Fabulous Festival Fishnets

Summer not only brings unpredictable weather to the UK but it also brings unforgettable music festivals. The Glastonbury Music Festival is one in which people all over Europe cannot wait to attend. The thrilling musical events fill the fields of Somerset; drawing thousands of people to the stages of many fantastic and talented musicians dressed in the most sensational attire that leave people talking for weeks.


This year, at the Glastonbury Music Festival, fishnet tights proved to be the hottest celebrity trend. Many artists performed in these stylish pair of fishnet tights. Aluna George strutted on stage in a magnificent pair of black fishnet tights underneath a pair of jean shorts, while Iggy Azalea wore a pair of nude fishnets. Both black and nude fishnets showed off the musicians great legs while they gave an incredible performance.
Similar to fishnets that Aluna and Iggy performed in, we have a variety of great Fishnets that are offered in black, nude, and many different fun summer colours. These fishnets would look dashing underneath a cute pair of shorts. They could also be dressed up underneath a sexy dress for going out. Regardless when you choose to wear these fanciful fishnets you will be looking trendy while making your legs look divine.Suspender Fishnets copy

If you’re looking to bring a little more to the fishnet style this summer, we also offer some elegant Suspender Fishnet Tights. These flirtatious pair of fishnets will look fantastic underneath a short black dress giving you the perfect amount of coverage for your legs when going out.

Fishnets are the trending tights that have everyone talking this summer. Fishnet tights go with a casual pair of shorts, or can be dressed up for a night out on the town. Regardless what you wear with your fishnets, your legs will stand out and look absolutely flawless this summer, inspiring your friends and everyone around you to get a pair, if they haven’t already.

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