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MyTights: Your One Stop Christmas Shop


Lights glisten in the city streets, Christmas trees fill shops, and the sound of Christmas carols can be heard just about anywhere. Christmas is officially here! It is time to start thinking about stocking fillers, gifts for your loved ones, and the perfect holiday outfit. MyTights is your one stop holiday shop. Here are our top five favourite items from our Christmas Shop!

  1. Pretty Polly Snowflake Gift Box

    Pretty Polly Snowflake Gift Box

    Pretty Polly Snowflakes Tights are perfect for Christmas fun and can even be worn throughout the winter, once Christmas is over. These black tights with festive, glitter snowflakes that vary in size make it the perfect pair of tights to be worn with heels or boots. Give these tights a try and be the talk of the party!

  2. Country Kids Sparkly Footless Tights will
    Children's Footless Tights

    Children’s Footless Tights

    make your daughter shine at every holiday event! Coming in silver, black, and gold the possibilities are endless for little fashionistas. These are tights that she’ll love wearing and you will be happy to buy at an affordable price of £9.95. These tights are a must for every sparkle loving little girl this holiday season.

  3.  Pretty Polly Santa Socks are perfect for 10157-pretty-polly-santa-sockslazy, winter days or days just before       Christmas spent cooking and preparing for the festivities.  These socks are also perfect stuffing fillers and are sure to put a smile on the face of whoever is the lucky recipient. These socks are stylish, cute, comfy, and the perfect way to celebrate Christmas!
  4. Men can’t be forgotten about this Christmas! Happy Socks Men’s Christmas Gift Box is the perfect gift for the most important men in your
    Men's Happy Socks

    Men’s Happy Socks

    life. The box features three pairs of patterned, festive socks. Help get your favourite men in the holiday spirit this season with Happy Socks

  5. Pamela Mann Fairisle Printed Tights are a must have this holiday season. With bands of adorable reindeers and snowflakes, these fairisle-printed-tights_2opaque tights are a wonderful addition to a stylish winter wardrobe. Festive and cosy, these tights are sure to be a favourite this season.


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Ask The Expert: Your hosiery questions answered!

Spending the working week surrounded by tights, I’ve amassed a fair chunk of knowledge over the years about all the different realms of the hosiery world, whether on the production side of things, technical terms, or even how to instantly spot different types of toe (yes, really!) With the colder autumn months looming, we thought it would be a great idea to put together a one stop guide that will hopefully answer the most common questions the MyTights team are asked. Haven’t found the answer to the question you’ve always wanted to know? Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer services team who will be happy to assist!


1. What is denier?

All tights are discussed in terms of denier, but what actually is it? Well, put simply, denier is the technical term used to describe how thick hosiery is. Referring to the weight of the yarn from which the hosiery is woven, 1 denier means that 9,000 metres of yarn weights 1 gram. Generally speaking, the lower the denier, the sheerer the appearance of the tights are. Likewise, the higher the denier, the more opaque the hosiery will be!










2. What’s the difference between sheer and opaque hosiery?

You might have noticed that hosiery is classified as being either sheer and opaque, the difference lying in the weight of the yarn used. Sheer hosiery (usually between 10-20 denier) is finer in appearance, and thin enough for your skin to show through. Opaque hosiery on the other hand is thicker in appearance, much warmer and altogether more durable. We define opaque hosiery as being above 40 denier, with tights lying between 30-40 denier considered to be semi-opaque


3. What is a matte finish?

The most versatile of hosiery tends to have a matte finish. This is characterised by tights that have a completely flat look without any reflection, generally knitted from multifilament yarns which don’t reflect light. What’s more, matte hosiery won’t draw any attention to your legs, so can be worn for just about any event, regardless of whether it’s a trip to the shops or a formal event. How’s that for versatility?


Falke Shelina Tights - one of our favourite bare leg styles!

Falke Shelina Tights – one of our favourite bare leg styles!

4. What are the benefits of bare leg look hosiery?

You might think that wearing tights in exactly the same shade of your legs is futile, but wearing bare leg look hosiery has a host of hidden benefits. Like make up for your legs, skin tone styles give your pins a flawless finish, help in achieving an even colour and moisturised finish, and can even help you cheat your way to a sunkissed glow! What’s more, they offer some slight coverage should it be a chillier summer day, without taking away from a natural look.





5. Are footless tights the same as leggings?

Similar in appearance, the main difference between footless tights and leggings lies in the thickness. Although both are free from any material at the foot, leggings tend to be much warmer, and thick enough to be worn without the need for longer hemlines. Footless tights on the other hand tend to be less opaque, and would usually require a dress or tunic to cover up.


6. What’s the difference between hold ups and stay ups?

You may have seen both ‘hold ups’ and ‘stay ups’ used to describe the same style of hosiery, that is hosiery that offers a similar look to stockings, but with sticky pads rather than the inconvenience of a suspender belt. So, what is the difference? The answer is – there isn’t one! Both terms are used to describe the exact same thing – tomay-to, tomar-to!


7. Can I fix a snag in my tights before it becomes a ladder?

We’ve all been there – getting dressed in the morning to find our brand new tights have already snagged, it’s enough to put anyone in a bad mood! But to stop it developing into a ladder, a top yet very simple tip is to add a dab of clear nail varnish to the area. Or if you’re especially keen to prevent ladders from forming, check out our range of run resist hosiery, instead!


Pamela Mann Sheer Dotty Tights: A fab fashion style!

Pamela Mann Sheer Dotty Tights: A fab fashion style!

8. What makes fashion tights ‘fashion tights’?

Any regular visitors to the site will know that we separate some of our hosiery into a fashion category. This is generally the case when tights feature something that is considered to be a trend, be it a floral pattern, spots, diamonds, or even something as traditional as a backseams. Fashion styles will ensure you stand out from the style pack, and differ from plain opaques and sheers, which are considered to be more everyday wear.


9. Which hosiery brands will last me the longest?

At MyTights, we hand select our products to ensure that they all offer value for money, but there are some brands that tend to go the extra mile in terms of durability. As with all walks of life, you get what you pay for when it comes to hosiery, but my top tips for brands to invest in when you’re building a hosiery capsule are Wolford, Falke and Oroblu. That’s not to say that the brands in the more affordable end of the price bracket should be overlooked however, and I would also advise to take a look at our ladder resist styles, which are made with specialist yarns to prevent ladders from forming.


10. How often should I wash my tights?

We recommend to wash your hosiery after every wear, to keep it a) looking its best, and b) staying fresh. In an ideal world, washing hosiery by hand is the best solution to keeping it looking pristine, but alternatively, popping your tights in a hosiery bag and using a cool wash is an equally good method!


11. How should I dry my tights?

One of the worst things you can do to your hosiery is to leave it to dry near direct heat, such as a radiator. STOP IN YOUR TRACKS! Drying in extreme temperatures will damage the weave, and will likely leave your tights ready for the fashion scrapheap. The best way to dry tights is on the line, or on a drying rack placed away from any direct heat. Oh, and never iron, either!


12. Which denier weights are appropriate for which season?

We all know how quickly the weather can change from heatwave to washout, but generally speaking, different weights of hosiery will be more of use in specific seasons. In the winter, stick to thermal tights or opaque tights, occasionally wearing semi opaque hosiery should it be a milder day. The spring and autumn months are often subject to change, but typically you’d wear semi-opaque or sheer styles. In the summer, opt for sheer or for something extra natural – ultra sheer styles.


Aristoc Bodytoners Low Leg Toner Tights, one of our bestselling control top tights

Aristoc Bodytoners Low Leg Toner Tights, one of our bestselling control top tights

13. Control tights vs. Support Tights – what’s the difference?

Control top tights and support tights are similar in that they both have hidden talents, and offer a lot more than meets the eye. The fundamental difference is that control top tights help to smooth over your figure using hidden shaping zones, whereas support tights alleviate tired legs by boosting circulation, thanks to a system called graduated compression. This works by applying pressure at your ankles, which gradually travels up the leg, getting lighter as it does so. Both equally as brilliant, however!




14. What’s the best type of toe to wear with different footwear?

If you’re a fan of chunkier footwear styles such as winter boots and trainers, I would recommend opting for a reinforced toe, which has a thicker weave to prevent any holes from forming in the often fragile toe area. Next up on the spectrum are sandal toes, which have barely visible reinforcement, where the weave is slightly stronger across the toe, but perfect for wearing with open toed shoes.

In the summer, sheer toes are invaluable, and are common in ultra sheer tights. Sheer toes should be worn with open toed footwear as strappy sandals, as can open toed styles, which you should choose if you want a super natural look, but still want to benefit from the even skin tone offered by sheers.


15. What’s the difference between gusset types?

Tights can not only differ in terms of denier and toe, but in the type of gusset they use too. Tights with a cotton gusset are designed to improve comfort, fit and hygiene, and can be recognised by a white circular patch in the section where the legs join. Similar to a cotton gusset, traditional gussets also help to improve comfort and fit, but won’t aid hygiene, as they aren’t made from breathable cotton.

Not all tights will have a gusset however, with some opting to have the same fabric on the crotch as in the rest of the leg. Finally, some styles may also have an open gusset, in which there is no fabric whatsoever on the crotch, and these are great for keeping cool and refreshed in the warmer weather.




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Oh Kimye! Here’s where you went wrong…

kim-k-hold-ups-2Now we don’t know about you, but when it comes to being styled, Kanye West wouldn’t be anywhere near the top of our list. Like we needed any proof that letting your husband style you was a bad idea, Kimye this week took  it to a whole new level with their recently published photo portfolio titled Kanye, Juergen and Kim. It is reported that the Yeezus singer styled his wife for the (quite frankly bonkers) outdoor shoot – where Kim wears a nude bodysuit with black hold ups and extra tall black stilettos, sprawled over what appears to be a giant heep of dirt. Right…. Now, while we aren’t expecting anyone to run to the shops to mirror her look, Kanye might have been onto something with certain elements of her look.



Starting with her black hold ups (something we very much approve of), achieve a similar look to Kim with the Oroblu Bas Chic Up 15 Denier Hold Ups. These hold ups benefit from a chic 15 denier base, reinforced toe and give you a chic look, minus the  construction machinery, open fields, and a pile of dirt!bas-chic-hold-up spanx-tank-fullslip-main












Next is the nude bodysuit. Now we don’t want you walking out of the house with just the bodysuit on – maybe someone should have told Kanye that shapewear goes under our clothes! But as well as giving you fabulous shaping control, shaping suits can look chic when layered with pencil skirts and dresses. Go for the Spanx Trust Your Thinstincts Tank Full Slip in Nude to nail the look.



kim-k-hold-ups-4 kim-k-polyvore
















Now it is time to fill in the missing pieces! Pair the bodysuit with a form fitting black pencil skirt and high heeled boots. Trade the star’s metallic gold brazier for a different accent item such as a gold clutch or necklace.

Now THAT’S where you went wrong, Kanye!

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Hosiery Capsule: The Office Edition

Dressing for the office is amongst the trickiest sartorial tasks you’ll ever have to face. While some workplaces insist on professional attire with longer hemlines and tailoring, others are much more relaxed and opt for a more smart casual vibe. Which begs the question:  what makes for the perfect office look? We’ve found the answer to the age old conundrum, and it likes in none other than hosiery. As sad as it may be, surveys have suggested that 70% of people believe how you dress in the workplace affects your career prospects, which is why we’ve rounded up a collection of office hosiery must haves. From the obligatory sheers through to confidence boosting shapewear, have your office wear covered.

1. Nude hosiery: perfect for the summer

No matter how warm the weather becomes, we recommend opting for a sheer tight to perfect your professional look. It is vital for to invest in a variety of nude sheers – an everyday staple for the working woman. We suggest a range between 5 and 15 denier, which covers you for both summer scorchers and chillier spring days.

pp_naturals_5d_sideria_tights aristoc-ultra-shine-tightswolford-sheer-15-tights










2. Black Hosiery Staples

Everyone woman needs at least two pairs of black hosiery in their office collection. We recommend that one of your two should be opaque and the other sheer, to account for all weather conditions (as we know what the British weather is like!)  This is an absolute must- no ifs, ands, or buts about it!

pamela-mann-80d-tights_1 wolford-individual-10











3. Fishnet Fancies

It is easy to go wrong with fishnets in the office, however when done correctly –  you’re upping your office game. The trick is to stick to classic styles, layering over sheers if you require a little coverage.

j-aston-micro-net-tight trasparenze-rita-fishnet_1











4. Shapewear saviour

When you look great, you feel great. FACT. A fantastic way to boost your confidence in the workplace is with shapewear. Discreet enough to remain hidden beneath your work dresses, you’ll be the envy of your colleagues.













5. High Heel Heroes

High heels hate us as much as we hate them. Footliners are the best way to protect your feet from blistering.

toe_covers_new_pk_main oroblu-luna-footprotectors










6. Mixing it up: Prints

Last but not least, dressing the office doesn’t have to be all about sheers and opaques. Patterned tights are a great way of injecting some personality into your look and making you stand out from the crowd. The trick is to opt for muted prints, such as classic polkadots so as to remain professional. It’s also a fab way of making your outfit a little dressier should yuo be invited for impromptu after work drinks.

geo-spot-tights-main pretty-polly-textured-nylon-rib-tights













Don’t go another day in the office humdrum- it’s time to make a splash and really show corporate what you got- ideas and intellect, confidence and courage, fashion sense and fabulous tights provided by MyTights. x


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Looks We Love: Cool, White Summer

cool-summerAt MyTights, we’ve always got one eye on the catwalks to see what’s trending in the world of hosiery. One show that particularly caught our eye this season was Giambattista Valli’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection. The epitome of cool and elegance, the show oozed sophistication and featured an abundance of summer hosiery in neutral shades of white, ivory and cream. Perfect for wearing at this time of year, especially with the mini-heatwave we’ve been experiencing of late (let’s hope it lasts!), we thought it would be a great idea to pull together our favourite white hosiery, and show you how you can style this often difficult colour.

To nail this style it’s all about choosing colours within similar realms. What makes it so elegant is its simplicity, so it gives you a great chance to experiment with different textures, fabrics, and patterns.

If you normally wouldn’t wear lace tights, trying out the Jonathon Aston Sweet Roses Tights in Ivory is a must. Beautifully crafted using a cut and sew technique, these

Shop MyTights White Hosiery Selection Here

Shop MyTights White Hosiery Selection

tights are perfect for pulling off your summer looks. Finish off the ensemble with cute summer dresses in lighter fabrics, mixing in some fringe detailing and lace for extra style points.

Another great pick from Jonathon Aston are the Sheer Coloured Tights, available in 19 colours including chic white. A solid white sheer is great for wearing with just about anything, and don’t be afraid to experiment with fun textures such as feathers or sequins. We’ve covered lace and plainer styles, now it’s time to discuss printed tights! Anyone with any fashion know-how will know that spots are everywhere this season Subtle, versatile and bang on trend, pull off the look with the Wolford Nola Tights, which feature an exquisite side seam made up of individual polkadots.

MyTights have your summer hosiery covered, but if you crave even more inspiration, be sure to also check out our Cool Summer Mood Board on Pinterest!

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NEW: Fishnet Socks from Pamela Mann!

Pamela Mann Fishnet Ankle Socks

Pamela Mann Fishnet Ankle Socks

Here at MyTights, it’s no secret that we’ve always been huge fans of fishnets. In our opinion, there really is no better way to stamp your own personality on an outfit. Not only are they a fabulous alternative to sheers, they also come in all shapes and sizes, so regardless of whether you choose understated micronet for the office or a wider net for a night out, fishnet can be tailored to any occasion. If you’ve fallen foul to fishnet fever (us too!), but only want to add a hint to your look, you’ll adore the two latest additions to our range. Providing the perfect solution to bare ankles in the summer months, make some room in your sock drawer for the brand new fishnet anklets from Pamela Mann.

Purse friendly and ideal for making last season’s outfits look current again, fans of classic net will love the Pamela Mann Fishnet Ankle Socks. Held in place with a thick opaque band that won’t leave your ankles looking battered and bruised, these anklets are a great way to style summer dresses and ballet flats in the day. But if rock chick fashion is always on your mind, dress up for the evening with a simple skater dress and matching heels.

Pamela Mann Large Net Ankle Socks

Pamela Mann Large Net Ankle Socks

If you love net but prefer something a little different from the norm, the second style to arrive this week were the Pamela Mann Large Net Ankle Socks. As the name would suggest, these anklets have a much wider net than traditionally seen, showing off a hint more skin and ensuring all eyes are firmly on your feet.

You can find our entire collection of fishnet socks here!

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Fashion Faux Pas: Kim loves Spanx!

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Love her or loathe her, there’s no denying that Kim Kardashian attracts more column inches than the average celebrity. This week was no different, although this time it wasn’t little North West or an outrageous outfit stealing her limelight. Spotted in New York wearing a figure hugging lace top and centre split skirt as she made her way to sign copies of her new (slightly pretentious) selfie-filled book, Selfish, Kim made no secret of how she maintains her curvy hourglass figure. And the verdict? Spanx! Peeking out of her skirt, Kim was wearing Spanx shaping shorts to smooth away her lumps and bumps. We don’t blame her; after all she is a recent mother, but it was satisfying to know that even Kim, with a bum as famous as the Kardashian star herself, isn’t free of everyday problems we face with our own body. Fashion faux pas aide, here are our favourite shaping shorts so you can have your own Kim-licious derriere!

Spanx Shape My Day Girl Short

Spanx Shape My Day Girl Short

Chic Silhouette

For just the right amount of slimming and shaping, try the Spanx Shape My Day Girl Short. These offer a high control and smooth panels that flatten your tummy and lift your bum for a 360 degree shaping support! Even better, these shaping shorts are laser cut  on the thigh which means you won’t get any nasty VPL while still being able to wear you flirty minis and cocktail dresses! If you want a little more tummy shaping magic, opt for the Spanx Shape My Day High Waisted Mid Thigh shorts instead!

A little extra bum boost

Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with Kim’s lovely behind, but if you crave the extra booty boost, look no further than the Spanx Slimplicity Booty Booster Shorts, with optional “butt-lets” that you can insert into rear pockets to make your bum look fuller! For the post-workout bum look without even hitting the gym, try the Ambra Killer Figure Bum Lifting Shorts as well. And at only £16.00 a pop, these are practically a steal!

Spanx Slimplicity Open Bus Mid Thigh Bodysuit

Spanx Slimplicity Open Bus Mid Thigh Bodysuit

360° Magic

If all-round shaping magic is what you desire, try the Spanx Slimplicity Open Bust Mid Thigh Bodysuit! This body suit is designed with an open bust that begins shaping and slimming from just under the bust and doesn’t end until the mid-thigh. And with the signature trusty Spanx design, these are also laser cut for a seamless slimming silhouette. The ShaToBu Get Fit High Waist Mid Thigh Shaper should also be on your radar; with resistance band technology to tone your muscles and burn calories during wear… without even lifting a finger. Err, where do we sign up?!

Check out our entire range of shaping shorts before you leave!

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Style Picks: Leggings for the mature woman

Trasparenze Dorella Leggings

Trasparenze Dorella Leggings

Leggings will always hold a special place in our hearts; they’re comfortable, warm, and versatile with every weather. But with so many different styles on offer, from neon pink through to the funkiest of patterns, you might wonder if this fashion staple is better suited to younger women? But fret not, ladies, for leggings can be enjoyed by all. If you can look past the busier of prints and patterns, MyTights have an incredible array of leggings suitable for every age, size or style. Need your very own style guru? Here’s our round-up of leggings for the more mature woman…


Back to the basics

Every woman needs a pair of black leggings in her wardrobe – they’re practically irreplaceable. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer, they can work with virtually any outfit, making them the ultimate must-have. Simply pair them with a long tunic to cover your rear and a comfortable pair of flats and you have a go-to outfit that you can turn to on an everyday basis. For a particularly great pair, Italian brand Trasparenze have given us the Dorella Leggings. 100% opaque, of the highest quality and available in a plethora of colours as well as black, we don’t know how we’d navigate our style without them. Or if you’re on a budget, check out the Pamela Mann 3D Footless Tights for just £4.99 a pair. Need some shaping magic? Opt for the Spanx Ready-to-Wow Structured Leggings, with all the hallmarks of the acclaimed shapewear brand but with the appearance of traditional leggings.


Oroblu Sherry Leggings

Oroblu Sherry Leggings

That’s right, ladies – patterns. Patterns are a brilliant way to update your look on a budget. To nail the patterns trend, opt for muted prints and classic designs like lace and net. The Oroblu Sherry Leggings are a fabulous choice, with their 30 denier tulle base and array of elegant florals. With the option between black and navy blue, these leggings are eye-catching, chic, and will work from day to night. What could be better?


Denim leggings, or ‘jeggings,’ are a great alternative to skinny jeans as they provide a denim-look without adding any bulk on your legs. Not only offering a timeless look, the Spanx Super Skinny Denim Leggings have taken advantage of double layer shaping to eradicate your body insecurities, all the while appearing like regular skinny jeans. We adore! They might be slightly pricey, but this is the kind of investment you’ll never regret…Check our entire leggings collection before you leave!


Spanx Super Skinny Denim Leggings
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Baby Bump Hosiery: Our Picks!

Hilaria Baldwin & Fearne Cotton

Hilaria Baldwin & Fearne Cotton

Being pregnant isn’t always much fun. As well as the aches, the pains and sleepless nights, it also means you may no longer be able to fit into your favourite hosiery. But, as a number of expecting celebs have been showing us recently, being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style. With MyTights dedicated to sourcing hosiery to suit every size and shape (bumps included), we have a fabulous selection of maternity hosiery for you to choose from. Showing us how it’s done, Radio 1 presenter, Fearne Cotton, and Alec Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria have both been spotted in maternity opaques in the past week. Gracefully covering her baby bump, Fearne was wearing a long plaid frock paired and sensible flats flats, whilst Hilaria was spotted with her husband and daughter wearing a black coat, black leggings, and boots – finished off with a bright scarf for a pop of colour. It’s obvious that these two ladies are blossoming beautifully – not just in their pregnancy but with their style choices to boot.

Trasparenze Perdue 70D Maternity Tights

Trasparenze Perdue 70D Maternity Tights

MyTights knows that finding maternity clothes that don’t make you look frumpy is difficult, but the Trasparenze Perdue 70D Maternity Tights buck the trend. At 70 denier, these opaque tights are perfect to wear if you’re carrying across the colder months. With the current unpredictable weather, these tights are a go-to pair to wear to work or simply for just a stroll around town. We know that comfort is the top priority when looking for maternity clothes so this style is made with a flat seam and stretchy Lycra fiber that grows with your bump. Even better, the reinforced toe and heel means that these will last you your entire maternity period…and maybe your next! Trasparenze 20D Maternity TightsSince the warmer summer months are looming (fingers crossed), why not stock up on a few sheer maternity tights as well? At only £11.00, the Trasparenze 20D Maternity Tights are a steal. Like the 70D style, these are designed to accommodate your growing tummy and support your bump without harming your little sprog. These are also made with a reinforced heel and toe to add extra durability so you’ll never have to worry laddered tights because let’s face it, you have enough on your plate already! With a slight sheen and the choice of two colours, these are the perfect way to an elegant expectant look!

Spanx Power Mama

Spanx Power Mama

Spanx have always been one of our favourite brands, but never more so than when we laid eyes on the Spanx Power Mama Tights. Shapewear tights with a specially adapted support panel for your bump, these are especially designed for mums to be, providing support and comfort for your growing bump, all the while shaping and trimming your own trouble zones. Completely safe and with laser cut edges to eliminate any VPL, these are a great to ease sore backs and gain the style plaudits in the process.


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Kesha sparkles in fishnets

Kesha sparkles in fishnets

Time and time again, we count on our favourite trend setting celebs to keep us in the fashion loop. In case you’ve missed what our rock and roll idols have been wearing, we’re here to let you in- it’s fishnets! Whether part of an edgy look a la Demi Lovato, the colourful Katy Perry, or the glittering glow of Kesha, fishnets are in- and MyTights have just the styles to nail the trend fishnet hosiery with ease.

1: Classic Appeal

For the timelessly classic fishnets, try the Levante Fishnet Tights. These gorgeous Levante tights have a traditional fishnet design, offering a similar warmth to sheers and making your legs feel flawless all day long. Another plus is that these netted beauties have no visible reinforcement, meaning you can wear your open toe shows to your heart’s content.

2: Bright and Bold

Katy Perry bold in coloured Fishnets

Katy Perry bold in coloured fishnets

We all know that Katy Perry is a fashion icon unafraid to walk on the wild side. If you’re like Katy and dare to be different, we’ve got just the tights for you. The Pamela Mann Fishnet Tights will satisfy your crave for colour with every shade you could desire! At a price that leaves your purse happy, these fishnets are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. For other coloured fishnets, try the Trasparenze Rita Fishnet Tights.

3: Fishnets with a Twist

Just when we thought fishnets were as fashionable as it gets, Oroblu proves us wrong. With elegant tricot style seams running up the outer leg, the Oroblu April Tights will leave you looking all too chic. For more fishnets with a twist, try the Aristoc Mock Suspender Fishnet Tights with a gorgeous lace trim around the thigh.

4: Subtly Sexy

For all of you trying to ease your way into the fashion of fishnets, micronets are a perfect match for you. With the Jonathan Aston Micronet Tights you can subtly bring the sex appeal of fishnets into your wardrobe. With tiny openings, you can keep the chill away while still catching the breeze on a summer day.


Charnos Hold Up Fishnets

Charnos Hold Up Fishnets

5: Hold Up

This one’s for you hold up fanatics- the Charnos Fishnet Hold Ups are just what you’ve been looking for. These hold ups offer a hint of charming frill in the top lace trim. With a clever silicon grip, mixed with small mesh fishnet, you’ll be comfortable on even the longest of days.

No matter the look you’re going for- edgy, classy, subtle, or wild- fishnets are the perfect way to add style to your outfit. With these top 5 styles, you’ll feel like you belong on stage with Kesha herself! If you didn’t get enough of these fashion forward fishnets, make sure to take a look at our full our range of fishnets, to get the look.

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