Elle Magazine <3 the Jonathan Aston Iris Socks!

irissocks-main‘Fear not the sock!’ is the inspirational new motto from ELLE magazine’s new article all about on-trend socks by Rebecca Lowthorpe. On her way to America wearing thick flight socks during her flight to New York Fashion week, the writer naturally dreamed of wearing cute fashion forward socks including the fabulous Jonathan Aston Iris Socks (supplied by MyTights.com of course!).

So what is it about these calf-length socks that merits all this attention? By combining pastel pink or chic navy blue shades with contrasting sparkly silver tops and ankle detailing, these cute socks tap into two top trends: pastels and glitter. Don’t you love it when two trends come together?

As for how to wear them: please do not be tempted to tuck them away into your trusty trainers. These socks deserve the limelight so always ensure that you show off as much as you can of their darling pattern by matching them with platform heels that leave parts of your foot exposed. But remember that:

1) you sadly (probably) won’t be sauntering down the catwalk so keep this look practical by leaving the rest of your outfit relatively subdued, such as a navy/denim shift dress; and

2) in this case patterns are not your friend so keep it plain.

Can’t get enough of pastel socks? Take a look at these beauties from the same fashion range: the Jonathan Aston Buttercup Socks are available in a cute pastel pink and feminine lilac with gorgeous ribbed design.

For more glitter options we recommend the Jonathan Aston Lurex Anklets that are completely covered in the glittery material and come in a whole range of sparkly shades.

So you can see there really is nothing to be afraid of, as the Jonathan Aston Iris socks seamlessly turn this tricky trend into a terrific look.


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