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With William and Kate’s imminent nuptials on everyone’s lips this week, we can barely keep a lid on the excitement about the only thing that really matters … the dress.  As she is no doubt aware, the soon to be Princess Catherine shoulders a heavy responsibility fashionwise as we’ll doubtless be seeing copycat looks for years to come.  Kate’s weight loss has also been the subject of many column inches lately – who wouldn’t try to shift a couple of pounds if your wedding was going to be watched by billions?  It is abundantly clear that she won’t need any help in the figure department.  However, as we recover from last week’s Easter Egg binge and tuck into slice of Victoria Sponge to celebrate the Royal Wedding, we might all be needing something to help pull in and firm up those wobbly bits especially if you too have weddings and important summer events in the calendar!

Control top tights are a summer essential.  Light summer dresses made of clingy fabrics require good foundations and having helping hand from a good pair of control tights can make you feel much more comfortable and confident.

For great all the way up control, you can’t do better than the Spanx in Power Line Super High Shaping Sheers.  Spanx has become synonymous with control top tights and shaping underwear and they are the go-to girls when it comes to giving your figure a little helping hand.  Famous for their shaping shorts and bodysuits, the famous Spanx control is also available with built in tights.  At 15 denier, they will give a lovely sheer look with a slight shimmer which looks great for summer (especially the nude ones) but they are knitted with the equivalent resilience of 20 denier hosiery so you get a little extra durability.  The new improved tummy panel will give you a flatter stomach whilst the looser knit at the back cradles and lifts the bottom for a lovely pert shape.   Spanx have also helpfully included a double cotton gusset so you don’t have to roll them down when you go to the loo!  Made from slick yarns that won’t stick to your clothes, no-one need ever know about the secret underneath.

If you are longing to slip into a pair of those glamorous and silky wide legged summer trousers that seem to be everywhere this season then you definitely want to make sure that your bottom is looking its best!  Try Spanx footless tights like the Spanx In Power Line Super Footless Shapers.  The tummy flattening panel also reaches just to the waist so should sit in the same place as those unforgiving high waisted palazzo pants.  What’s more, because they are footless, you can still wear those funky high wedge sandals.

Alternatively, the Aristoc Bodytoners range are effective and offer great value for money. The Aristoc Bodytoners Hourglass Toner Tights sit just under the bust line and give control down to the mid thigh and at £12 for these leg slimming tights you are certainly getting a lot of slimming and smoothing for your money.  The tighter band around the waist gives a nice hourglass shape while tummy panels flatten the stomach.  You bottom will also be gently lifted to reduce any nasty sagging.

If you only want to focus on your tummy or your hemline is too short for all those mid thigh shorts, the Aristoc Bodytoners Tummy Tuck Toner Tights have a firm control panel across the stomach which pulls it in for a much flatter look.  You’ll get a noticeable difference but you’ll still feel like you are wearing a normal pair of tights – the overall control of the high waisted tights is not for everyone and can feel a little too hot in the high summer.   Both these Bodytoners products have a 15 denier sheer leg which gives a lovely gentle sheen which will make your legs look healthy in nude and elongate and flatter your legs in black.  Finished with a touch of silk to give extra smoothness and a little touch of luxury, we’d recommend the entire Bodytoners range.

Of course if you could find a pair of tights that would shape and smooth your silhouette and help you burn calories that would be perfect right?  We couldn’t believe our luck when revolutionary hosiery brand ShaToBu announced that they had done just that.  ShaToBu have developed a pair of tights that not only shape the tummy, hips and thighs but use resistance band technology to help you burn extra calories as you move.  Initially developed by chiropractor Dr Denise Perron to help her patients exercise and tone muscles during everyday activities, the special bands in these control top tights provide resistance as you move which increases calorific burn and help you burn up to 12% more calories throughout the day.   The principle of the more you move the more you burn still applies but who can sniff at burning a few bonus calories without even trying?  Available in high waist to knee and waist to knee styles they might just be your dream tights!

This is of course just a sample of the control top tights available at, if you are trying them for the first time then I guarantee they’ll soon be part of your everyday wardrobe.  Great for fat days in winter and for clingy summer dresses so you can feel less guilty about indulging at that Royal Wedding street party this weekend!

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