Cover Up Sheers ? Make Up For Your Legs

neon-40-tightsHere at MyTights we?re surrounded by images of perfect pins every day.? But we know that loads of women don?t feel confident about their legs ? in fact, a study by monthly glossy Glamour Magazine found that 97% of women have at least one negative thought about their body EVERY DAY.? But instead of bemoaning your thunder thighs/cankles/blotchy skin/massive pores/obvious veins, why not learn to love what you?ve got ? and make the best of what you do have?

Some celebs use body foundation, but we find that it?s just not practical for any situation in which you have to actually wear clothes.? Sure, it evens out your skin tone, but it also stains your clothes, is tricky to apply ? and if it rains, forget it.? The solution?? We?ve discovered that skin perfecting hosiery is the way forward.? It?s quick, easy, inexpensive and instant ? what could be better?

The trick is to pick sheer tights that are a little thicker than your average sheer ? anything from 20 denier upwards will give a little light coverage that can cover scars, blemishes and uneven skintone.? Choose a shade as close as possible to your natural skintone and they?ll give you a flawless, natural look.

madison-tightsWolford Neon 40 Tights are the latest ?must have? ? the semi opaque tights have a 20 denier appearance on the leg but are actually a 40 denier construction, so they work as a camouflage for your pins.? They?ll cover blemishes and other imperfections with ease to help you cheat your way to pins even Kate Middleton can only dream of.? These have a glossy finish, but if you?re after something a little subtler, the Oroblu Sensuel 30 Tights have a slight sheen and come in a whopping 7 shades, so you can get a more natural look.

Other options include the Falke Sensation Seamless 20 Tights, which come in 5 shades and with a classic matte finish ? these are the luxury way to hide your imperfections ? and the Oroblu No Risk 20 Tights, which have the added bonus of being ladder resistant!? Ladies with curves will love the Cette Madison Tights, which come in a sturdy 20 denier perfect for creating an even skintone.? These are jam packed full of comfort features like the anti chafing panels on the thighs, too – so you can wear them all day in complete comfort.

Just remember that underneath all the make up, stylists and airbrushing, celebs are just like us (except famous.? And probably richer). So banish your body negativity, make the best of what you?ve got and learn to love your body!



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