.30am – Meeting with Marketing Director of the Canary Wharf Shopping Centre, where one of our stores is: establishing Social media strategy for Christmas and how we are going to optimise traffic in our boutiqu

- 12.30pm – Lunch meeting with blogger Alexandra Zagalsky from before lunch I took her to one of our boutiques to see the collection in its natural environment. We discussed different posts, imagery and possible competitions…

- 2pm – Back to the office – calling and emailing a few magazines to see if they need any Wolford tights for their forthcoming stories – catching up on emails and calls.

- 4pm ? Off out again to meet with a designer (can?t say which ? top secret!) to talk about their show during LFW in February and determine if I can help them with hosiery.

- 5pm – Back to the office again for yet more emails?

- 5.30 to 6pm – End of the day, I need to go home and have a glass of wine!

Take a look at my top picks for your hosiery drawer for SS14?


Velvet de Luxe 66?Tights
These are my all time favourite. They will take me from morning meeting to parties in the evening ? I just have to add a big necklace or cocktail ring for the evening, change my shoes from flats to Nicholas Kirkwood heels and it?s done!

Individual 10 Control Top?Tights
I really like nude tights, even in the summer. In France we are used to going out with a pair of tights on, it finishes the silhouette and gives you great body contour – plus they give your legs a beautiful and even tone.? I normally wear a pair with a barely visible reinforced toe, they last longer and are great with open toe shoes and sandals.

Trend: SS14 Bootlace Tights
I wore this pair in Black/Black for the press day and everybody commented on them. They are definitely a show stopper and will actually look good on all body shapes, you don’t have to wear a mini skirt. I wear it with pencil skirt and a nice pair of black simple high heeled shoes. Having said that, I love the whole SS14 collection of Wolford Fashion – it will definitely be very difficult to choose between all the amazing styles!

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Top Tips from the Experts: The Model

Sam Barnett, one of the most experienced hosiery models in the business, ?has given us her top tips and advice for navigating the world of hosiery. ?Needless to say, she was a mine of handy information…


I’ve been a hosiery model for 25 years and have worked for all the major hosiery brands, including Wolford, Jonathan Aston and Charnos- amongst many others! ?My time is divided between shoots for hosiery packaging and websites, hosiery fashion shows, presentations to buyers?and in store events. ?I’m constantly asked for tips and advice?so I’ve written?down some of my top tips?

1. Don’t be scared of patterns.

Ladies often tell me they don’t have the legs to wear?patterned tights, but if you choose a vertical pattern or a smaller uniform pattern it can actually?have a slimming and elongating?effect on the leg-?and going for black patterned tights?is a safer and very flattering option.??A plain tight with a pattern or stripe down the side will make the leg look slimmer (it has the same effect as an illusion dress but on the leg) and a plain tight with a pattern at the ankle will give the impression of slimmer ankles.

A great tip is to get the pattern to the same size all the way up the leg.? The pattern will naturally spread out above the knee towards the thigh so I always pull them out more from my toes to knees so that there is more fabric to play with at the thighs?and?I can make the pattern uniform?all the way up. ?This gives the illusion of a longer, slimmer leg.? I usually stretch my tights when I remove them?from their packaging, as that way you are not putting as much pressure on them when you?re putting them on. ?I hold them at either end and pull gently.

2. Opaques are a secret saviour.

I love opaque tights, they cover a multitude of sins when you have no time for shaving, tanning and faffing . Coloured opaques are a great way to wear a season?s colour trend without buying into a whole outfit.
I always pull the fabric out at the knees and let it ping back so that when you sit down you don’t have two white knees. ?Sometimes I’ll buy a size larger if I want more opacity.

3. Size DOES matter?

Speaking of sizing: in store I’m constantly asked about sizing?as the charts can cause confusion. ?My advice is to bear in mind the size of trousers you would buy and think of your height and weight, as tights have to stretch both ways with you.? Also, high end brands tend to be more generously sized- for example, I usually wear a size large, but in Wolford I wear a medium. ?If you are in between sizes, I would go up rather than down.

4. More Haste, less Speed

When I’m doing hosiery presentations to buyers, I have to get 40 pairs of patterned tights on and off as quickly?as possible and looking good (vertical patterns and back seams need to be in straight lines); and I often don’t have spares?so I have to be super fast and careful.? Sometimes I can put on a hundred pairs in a day.? I always hold the tights up in front of me as you would a pair of trousers to ensure the patterns are straight before I start to gather the tights from the waistband to toe (I always do right leg ?first, I find it easier).? As I gather them, I make sure I don’t twist them so that when I pull them on , they go on straight first time.

Sometimes a pattern can spread or wiggle on the thigh so I put my ?hand in the tights, palm facing thigh, and smooth them upwards pressing against the inside of the tights – this instantly straightens the patterns.? Turn rings inwards or ideally take them off (but don’t forget to put your diamonds back on – easily done in a hurry). ?Chipped nails and rough skin will also snag and ladder, I find clear nail varnish is still the best emergency ladder repair.? For horizontal snags, which are particularly noticeable on black tights, I remove them by holding?the fabric either side of the snag and pulling (you can do this when you’re wearing them or in the hand) – but don’t do this if there is a hole (even if it’s tiny) because it will quickly become a large hole.

5. SOS ? Save Our Sheers

When you’ve got your tights on, pull the fabric out at the toes a little, this way you are less likely to put your toe through the end as the day goes on.

6. My Favourites

I’m often asked about my favourite hosiery.? I’m very lucky to have been given some beautiful pieces over the years but for day to day, like any woman I have my ” go to” hosiery:

Opaques and leggings: they look good and are super practical.
Black lace hold-up stockings for a hot date.
A statement pattern tight – always gets noticed and a great talking point.
Sheer tights with tummy control for ?fat days?.
Black semi sheer tights- my favourite are the Wolford Neon 40 Tights, they are beautiful and hard wearing.
Knee high flight socks for long haul travelling.
Twinkly tights ? I can?t resist them for the evening with a little black dress, my favourite are black and covered in Swarovski crystals. I also love black lace tights for night time.

7. And how to get the pins?

Take the stairs. Look after those legs.

Happy Hosiery xx love Sam Barnett

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Top 10 Ways to Recycle Your Old Tights

Untitled-2In this era of credit crunches and frugality everyone is looking for ways to make their money go further and their things last longer.  Now we all know the golden rules of increasing your hosiery’s lifespan (washing in a hosiery bag on a cool wash or by hand, not putting in the tumble drier or on radiators and using hosiery gloves to avoid snags), but the sad fact of life is that there will be day when a snag or stain means you have to say goodbye to your favourite tights.

Our newest recruit Lottie (pictured) has been modelling our kids’ tights, but in between she’s come up with our top ten ways to recycle your hosiery – so now you can be a frugal fashionista!

Ways to use tights that are broken:

  1. If you have a bug jar instead of putting a hole in the lid get part of a pair of your broken tights and put it over the top of the jar.
  2. If you have a little bowl with food in and you want to keep flies from getting to the

    food then put part of the tights over the top with an elastic band their to hold it on.

  3. Put onions into one of the legs and hang them somewhere cool, to keep the onions nice and fresh.
  4. For some wrapping you can cut off one of the legs and wrap it around the present to keep it held together and maybe to give it a little decoration.
  5. You can use them with old paint to filter them to get all of the lumps out.
  6. If you need to tie something up then you can use a strip off the tights to tie it up.
  7. With the toe of the tights you can put crushed lavender in the end of the tights and put it in your wardrobe or your cupboard to make your clothes smell like lavender.
  8. A way to remove nail varnish is you put nail varnish into a container and put the tights into the container and then take out the tights and you can use the tights to remove the nail varnish.
  9. You can use the tights to clean surfaces or anything.
  10. If you drop something small on the floor then put the end of tights on the end of the vacuum and it will hover it up and it will stay in the tights.
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Guest Blog: How to update your LBD – Tamar Kendall

Tamar Kendall is a fashion stylist who specialises in hosiery, we catch up with her to get her top tips and style advise for the festive season…

“Let’s be honest ladies, top of our agendas this time of year is finding the perfect little black dress to wear to our Christmas works do, and the hottest outfit for New Year’s Eve. In recent years however, the quandary of ‘what to wear’ has become ever more difficult with the current financial climate. Maybe you can only afford one new dress, or maybe you’re even wearing your age old fail-safe LBD. Fear not, this is no fashion disaster! I can show you how to make your money really work for you – wearing the same outfit to every social engagement, yet channelling a totally different look each time, with hosiery…

Go Luxe

Christmas is the perfect time to go ‘Luxe’ with your look and these Jonathan Aston Taylor tights are just perfect for it. The 60 denier tights are made from metallic threads woven into an opulent pattern. The make-up artist on this shoot commented that the tights look like molten gold and I couldn’t agree with her more! Very extravagant!

Suspender Style

Suspender tights are without a doubt THE top choice for any fashionista worth her Blahnik’s. Worn by the likes of Rihanna, Jessie J and Kimberly Wyatt this hot hosiery trend is being papped everywhere on just about everyone. Designer Henry Holland teamed up with Pretty Polly and cunningly came up with a design so versatile it can be worn with just about anything. There are a few variations on the style but here I chose the Mock Fishnet Suspender Tights – subtle but undeniably sexy.

Brit Fever

It’s official. Brit fever is here to stay! We are still buzzing from the excitement of the royal wedding, and now the 2012 Olympics have the Union Jack pinned firmly to our hearts. Pamela Mann have the perfect offering for all Brit fans – these funky Union Jack tights. Sure to add fun to any outfit,  wear them for bringing in the New Year, or even when you’re watching the Queen’s speech…. hurrah for good old Blighty!

Lush Lace

Speaking of royalty the ‘Queen of Shops’ herself, Mary Portas, has teamed up with super brand Charnos and created a brilliant range of tights to suit all women. Some basic, and some beautifully patterned to encourage women to be bolder with their hosiery choices. One pair in particular – Opulent Backseam Lace tights -  is bang on trend right now.

Top tip: In this shot I got the model to wear a pair of Falke sheer tights underneath the lace tights. This works fantastically for covering up any blemishes or uneven skin tone that may put you off wearing tights of this style.

Black on Nude

A massive trend for next year is black print on nude. Pamela Mann have put their own quirky twist on the look and designed these cool tattoo tights. Not only are they fun, they are surprisingly versatile – giving your look a rock edge, or even a cool retro vibe with the old sailor style tattoos. Admittedly, you won’t be wearing these for seasons to come but if you want to add a truly unique element to your outfit these tights are certainly the way to do it.

Polka Dots & Diamonds

British brand Charnos have just celebrated their 75th anniversary and to mark the momentous occasion created a selection of stunning, luxury hosiery. I just adore this cute and sparkly Brigitte design which features polka dots and diamante’s – what more could a gal want?! The tights are fantastic in quality and will add a big injection of romance and old-school glamour into your outfit.

In this shoot, I have shown you how one outfit can be reworked 6 times using hosiery. However My Tights offer such a vast selection of affordable and luxury hosiery the possibilities are truly endless. So no matter what your budget, you wont have to endure a clothes crises this year!”

Stylist: Tamar Kendall, Photographer: Gavin Kemp, Model: Lucy Roberts, Make-up Artist: Kate Johns

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