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Laura’s Choice: Christmas Gift Guide

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me… 12 pairs of sheers, 11 pairs of bedsocks, 10 thermal tights – I think you get the drift, it’s officially Christmas! While we can look all look forward to some time off work and a mince pie or five, the festive period does also mean the dreaded Christmas shopping rears its ugly head. It’s not always easy to know what to buy for your loved ones, and let’s face it, there’s nothing remotely enjoyable about wading through thousands of bargain-hunting shoppers on a freezing cold high street, is there? With this in mind, I’ve compiled my list of top gifts for the Christmas season. So whether you’re looking for inexpensive stocking fillers or something to really spoil your nearest and dearest, you’ll find some inspiration here…

Stocking fillers – budget-friendly

For gifts under £10 to fill up stockings or as an inexpensive treat for your Secret Santa, my absolute favourites are the Pretty Polly 200D Opaque Tights. Consistently amongst our bestsellers, these black opaque tights are lined with a cosy brushed fleece, ensuring your legs remain toasty in even the chilliest of weather, all the while helping you on your way to a classic legwear look that will work for almost any occasion. What’s more, at just £9.95 a pair, you’ll have change left over to get a pair for every lady in your life – girlfriends, mums, daughters, they’ll all love them! Perfect for the festivities, another great choice is the Pamela Mann Fairisle Printed Tights, complete with a Christmas inspired fairisle print for a chic alternative to winter-warming opaques. And with a new pair of fashion tights in their collection, your loved ones simply can’t go without the ingenious Stoxbox, solving that age old problem of rummaging through your hosiery drawer for a particular pair of patterned tights at 6:30am. All you need to do is insert the box into the leg of your tights and wrap the tights into the hollow back, leaving you with a efficiently presented hosiery drawer and time to have a cup of tea!

Gifts for her

Now, I don’t usually get so excited about a new product, but I’m a huge fan of the Falke Warm Deluxe Tights, so much so that I’ve ordered a pair for all of my girlfriends! Chic, versatile and snug as a bug, these 80 denier tights are made with soft plush loops, conserving heat and proving the ideal antidote to January temperatures.  All the warmth of thermal tights with none of the bulk, they’re also available in 7 on-trend colours, so there really is a pair to suit every personality and style. If you’re in the market for something luxurious to truly spoil the ladies in your life, you simply can’t go wrong with anything from Wolford. The pick of the bunch for me are the Wolford Velvet de Luxe 66, which have an opulent velvety texture and a superior fit; the kind of tights you just have to try to appreciate how special they really are. Or if she’s partial to a little bit of sparkle, treat her to the Trasparenze Vlinder Tights, which have a subtle glittery fleck that’s great for jazzing up a wardrobe classic. Thinking ahead, they’re also perfect for New Year’s Eve parties!

Ideal for mums, and making getting out of bed even more difficult, the Falke Bedsocks are made from ethically sourced Angora for a sumptuously soft feel and an instant warming effect. Similarly snug, the Pantharella Tabitha Anklet has been designed with hand linked seams and using top quality cashmere for incredibly toasty feet. Even better, you’re also able to choose from 8 stylish colours, all of which benefit from a chic ribbed design, so it really is the perfect marriage between style and functionality. Carrying on with the winter warming theme, and brilliant for lounging around the house watching Christmas movies, the Falke Cuddle Pads make for a fantastic gift, with their virgin wool blend, anti-slip sole and stylish presentation box complete with mock bow detail. Everybody loves a comforting slipper sock, don’t they?

If you’re really in a conundrum as to what to buy somebody, play it safe and opt for one of our wonderful Happy Socks gift boxes. A guaranteed hit, they also arrive in a beautiful presentation box, saving you the job of wrapping and adding to the wacky theme! My personal favourite is the Happy Socks Women’s Socks Gift Box, featuring four pairs of fantastically fun and comfortable mid-calf socks and a multitude of on-trend patterns. It’s also great value for money at just £20, so it’s the ideal way to put you in the good books without breaking the bank!

Gifts for him

Good news if you’re a fan of the Happy Socks Women’s Socks Gift Box – it’s also available for men, and men can never have enough socks, right?! Speaking of socks, you won’t find any brimming with as much quality as the Falke Airport Short Men’s Sock, made from 60% wool for a classic legwear look. They’re also available in ten colours – why not buy a few so they have a pair for every occasion? Or for something a little different, the Happy Socks Men’s Boxers and Socks Gift Box features both a pair of polkadot combed cotton socks and matching boxer shorts should you want to treat him to something a little more versatile.

There we have it – Christmas shopping made easy.  All without leaving the comfort of your front room.

If you’re still stuck for idea, be sure to check out our entire range of Christmas gifts before you leave.

Until next time…


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Review: Jonathan Aston 40D Opaque Tights

Reviewer Emma  40-den-tights
Product Jonathan Aston 40D Opaque Tights
Range N/A
Colour Aubergine
Size One size (I’m a size 10 in trousers)
Price £6.00
Colour Comments (if applicable) N/A
Appearance comments I love the shiny look of these tights. The Aubergine shade is very subtle, suitable for any office.
Appearance Score 9/10
Feel comments These tights feel so smooth to the touch. When you put them on they feel very strong. The reinforced brief and toe also give reassurance.
Feel out of ten 10/10
Fit comments They honestly fit perfectly, there’s no clumping around the legs, like you can sometimes get when the tights are too long. Equally, the brief is under no strain which can happen when the tights are too small.
Fit out of ten 9/10
Value for Money Comments These tights provide great value for money. They look great and feel very durable.
Value for Money out of ten 10/10
So, Does it Work?  N/A
General comments Slight sheen semi-opaques in a subtle yet interesting shade.
Any Tips or Care Instructions? It’s best to wash these tights in a hosiery bag. This protects the tights from any embellishments on your clothes and also they won’t tangle up with your other clothes. If you don’t have a hosiery bag then washing them by hand with a soap and warm water is fine.

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Review: Pamela Mann Fishnet Tights

Reviewer Emma  pamela-mann-fishnets
Product Pamela Mann Fishnet Tights
Range N/A
Colour Chocolate
Size One size (I’m a size 10 in trousers)
Price £5.00
Colour Comments (if applicable) N/A
Appearance comments They look very small when you first put them on, but the material is extremely stretchy. You just have to keep pulling (carefully!)
Appearance Score 9/10
Feel comments The textured structure of these net tights feels great to the touch. Considering that I had to wriggle into them, I’m impressed that even after my evening chocolate binge, the flat waistband still felt really comfortable. Clearly these tights won’t give you as much protection from the elements as fleecy opaqees, but they still felt pretty warm even though I wore them on a very cold winter’s day.
Feel out of ten 10/10
Fit comments The tights were a touch on the small side but net tights do allow for more flexibility so it wasn’t a problem.
Fit out of ten 7/10
Value for Money Comments As with many nets, these fishnets are strong enough to wear again and again so you’ll definitely get a lot of wear out of them.
Value for Money out of ten 8/10
So, Does it Work? N/A
General comments Good value fishnets available in a wide range of colours.
Any Tips or Care Instructions? N/A

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Review: Charnos Honeycomb Tights

Reviewer Emma  EmmaCharnosHoneycomb
Product Charnos Honeycomb Tights
Range N/A
Colour Black
Size S/M (I’m a size 10 in trousers)
Price £6.00
Colour Comments (if applicable) N/A
Appearance comments An intriguing alternative to Fishnets. The appearance will depend slightly on dress size. The honeycomb effect will be clearer for curvier ladies, whereas, if you’re slim the look is more subtle.
Appearance Score  9/10
Feel comments The textured structure of these patterned tights feels great to the touch. Considering that I bought a size too small, I’m impressed that even after my evening chocolate binge, the flat waistband still felt really comfortable. Clearly these sheers won’t give you as much protection from the elements as fleecy opaqees, but they still felt pretty warm even though I wore them on a very cold winter’s day.
Feel out of ten 10
Fit comments  I plumped for a S/M because my dress size is 8. However, the tights felt a bit small because I usually take a 10 in trousers/shorts. If you are borderline between 2 sizes (like me) then l would advise choosing the larger size. The boxer brief felt quite tight but this would be solved by getting the larger size.
Fit out of ten 7/10
Value for Money Comments At £6 these tights provide very good value for money for such a lovely design. l am extremely happy with my purchase and keen to try out new Charnos products.
Value for Money out of ten 10
So, Does it Work? N/A
General comments A subtle and sexy take on the classic fishnets look.
Any Tips or Care Instructions? Again go for a bigger size if in doubt. With regards to washing, a machine wash should be fine for these tights if you do not have time to wash your tights by hand, though we alwayd recommend using a hosiery bag.

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Review: Trasparenze Dora Wool Rib Over the Knee Socks

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Reviewer Gisela ?trasparenze-dora-socks
Product Trasparenze Dora Wool Rib OTK Socks
Range Trasparenze
Colour Black
Size OneSize
Price ?8.00
Colour Comments (if applicable) Can’t go wrong with black – classic, failsafe and go with everything – but these also come in a muted brown and a rich wine shade if you’re looking for a little more interest!
Appearance comments Very classic, not too flashy.
Appearance Score 9/10
Feel comments Extremely soft, they really feel great on your legs.
Feel out of ten 10/10
Fit comments Like almost every over the knee sock, these do tend to slip down. If you’re moving around a lot in these socks, you’re going to have to pull them up from time to time. Good thing is they don’t usually slip down past the knee, like other over the knee socks that I have tried.
Fit out of ten 8/10
Value for Money Comments These socks are so warm and soft – they feel more expensive than they are! Definitely worth ?8
Value for Money out of ten 9/10
So, Does it Work? Keeps me warm, keeps me comfy, and doesn’t fall past the knee. Works for me!
General comments They come up a little higher than some other over the knee socks, which I really like. Keeps more of your legs warm and looks a little less “school girl-ish”
Any Tips or Care Instructions? Follow the instructions and make sure to handwash these delicate socks! It’ll keep them from getting any snags.

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Review: Spanx Higher Power Brief

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Hannah ?higher-power-brief


Spanx Higher Power Brief


Spanx Higher Power




B (I’m a dress size 10)



Colour Comments (if applicable)

A pretty classic nude shade that didn’t show up underneath my sheer blouse!

Appearance comments

At first sight, this looks pretty scary – tiny when you first take it out of the pack, I wondered how I was even going to fit one leg in, leg along a bum and pair of hips too!? But the different sections ressured me that this was a product tailored to fit a real person’s body,? The fabric is functional rather than beautiful – if you’re after shapewear that’s a little sexier I’d try the Spanx Slimplicity range which is a bit more glamorous to the eye, or opt for a black shade instead.

Appearance Score


Feel comments

As outlined above, the name of the game here is function, so when it comes to the fabric don’t expect anything too fancy.? Perfectly comfortable, though, and with a cotton gusset and cotton brief it’s soft enough to keep me happy.

Feel out of ten


Fit comments

Be warned – this shaper looks tiny when you take it out of the pack and it does take some wriggling to get into (particularly over the hips and derriere).? Once on, though, I found it to be comfortable and I soon stopped noticing it.? Yes, it does feel constricting at first, but that’s just the strong shaping support working its magic.? If you really feel it’s too tight, chances are you may need to go up a size, but I found that size B was perfect and correct as per the product’s size guide.

Fit out of ten


Value for Money Comments

At just over ?30, this is relatively cheap shapewear.? Yes, you will find slightly cheaper on the market, but I find this to be the best quality and most effective product in this price range.? When you consider how many times you’ll wear it (and what you’d spend on a dress you only wear a handful of times) it’s actually a complete bargain!

Value for Money out of ten


So, Does it Work?

Shapewear is not a miracle worker – if you’re a size 14 it’s not going to make you a size 8.? But this strong control shaper will give you a smooth silhouette under tight clothing, eliminating lumps, bumps and unsightly bulges, and it definitely flattened my tummy. Plus I found when I was wearing it I became more aware of my posture, sitting up straighter and walking a little taller.

General comments

A classic shapewear style for all who need a little waist and hip shaping – great value for money and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to a friend.

Any Tips or Care Instructions?

To stop the top from rolling down, firstly make sure you have chosen the correct size, and put it in in front of a mirror, ensuring that the back is pulled up as high as the front (this is a common cause of rolling waistbands).? Finally, put on your bra over the top of the waistband – this will effectively “pin” it into place and also help to create a silhouette uninterrupted by bulges.

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MyTights in the Daily Mail: It’s not just us that loves them!

We’ll have to admit, this week has been jam packed with hosiery praise from the press and we can’t wipe the smiles off our

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faces! One particular display of affection for tights has got us blushing, as we receive top marks from Daily Mail journalist, Marianne Powers.

Putting her pins through their paces, 35 pairs of tights were washed and worn in an attempt to separate the fabulous from the not-so-fabulous in the leg wear stakes. Naturally, some of our best sellers & most loved made it onto the list, coming up trumps in both fashion and function. To say we’re proud is an understatement, as some of the high scores left us as giddy as mum at a parent’s evening!

No pattern or denier was left out – from sheer to opaque, fancy to control, all of our favourite hosiery heroes were present. And to show off these top rated tights, we’ve made it oh so simple for you to get your hands on them, so help us celebrate the winners and treat your legs in the process!

Wolford Individual Ten Tights – 9/10

Some may spend a life time searching for the perfect pair of sheers, but we have just the ones to call off all searches ladies! The Wolford tights have been picked up on their luxurious feel and “super comfortable fit” – and we couldn’t agree more.

Charnos Killer Figure Control Tights – 9/10

Yet another fab score, these opaque control tights will lift bums & tone tums thanks to a clever shaping brief. The Daily Mail loved how durable these were, and despite an accidental snag from a ring, they remained ladder free throughout the day. Hooray!

Charnos Two Tone Floral Opaque Tights – 9/10

Securing us a hat trick for the score out of ten, these gorgeous patterned tights were congratulated on their good quality and “sturdy” feel. What’s more, they lived up to the wash & wear test with a no-fuss washing machine experience. Made in three shades, there’s a colour to complement any ensemble they’re faced with.

Wolford Botanica Tights – 10/10

Full marks! Taking us to

prime position on the hosiery leader board, our Wolford net tights proved that looking good doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort. “Ridiculously comfortable”, the fine net tights were saluted for remaining subtle and sexy, with a generous fit to boot. Passing the wash & wear test with flying colours, these take centre stage in our trophy cabinet.

For the complete Class of 2013, shop the capsule collection now and see for yourself why the Daily Mail loves them so!


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Spanx Shapewear Reviews

This week I thought I would share some of

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the recent shapewear reviews, from our independent feedback service Feefo. Customer reviews are so helpful in choosing which product will work best for you, with honest feedback from customers just like you.

One of the original shapewear companies and still one of the best, Spanx has built a reputation for being the best around, with products that tackle everything from bums to tums, arms, thighs, backs and more, so read on for Spanx reviews on a variety of best-sellers…

Spanx High Power Briefs

These waist cinchers are one of the most sought after pieces of shapewear. They are discreet, multi functional and you can wear them every day. We’ve had buyers tell us they wear them under trousers, dresses, skirts and even larger bikini bottoms or swimsuits. I kid you not.

“These are great if you’ve got a bit of a flabby tum but your bum is ok, panty line is minimal but will show under fitted clothes. I’ve also got the longer leg version which is great for shaping your bum too although you can’t wear shorter dresses because the leg is quite long. Could do with an in-between version.”

This customer is absolutely right. The shorter everyday version gives you the support around your stomach but won’t deal with the tops of your legs. The longer line version is great for treating both but you need a lower hemline. I agree that a pair somewhere in between would be great. We’ll pass your Spanx review on, thank you.

 “Very pleased. The Spanx were more visually attractive than I was expecting and were very comfortable and didn’t roll up or down once on. The size guide was really helpful and accurate. I was pleased with the effect under my wedding dress and glad I paid more for the genuine product rather than a cheaper copy.”

Quite often the times when we want to feel and look our best are at events when our whole look, hair, clothes, make-up etc really counts. Weddings, birthdays, parties, promotions, no matter what the occasion, you want to feel that you look as good with your clothes off as on. This is where shapewear that imitates everyday underwear works best. Let’s face it, in real life do we think Hugh Grant would have reacted in that way when faced with Bridget Jones’s knickers????

“Compared to other similar products on the market – Spanx is the best.  I didn’t think they would fit but I was amazed at how comfortable they were.  Also, they stayed up and did not roll down all day.  I felt amazing in them and would recommend them to anyone.  Well pleased!”

That says it all really.

Spanx In Power Line Super Higher Power

In recent times ‘boy shorts’ have become as popular as pants and Spanx tapped into this fashion by creating Spanx In Power Line Super Higher Power Shorts.  These waist to mid thigh shorts have a very firm control bottom that give all round shape and support. As one shopper commented,

“The Spanx don’t shave inches off me but they give me a smoother silhouette as I do still have a tummy from when I had my daughter.  They have given me the confidence to wear a dress to my best friend’s wedding, rather than totally cover up.”

This is someone who really knows what shapewear can achieve and what it can’t. Covering up and smoothing out is what it’s all about. It’s a sort of secret friend, as another of our buyer’s said,

Makes a really big difference and is unnoticeable under clothes!”

And that’s what it’s all about. We don’t want people to see how we’re achieving that glossy effect. We just want them to notice that we look good. I am a big advocate of ‘you get what you pay for’ and this is one product that really stands up to its claim and its price tag. We’ve all been there and tried to emulate the success of a great product with the price tag of a much cheaper one. Rarely are we happy though and more often than not we end up buying what we wanted in the first place, as one of our buyers told us,

“I have wasted a lot of money on tummy taming pants that don’t work, wish I had bought these first, they actually do what they say and don’t feel restricting at all. I have already recommended this site and this item.”

Thank you! I rest my case.

Spanx In Power Line Super Footless Shaper

Now, no matter how great a brand is, it will still have a relentless need to improve and expand its offering. Spanx is no exception to the rule and Spanx In Power Line Super Footless Shaper is the latest way to wear shapewear. Aimed at those who stick religiously to trousers, this boxer top shorts shaper with mid calf tights length to prevent VPL is also a winner with floor length maxi dresses and occasion wear. We’ve already had reviews about this product with one buyer saying,

“Brilliant item, gave me such a sleek silhouette in my trousers and so comfortable! No one will ever know you’re wearing them! The model has the shaper up to her waist, but mine was large enough and comfortable enough to pull to just under my bust line, giving my stomach a pull in too!! Would definitely recommend to anyone!”

A great shapewear review, but we do also take criticism seriously too and pass on your comments. In the case of this buyer, her thoughts and opinions have been challenged with a new and improved product,

“These latest ones are the best I’ve had from Spanx. I’ve complained in the past that the quality (for the money) was not good.  However, somebody seems to have passed on the comments and they have improved significantly, giving longer life with less laddering and less unraveling of yarn around the waistband. Despite all that, couldn’t live without my Spanx!”

And neither could I.

Spanx Slimplicity Open-Bust Camisole

Now we are big advocates of shape at My Tights which is why we love shapewear. Not everyone is stick thin and shapewear helps you to celebrate your size, just giving you a smoother looking you. The Spanx Slimplicity Open-Bust Camisole might look like a bit of an oddity but it’s been designed for those ladies amongst us who are generously endowed. What it does do is allow you to wear your own bra so you get shape and comfort combined.  One fan wrote to us to say,

“Holds everything where you would like it to be, and gives nice smooth lines, even with your own bra, which is a great idea for bigger-busted ladies like myself.”

As anyone with a D cup or larger will tell you, good fitting is everything. Our online product guides obviously do their stuff as another buyer told us,

“The product description and sizing guidance were so good that the item proved to be a perfect fit, no problem at all.”

Spanx Slim Cognito Shaping Mid Thigh Bodysuit

I find separates great when the weather is warmer but if I want all over control then I prefer a bodysuit or a slip. It’s just a personal thing. The Spanx Slim Cognito Shaping Mid Thigh Bodysuit is a real all over miracle worker. It has super strong control yet is completely seamless. I wear mine even under summer dresses for a super smooth finish.  It seems I’m not alone and we have had endless Spanx reviews that echo our lady below who says,

“Does exactly what it says. It shapes perfectly in all the required areas and isn’t too tight on my thighs causing the mid thigh bulge that other shapewear seems to result in. A bit pricey however the best I’ve tried so far.”

Spanx Slimplicity Lingerie Strap Slip

Price is a factor that most people consider when buying shapewear but you really do get more bang for your buck with a brand like Spanx. Once you’ve worn something like the Spanx Slim Cognito Shaping Mid Thigh Bodysuit a couple of times, you really will wonder what you ever did without it. Now I’m not saying you have carte blanche to tuck into roast dinners ever night of the week, but a little of what you fancy does do you good and if you can hide it, well all the better. Consequently my other ‘hero’ product is the Spanx Slimplicity Lingerie Strap Slip. It’s very reminiscent of 1950’s film stars in the way it completely smoothes your body, giving you a lovely womanly shape. It’s also great under sheer dresses as it gives you a bit of cover and under woollen dresses, which might otherwise catch against your skin. Some buyers like the following lady also seem to think it looks quite alright on its own. Eat your heart out Katie Price!

“Great buy – fantastic under a fitted dress and nips in the waist and with a good bra gives a great cleavage.   It doesn’t completely flatten your tummy (like the all in one body does) but it is really comfortable and doesn’t ride up your thighs.   It also looks great on its own – love it!”

So there you have it. Our customers Spanx reviews. What not try some of the products for yourself and let us know what you think.

Until next week….


Maternity Spanx: There is a hosiery god, by Nicole Rapaport

In the final trimester of pregnancy my body is now starting to resemble a rather large walrus and I simply can’t deny the fact that chic maternity clothes are a must.

The thing viagra pills buy is, I’ve found that a good maternity fit is hard to come by. If it cosies up to your belly, the legs are too baggy (not in a cool boyfriend jeans way either). If the leg fit is nice and tight I’m either left with a gaping pouch which a far bigger bump needs to fill, or a ‘digging in’ scenario so extreme I fear the oxygen supply to my foetus has been cut off.

I thought I could cheat the system by just buying bigger sizes or cheap mum-to-be brands – rookie mistake – especially with tights that just ended up shimmying down my legs half way through the day and traumatising my bump with their overactive seams and waist lines.

Enter Mama Spanx, the maternity pantyhose sent to me by an obviously female and pregnant god (aka MyTights). The bright packa

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ging, wording and illustrations will put you in a good mood before you even put these on; ‘Super Spanx for a Super Mum’ even made me feel better about the daunting prospect of entering motherhood.

I tend to wear dresses to work, and although I was hoping by May there would be no need for tights, these feel supportive and give you a lovely feeling of streamlined sexiness (as you would feel in an ordinary pair of Spanx undergarments).

The thigh support stops wobbling and chaffing if you’ve expanded a bit down there and the tummy support feels comforting and safe, rather than claustrophobic or restricted; kind of like a luxury hammock for your floating sproglet. They feel silky and soft, yet are tough considering I’m whipping them up and down every 20 minutes for a toilet trip.

The sizing is particularly accurate and the cotton gusset means you can easily go without knickers if you feel so inclined. There is a back support section of which I didn’t feel any particular benefit, but the architecture of these maternity tights as a whole make for one happy mama with mighty firm hips, thighs, bum and tum.

Nicole Rapaport – 28 weeks pregnant

Shoes: Dune
Dress: Vintage shop in Spain
Blazer: Zara


Maternity Tights Reviews

Mama Spanx Maternity Tights

“Such a well know brand that continues to deliver in terms of packaging and wording. The bright colours, cute illustrations and funny tag lines give you a laugh also. They are not quite as soft as the Trasparenze pair, but feel strong and elasticated. The thigh support is great to stop wobbling, as you would expect with normal Spanx. The tummy section is tight and firm without being uncomfortable, and gives a seamless silhouette in tight clothes, which I often wear. Makes you feel compact and sturdy which in turn helps you to feel elegant and sexy (words that prednisone medicine I wouldn’t usually associate with pregnancy). I wouldn’t wear knickers with these either as if you feel secure enough, you don’t need them. These are my favourite. 8/10″

Nicole, 28 weeks pregnant

Trasparenze 20 Denier Maternity Tights

“The packaging is more formal, corporate and sophisticated [than the Spanx], but much less appealing to me. The tights themselves feel very soft, yet strong and elasticated. The fit is perfect for me on the leg, but the lower tummy section is very slightly big a

credit scores

t present. The bottom and stomach section is in a grey ribbed material with thick seams. This does not work under a tight fitting dress or top and it can be seen though. However it does feel soft and comfortable. They stay up well but already have a couple of tiny nicks in them (bear in mind how many times I go to the toilet a day there’s a lot of up and down!) I would suggest that both Trasparenze & Spanx do a line of thicker denier maternity tights, not just for Winter, but for the more fashion conscious customers, as the sheer/ low denier look is quite dated and corporate. 6/10″

Nicole, 28 weeks pregnant

Spanx Maternity Tights

“I could tell from the moment I put these on that they were of a much higher quality than my usual maternity tights.  Maybe it was the way the crotch didn't manage to work its way down between my thighs within half an hour of putting them on.  The denier was not opaque but not sheer – perfect for most outfits.  My biggest concern, though, was the brand itself.  My pre-maternity experience of Spanx was of a restrictive garment that pretty much squeezed my lumps into something vaguely flattish.  I was concerned that with the maternity version, my unborn child would be pinned to my spine.  Fear not.  They kept my backside and ever growing love handles in check but allowed plenty of room for the bump.”