Fashion Through the Ages – The Roaring Twenties

The Charleston.  Old Hollywood glamour.  Votes for women.  I’m speaking about, of course, the twenties.  It was the first decade of modern fashion, and many of the trends we see churned out year after year (floral and tribal for S/S 2012? yawn) were spawned in their original state in the roaring twenties.  Even more excitingly for us at MyTights – this was the first decade us ladies really got our legs out on show, following the pioneering Coco Chanel. 

Here, we tell you how to update two twenties looks for modern day Hollywood glamour:

Look One: Time Traveller

This ‘travel’ look is perfect for daytime glamour, whether it’s the daily commute or the runway at Gatwick, and depending on the colours and textures you choose, it can be as suited to the office as it is for lunch with the girls.  A pleated skirt was a twenties essential and there are loads around at the moment- in the twenties, this was usually a midi skirt which is right on trend.  However, if (like me) the midi is not the most singular flattering item in your wardrobe, fear not.  Swap this tricky trend for a shorter hemline and wear with Aristoc Ultra Shine Tights.  These are sheer to the waist (so it doesn’t matter whether you go for midi or mini!) and have a very shiny finish, which is perfect for giving your legs an I’m-all-Charlstoned-out glow.  Team your skirt with a silky blouse and, when it gets colder (so next week, then) add a coat with a mock fur collar.  If you’re feeling really brave you can even add one of the cloche hats I’ve seen appearing recently in several high street shops!

Look Two: Dancing Queen

This look is bold yet demure, and perfect for parties and nights out.  Short hair was an absolute staple in the twenties, but if you love your long locks, you can always fake a bob by backcombing and pinning the ends of your hair to the nape of your neck, and for extra points, create a Marcel wave on one side with tongs.  The key to this look is all about the dress – you need a drop waist dress or a shift dress in a light, flexible fabric such as chiffon or silk, and tons of beading is a must!  Sadly, I have not yet achieved the perfect gym honed figure (too little gym-ing and honing and too much Jaffa Cake-ing), and these dresses and fabrics can be horribly unforgiving, so I like control top tights.  Try Aristoc Ultra Shine Control Top Tights, which highlight your legs in exactly the same way but have a bit of light support at the waist to control and support.  Finish this look with heels, lashings of red lipstick and a can-do attitude.

So there we have it.  The twenties gave us the midi, pleats and the vote.  Not bad for ten years work, I think you’ll agree.

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