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I’ve been fleeced! We roadtest all the fleecy styles and give our verdict…

I have a confession to make.  I know that, as someone that works at a tights company, I should be a firm advocate of bold colours and unusual designs – and I am.  On other people.  But in my hosiery drawer the shameful truth is revealed – I’m an addict of the plain black opaque.  I can’t help it: no matter how many times I dare to be different when it comes to legwear, I always end up back at the same place.  One of my colleagues recently referred to them as the “LBD of the hosiery world”, and I think they’ve got it spot on – it’s that timeless staple that goes with everything, always looks chic and never goes out of fashion.

Last year I was introduced to fleecy tights, and a whole new obsession was born.  Super thick, they give the unbeatable coverage I crave, with the extra magical warming properties.  Add into the equation a super soft lining that feels like you’re wrapped in a blanket all day long… what’s not to love?  Pretty Polly was the first product we stocked, and I relied on them to get me through last winter.  But now other brands have started to release their own versions, so I decided it was time to roadtest all the options and give you my professional opinion…

Pretty Polly Fleecy Tights

Yay: The originals and the thickest style of our collection.  These really do do what it says on the tin – I wore these to a fireworks display and (along with copious amount of mulled wine) they did the trick – I couldn’t even feel the wind or rain and my feet stayed toasty warm.

Nay: They’re super thick, which is great for warmth, but can look a bit chunky on your legs – you may want to avoid if you’re already a little self-conscious of your thighs and want to avoid any extra bulk.  The thickness also makes them the least elegant option, so they work better for day than evening.

My verdict: The perfect option for daytime wear, outdoor events, and snowy days.

Falke Warm Deluxe 80 Tights

Yay: Fleecy perfection without the bulk.  These 80 denier opaques use thermal properties to lock in the heat and have the same super soft lining as the other styles, but look like regular opaque tights on the leg, which makes them ideal for elegant evening wear.  They come in a range of gorgeous colours, too, if you’re that way inclined.

Nay: The price tag.  At £26, they’re not exactly purse friendly.  You do get what you pay for in terms of quality and longevity, but they might be a stretch for your pre payday bank balance.

My verdict: The luxury option – great for wearing in the evening.  If you can’t justify the price, why not put them on your Christmas list, instead?

Pamela Mann Fleecy Thermal Tights

Yay: Super warm and soft but not as thick as the Pretty Polly Tights, these are good if it’s not freezing cold or if you’re likely to end up in a heated office, because they’ll keep you cosy but still let your legs breathe a little.  Plus, they come with a purse friendly price tag.

Nay: Although the name says thermal, and they are incredibly warm, in actual fact these don’t technically have thermal properties.  So although they feel gorgeously soft, they won’t actually lock in extra heat like the other styles.

My verdict: Great if you want a finer fleecy but can’t quite stretch to the Falke version.

Pretty Polly Fleecy Footless

Yay: The footless version of the Pretty Polly Fleecy Tights (they come in knee highs too!), these have all the same great features – super thick, super soft and gorgeous to wear.  I’m not a huge fan of leggings, but I’ll be layering these under shorts when out running on frosty mornings.

Nay: I kind of don’t quite get why you wouldn’t want the fleecy loveliness to extend all the way to your toes, plus as with the tights, you may feel that they’re quite heavy on the leg.

My verdict: If you’re a lover of leggings, you’ll quickly fall for these – and they’re great for wearing with long jumpers or layering under trousers.

Psst! We also have a Charnos version due to hit shelves very soon – I’ll be back with my verdict on those as soon as they arrive, so watch this space…




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Tights to Get You Through the Winter

At last, the battle is over between warm weather and cold. The cold is here – and it is here to stay. With such a slow start to a colder autumn, we almost all forgot to stock up to prepare our legs for the upcoming winter months. Fear not, ladies, we have compiled the perfect guide of the tights you will need to keep your legs stylish and warm this winter.


1. The classic black opaques: These should have been a given. Every winter wardrobe needs to start off with the LBD of the tights world. These tights will go with virtually any outfit you wear. And, want to know a secret? They also can be layered under your trousers for those colder days as an added layer of protection! Why don’t you try out our Levante 50D Suede Matte Opaque Tights or any other black opaques?

2. The coloured opaques:You cannot be boring all winter and just wear black. Mix up your winter wardrobe easily by adding a splash with our coloured tights. Might we suggest the Falke Pure Matt 100D Tights? Coming in the perfect range of wintery colours, these mega-thick tights will ensure your legs are protected from the elements all season long!

3. The party tights: This winter you’ll be sure to go to your fair share of seasonal events. Don’t let your legs go bare or boring with the dress you purchased (or found in your closet last minute)! Glittery Tights would be the perfect accessory to make your legs stand out from the crowd. We suggest that if you want to go all-out sparkle, to check out these Pamela Mann Lurex Micronet Tights.

4. The Mega-Warm Tights: There will be those days this winter when just the thought of leaving your house will make your teeth chatter. Conquer those extra-cold days with a pair of extra-thick opaques. These Pretty Polly 200D Fleecy Tights will do that job just perfectly. With their mega-thick, fleece-lined design; these tights are hailed by many as the “only stylish way to get through the winter”.

5. The Cable Knit Tights: Want to mimic the cosiness of your favourite jumper on your legs? This is what cable knit tights are essentially for! Pair these with a simple t-shirt dress for an adorably warm outfit that with the right accessories, can also be worn to the office. For a classic jumper texture, check out these Trasparenze Trailer tights.


If you follow our advice, you will ensure that you are not left out in the cold this winter… and your legs will thank you! Don’t worry, warm weather will come back to us faster than you know. What is the one pair of tights that you cannot live without in the winter?


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Embrace Your Opaques: Why Bare Legs in Winter Are a No

Falke Soft Merino Wool Tights

Falke Soft Merino Wool Tights

After months of cutting back on the carbs and ensuring our pins are hair-free and beautifully moisturised, winter is finally here. At last – time to lean back, reach for the biscuit tin and embrace our opaque tights, right? Well, if the recent legwear choices of high-profile celebrities are anything to go by, wrong. It would seem that winter warming opaques and wool tights are out, in favour of natural bare legs, with The Daily Mail reporting that the likes of Victoria Beckham and Suki Waterhouse at the forefront of this, quite frankly, ludicrous trend. The MyTights team have been shaking their heads in disbelief ever since hearing rumours of this fad. Sure, bare legs are fine for A-list celebrities with a chauffeur on standby and the money to spend on daily trips to the beauty salon. But what about us normal folk who crave warm legs on our commute to the office? And why wouldn’t we want to take advantage of the wonderfully chic winter legwear on offer? To convince you all that wrapping up warm is the way to go, we’ve compiled a list of the most stylish thick and winter tights around!

  1. Falke Soft Merino Wool Tights – at their best teamed with denim shorts and a cable knit jumper, these stylish matte tights are available in a range of hot colours and have a 55% wool composition, for the toastiest pins around. So on-trend that Cara Delevigne was recently seen on the front cover of Harper’s Bazaar in a similar pair! Well, if I must…
  2. Oroblu Miracle Tights – cute plaid print meets winter warmer with these 80 denier fashion tights from Oroblu. Ideal for jumping on board to the heritage trend, opt for these if you’re looking for cosy and stand out hosiery to take you from day to play.
  3. Wolford Zip Tights adding new dimensions to the meaning of fashion statement, these Wolford tights are a revamp of the classic Wolford De Luxe 66, given a maximum impact makeover thanks to a stunning zip embellishment that runs from the ankle to mid thigh!

    Wolford Zip Tights

    Wolford Zip Tights


4. Falke Pure Shine 80 Tights elegant and glam, these high shine tights from Falke are great for achieving a stand out legwear look, while     ensuring you stay warm and cosy thanks to an 80 denier finish.

How’s that for fashion, huh?


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Lauras Choice: Control Top Tights

individual-10-soft-control-top caramel

Wolford Individual 10 Control Top Tights

Let’s face it – however much we strive to go to the gym and stock up on our salads, it’s not always easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially now the nights are drawing in. With the temptation to indulge in a hefty slice of cake ever present, wouldn’t it be great if our hosiery could give us a helping hand in achieving the streamlined silhouette we all dream of?  Control top tights are a great choice for those of you who crave gentle shaping support and a helping hand, while not wanting to opt for the highest levels of strengthening control, and most importantly, give up on our sweet treats! Not just content with taming our muffin tops, control top tights can also work to trim our thighs, smooth over our hips and lift our derrieres. Sounds good, right? Even better, there’s now a great deal of choice in which to choose from, and it’s entirely possible to own a pair of control top tights for every occasion, outfit or weather condition. To give you a push in the right direction, I have compiled my top picks, so everyone can find the perfect pair for them!

1.  Luxury

 Those of you who appreciate the finer things in life will love the Wolford Individual 10 Control Top Tights, ideal for giving your pins a flawless smooth finish and high-end legwear look. I particularly love the luxuriously soft feel against your leg! Similarly, the Falke Active Shaping Support 20 Tights will also leave your legs looking wonderfully chic, and at the same time will work to slim your figure. These also come with the added advantage of improving blood circulation, so as well as looking great, you’ll have a real spring in your step, too. Two birds with one stone!

2.  On a budget

 With all the choice on offer at MyTights, control top tights really needn’t cost a fortune! A top recommendation for bargain hunters are the Charnos Killer Figure Sheer Control Tights. Scoring top marks for versatility, these 15 denier tights work to lift your rear, flatten your tummy and tone your thighs. They also come with a slight sheen finish, which creates the illusion of a more expensive product! Another great value product that our customers love are the Aristoc Ultra Shine Control Top Tights. Typically Aristoc, these ooze quality, and come with a glamorous glossy finish, so they’re a fantastic, purse-friendly choice if you want to suck in your lumps and bumps for a formal occasion.

Aristoc Ultra Shine Control Top Tights

Aristoc Ultra Shine Control Top Tights


3.  Everyday Opaques

 Despite the strides that hosiery companies have made, control top opaques still aren’t particularly plentiful. However, always wanting to fulfil our customers’ needs, MyTights have sourced the very best on the market, and good news – there really is something for every budget. One of our bestsellers, the Aristoc Bodytoners Opaque Toner Tights are absolutely perfect for the office, with their 40 denier composition and flattering matte finish. Even better, they won’t break the bank! Or if you’re looking for something slightly more luxurious, the Calvin Klein Ultra Fit 50D Shaper Tights may be just the ticket, with a sumptuously soft microfibre yarn. Those who are particularly insecure about their midriff region should also have a look at the Calvin Klein Ultra Fit 80D High Waisted Shaper Tights, which use shaping control in the waist panels (ending just beneath the bra line) to diminish any sign of a muffin top, so feel free to banish that wretched sports bag!

4. Fashion-forward

No need to sacrifice your style credentials for a streamlined figure, either! Pretty Polly in particular are brilliant at churning out control top tights capable of making a real style statement.  To channel the geometric trend, I love the Pretty Polly Diamond Bodyshaper Tights, which are ideal for adding interest to an otherwise plain outfit – the matte finish means these would also work for the workplace. Equally as chic are the Pretty Polly Shape It Up Suspender Tights, which are a real marriage between functionality and style with their mock-stockings design. Great for achieving a sultry legwear look, these also come with a medium level of control, so they’re a fab all rounder.

Pretty Polly Shape It Up Suspender Tights

Pretty Polly Shape It Up Suspender Tights

 5.  Bum-lifting

While control top tights are super-effective at flattening your figure, this can occasionally have an adverse effect – flattening your derriere!  To avoid this, some hosiery brands have created control top tights that actually work to create a pert and perfectly rounded rear. At one end of the price point, the Pretty Polly Shape It Up My Rear Rocks Shaper Tights have placed ingenious pockets on the bottom of the control brief, which create the illusion of a lifted bum, while appearing just like traditional sheer tights to the outside world. What a winner! Or for all out booty-boosting power, look no further than the Spanx Bootyful Tight End Tights. These use zoned compression, which tightens and releases in all the right places to create an uplifted booty, while still giving your legs a chic look with a classic 70 denier finish. Kim Kardashian who?!


Until next week…



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Snug As A Bug: How To Wear Wool Tights

Falke Soft Merino Wool Tights

Falke Soft Merino Wool Tights

Like her or loathe her, there’s no denying that supermodel Cara Delevingne has a huge influence on the fashion world. Rarely a day goes by when the supermodel isn’t making the headlines, and with media interest like that, it’s no surprise that brands and publications alike are fighting over the current fashion darling. Last month saw Cara gracing the cover page of W Magazine looking typically stunning, wearing a black velvet dress and chic white wool tights. We love wool hosiery here at MyTights, and it may only be October, but her legwear made us feel (and we say this begrudgingly) kind of Christmassy.

No longer considered outdated or frumpy, wool tights are a fashion forward and practical option, and if Cara’s wearing them, you don’t need us to tell you that they’re everywhere this autumn/winter! With colder temperatures set to hit in the coming weeks, wool tights will keep your pins fashionably snug, and often blended with cashmere, merino wool and angora, luxuriously soft to boot. Here are some top tips to get it right:

  • Wool tights come in a plain knit or with a ribbed texture – opt for a plain knit if the rest of your outfit is quite busy, but if your outfit is fairly plain, a ribbed finish is great for adding texture and interest to your look!
  • For an effortless daytime look that will work time and time again, team with a pair of simple denim shorts and a knitted jumper.
  • Or if you love the warmth of wool but need inspiration on how to dress them up, team with a loose fitting tunic, thin waist belt, heeled ankle boots and lashings of jewellery!

If you’re after a pair of practical wool tights to wear to the office, we recommend the Falke Soft Merino Wool Tights, which are available in a variety of autumnal colours. Perfect for keeping your legs cosy on the early morning commute, they’re also made from 55% wool, so comfort is top of the bill here. For something textured to add some interest to a plain outfit, the Levante Wool Rib Tights are just the ticket, and they come with the added benefit of being incredibly affordable. Luxury seekers will also love the Wolford Merino Tights, typically Wolford with their generous waistband for maximum comfort.

If nothing here is taking your fancy, why not have a look at our entire range of wool tights, instead?

Whatever you choose, you’ll be fit for a winter wonderland!


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Wrap Up Warm à la Taylor Swift: Our Favourite Opaque Tights

With the launch of her hotly-anticipated new album 1989, and current single Shake It Off firmly stuck in our heads, it’s fair to say singing sensation Taylor Swift is the popstar of the moment right now. Not just capable of producing perfectly coiffed pop songs, Taylor is also something of a style icon, continually stepping out in chic ensembles and leaving us all with a hefty dose of wardrobe envy. This week, she was seen rehearsing for a performance on Good Morning America, wearing a tweed coat, suede ankle boots and super-stylish black mega-opaque tights. With chilly November now upon us, the MyTights team have also been pulling on our opaque tights to give our pins a little bit of added warmth on the early morning commute. With all of the choice available on MyTights, we thought it would be helpful to provide you with a guide a getting opaques right, and giving you some advice about finding the right pair for each occasion, wardrobe or budget.

On a budget

Pamela Mann 50 Denier Tights

Pamela Mann 50 Denier Tights

Looking for trusty opaques to wear on an everyday basis, but want to remain on good terms with your bank manager? The Pretty Polly 40D Opaque Tights are a fantastic choice, giving your legs even coverage and warmth for just £2 a pair. Equally as great value are the Jonathan Aston 40D Opaque Tights and the Pamela Mann 50 Denier Tights, both of which are available in a multitude of colours, ranging from classic black to daffodil yellow!  Affordable style – how about that?!

Luxury seekers

Ideal for those of you wanting to treat yourself this winter, the Falke Cotton Touch Tights have been made with a sumptuous cotton rich mix for a super cosy and soft feel – we guarantee you won’t want to take these off! Another luxurious option are the Wolford Fatal 50 Seamless Tights, made without seams for a high-end look – perfect underneath clingy outfits.

Wonderfully warm

Blended with cashmere, the Aristoc Cashmere Blend 100D Tights are ideal if you’re looking for classic styling and ultimate warmth. Those who like to experiment with style will also love the Trasparenze Gennifer Merino Wool Tights, which are available in an excellent variety of on-trend hues! Snug and stylish, these are the perfect antidote to January blues.

Fashion forward

Oroblu Miracle Tights

Oroblu Miracle Tights

For an extra special event, the MyTights team love the Falke Pure Shine 80, with come with a maximum impact high shine finish, ideal for channelling your inner glamazon and achieving a stand out legwear look. Those with a penchant for pattern will also love the Oroblu Miracle Tights, which come with a cute plaid pattern and 80 denier finish. A favourite of MyTights founder Laura!

Before you go, ensure you have a look at all of our opaque tights!


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Spooky and Stylish: A Guide to Halloween Hosiery

It only seems like last week that we were applying after sun to our sunburnt shoulders, but believe it or not, we’re nearing November. As October comes to an end, there’s one date in the social calendar that always stands out for us here at MyTights…Halloween!

Regardless of how old we get, it’s always fun to stock up on the fake blood, fangs and broomsticks and dress up, isn’t it? With your Halloween soiree in mind, our hosiery experts at MyTights have created the ultimate list of spook-tacular hosiery to add the perfect finishing touch to your fancy dress costume. Hold on to your hats!

  1. Jonathan Aston Sweet Roses Lace Tights: A great one if you still want to retain a stylish and chic edge in your fancy dress attire, these sumptuous lace tights are both feminine and vampy. Team with a wet look skater skirt and corseted top –frightfully fashionable!

    Jonathan Aston Sweet Roses Lace Tights

    Jonathan Aston Sweet Roses Lace Tights

  2. Pamela Mann Bones Leggings: Gorgeously gothic, these Pamela Mann leggings feature a bold skeleton bone pattern that’s just ideal for the Halloween season. What’s more, they’re also completely versatile and give your pins perfect coverage, so feel free to mix and match with the rest of your costume.
  3. Pamela Mann Twicker Tights: Giving your Halloween attire a splash of colour, these opaque tights have a colourful horizontal striped pattern for maximum impact! Team with an LBD and backcombed hair and voila…you’re ready to paint the town red (literally!)
  4. Pamela Mann Cobweb Pattern Tights: Spin a terrifying web with these cobweb inspired tights from Pamela Mann. We think these will look great teamed with black denim shorts and heeled ankle boots. You creative folk may also want to wear over the top of your colourful opaques for a customised look this October 31st!
  5. Pamela Mann Bat Over The Knee Tights: You’ll be batting away the compliments in these eerie over the knee tights with bat motifs! For the ultimate Halloween look, team with a leather-look skater dress. The more eye make up the better!

Alternatively, why not have a look at our entire range of Halloween hosiery, instead?

We’ll see you at the cauldron!


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Have You Ever Considered Suspender Belts? Maybe You Should…

seduction setTypically associated with being uncomfortable and slightly risqué, suspender belts are enjoying something of a sartorial comeback this season. And it’s not just petite, twenty-something’s who are opting to ditch their traditional undies in exchange for sexy suspender belts, either! With some careful consideration about what works for your style and body shape, suspender belts really can work for everyone.

Here at MyTights, we love the glamorous and flirty look that suspender belts can offer. Equally perfect for a special occasion as for everyday wear, they’re also now incredibly easy to wear, thanks to streamlined design and simple contraptions that make wearing stockings a simple and stress-free process.  All you need to do is clip your stockings of choice to the belt and well…that’s it! Your stockings will stay firmly in place all day long. Simple, huh?

To make your lives that little bit easier, our hosiery experts have created the ultimate guide to wearing suspender belts, giving you the very best the market has to offer, and how each one could work for you.

Here’s our top picks:

What Katie Did Harlow Suspender Belt – Vintage Peach, £31


A must for those with tummy insecurities, this vintage inspired suspender belt comes with a powermesh panel that will work to suck in your tummy, and leave you brimming with confidence. There’s also six metal tipped suspender clips for maximum security, so you’ll have complete peace of mind, too!

Jonathan Aston Suspender Belt – Fuschia, Violet, Black, £9.95

Great if you love the retro edge that suspender belts offer, but want something a little more affordable, this pretty suspender belt from Jonathan Aston is decorated with cute bows, for a feminine twist. This is also a great choice if you’re a little wary about wearing suspender belts, being lightweight and particularly discreet when compared to others!

What Katie Did Maitresse Narrow Suspender Belt – Black, £31

The easiest from our selection to wear over underwear, this elegant suspender belt from What Katie Did is perfect if you want to add a subtle retro feel to your overall look. Also coming with a powermesh panel, the belt measures only 3.5cm in width, so this will allow you complete versatility in terms of underwear choice. Anything goes!

Beautifully glamorous, and actually extremely useful. Bet you didn’t think you’d be considering suspender belts, did you?

These styles for you? Why not browse our entire range of suspender belts? You might also want to stock up on stockings, while you’re at it, too.


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From the Office to the Dancefoor – Tights That Will Look Great All Day Long

Here at, we know the importance of hosiery that will work from day to night. There is simply nothing worse than being invited for after work drinks in a swanky bar and realising you’re wearing your dullest black opaques. At the same time, rocking up to an important boardroom meeting in your wet look, embellished pair of fashion tights probably wouldn’t go down too well with your superiors. One option is to carry a spare pair in your bag, but let’s be honest; none of us want to be hopping into a pair of tights in a public toilet, do we? With you social butterflies in mind, our hosiery experts at have compiled the ultimate in day to night hosiery. That’s right, your fashion faux pas’ will be a thing of the past – these tights are perfect for any occasion imaginable!


Falke Seidenglatt 70 Tights

Falke Seidenglatt 70 Tights

1. Falke Seidenglatt 70 Tights These opaques from quality German brand Falke really are the best of both worlds. Luxuriously soft and cosy owing to their thick 70 denier finish, these tights will ensure your pins are protected from the elements on your early morning commute. What’s more, they also come with a shiny finish that will ensure a glam look should you be invited for an impromptu dinner date. Made without a visible brief, you can wear any length of hemline you wish, so if you do fancy slipping into something a little shorter for your evening event, you can do so with confidence. With versatility like that, it’s no surprise that these are one of our bestsellers!

2. Wolford Alyssia Tights if you’re the type of person who likes to make a fashion statement, look no further than these opaque fashion tights from deluxe hosiery brand Wolford.  Made up of equally spaced tiny holes, these allow you to show a subtle hint of leg that’s perfect for injecting a flirty edge to your outfit whilst still remaining entirely office-appropriate, so these are a great finishing touch to a polished office look! Voila.

3. Aristoc Ultra Shine 10D Tights – one for the warmer days, these elegant sheer tights from British brand Aristoc are pretty much the bread and butter of a hosiery drawer. Timelessly classic, they come with a shiny finish that will reflect the light beautifully and give your pins a stunning even coverage. What’s especially great about these is their versatility – equally stylish with a LBD and pair of statement heels as they are with a pencil skirt, blouse and court shoes, these are the ideal sheers to carry you through from day to night!

Charnos Run Resist Control Top Tights

Charnos Run Resist Control Top Tights

4. Charnos Run Resist Control Top Tights – picture the scene: you get asked on a hot date after work, run into the bathroom to freshen up, look down and find an almighty snag in your tights! Well, with these ingenious tights from Charnos, mishaps like that will be a thing of the past, owing to cutting edge ladder resist technology which means unsightly ladders and snags are prevented. Complete peace of mind throughout the day! These tights also come with a control top feature, so as well as your pins looking great, your tum and bum will be shaped – the hardest working tights around!

 5. Aristoc 120 Denier Cotton Sheen Tights – a real winter warmer, these luxurious opaques from Aristoc have the rare combination of practicality and chic appeal. With their elegant sheen finish and even appearance, these will be beautifully flattering from day to play!  Even better, the 120 denier finish will ensure your pins are toasty and comfortable no matter where you are.



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The Classic Black Opaque: A New Hosiery Hero?

After a teeth-chattering decade on the fashion scrapheap, the style gods have decided to welcome back an old friend this Autumn/Winter. That’s right – Hedi Slimane’s recent collection for Saint Laurent featured every woman’s hosiery BFF – black opaques!

For years, the trusty black opaque, with all its added warmth and versatility, has played second fiddle to bare leg looks. And it’s hardly surprising – a natural bare leg look is the epitome of elegance and chic. But unlike catwalk models and A-List celebs, we normal folk don’t tend to have a driver chauffeuring us from door to door. Ask yourself – when was the last time you saw the likes of Kate Middleton and Alexa Chung waiting at a bus stop with a bag of chips?

However, it appears that things might be changing. The fact that a fashion house with as much power and influence as Saint Laurent has incorporated black opaques into their AW14 look is undoubtedly a huge step in the right direction. With this in mind, and always wanting to leave you one step ahead of the fashion pack, has created a handy guide to getting black opaques right!

The key with black opaques is to eradicate any associations of them being the sartorial choice of school matrons. First and foremost, we advise against wearing opaques with any midi or longline skirt lengths – it’s simply unflattering (if you want a bit of coverage for a longer length skirt, it’ll look much better if you plump for a chic pair of semi opaque tights instead). For a great, risk-free look, team with a shorter skirt or pair of shorts – perfect for pretty much any occasion! Another advantage of black opaques is that they go with just about anything, so feel free to experiment with colours, textures and patterns. Dress down for those harsh winter days with a wool dress, faux fur coat and ankle boots. Or for a glamorous evening look, you can’t go wrong with your favourite LBD, heels and lashings of jewellery! What’s more, if you can’t bear to part with your summer sandals, make like Saint Laurent, who showed  black opaques with a pair of strappy sandals for a quirky and fashion-forward look.

The days of banishing black opaques to the bottom of your hosiery drawer are well and truly over. So wear yours with pride this autumn/winter! Your legs will be eternally grateful once January comes around…

Here are 5 of the best:

  1. Pretty Polly 40D Opaque Tights – helping to bridge the tricky weather between summer and autumn, these nylon tights will leave                your pins feeling super soft and bestof all, are completely affordable!

    Pretty Polly 40D Opaque Tights

    Pretty Polly 40D Opaque Tights

  2. Pamela Mann 50 Denier Tights – perfect for everyday wear, these will provide you with enough warmth for those chilly autumn mornings without being too heavy on the leg. Plus they’re super soft and have an elegant slight sheen finish. Ta da –  a polished look perfect for the office.
  3. Andrea Bucci Lycra ® Fusion Fibre Opaque Tights - these can only be described as hosiery superheroes! Not only are these perfect for day to day wear, they’re also made with cutting edge run resist technology – no more ladders!
  4. Aristoc 120 Denier Cotton Sheen Tights – versatile enough to wear everyday or for a night in town, these elegant tights from British brand Aristoc are the ideal addition to your hosiery drawer. Luxuriously warm, they also have a slight sheen finish which will catch the light beautifully!
  5. Wolford Satin De Luxe Tights – the ultimate in elegance and glam, these opaques from Wolford come with a wet look finish and fashion-forward backseam. A real must have for those who appreciate the finer things in life…


11415_ 0145

Wolford Satin de Luxe Tights