Festival Style: Ankle Socks

One of the things I look forward to about summer is the vast number of music festivals. While I love seeing all my favourite bands in one place, the thing I really enjoy most is the fashion. Festival fashion is such a unique style that I can’t help but get inspired and incorporate the things I see into my summer wardrobe. All the hottest trends can be spotted at festivals, and this year a huge trend, both at festivals and on the streets, is ankle socks. They first made an appearance last summer, where they were met with mixed reviews, but they stuck around for another summer and the trend is picking up steam, seen on too many celebrities to count.  Ankle socks can be quite versatile; they can be worn with a variety of different shoes, giving each shoe a different look. The best part? Ankle socks are inexpensive, and they have the ability to change up the entire feel of your outfit.

Britain’s hottest new girl band, Stooshe (pictured right), shows off some of the various styles seen at festivals, including ankle socks. Stooshe is no stranger to the festival circuit, and ankle socks fit in perfectly with their daring and fun style. Karis is pictured wearing these Falke socks paired with neutral wedges. These come in a large variety of colours to match any of your festival outfits, giving a hippy chic feel to normally sweet wedges. Another great way to wear ankle socks is with a pair of trainers. By simply pulling on a pair of socks, you can transform your everyday shoes into a fashion statement. Unfortunately, festivals often come with rain, so boots are sometimes a must. However, you can still update your look with ankle socks underneath combat boots, softening up the sometimes harsh, military look of Doc Martens. Jonathan Aston has a great pair that will keep your feet warm and stylish in the cold rain.

If these festival fashions aren’t quite your style, ankle socks can also be worn with a pair of heels for a fashion-forward look. The newest trend in ankle socks? Lace or

fishnet socks paired with stilettos for a sexy date night look. Jonathon Aston and Henry Holland offer versions that are right on trend. So whether you are looking forward to another festival weekend, or are simply looking for a way to update your look, ankle socks are the perfect way to stay stylish.


(Picture from Celebs on Sunday in the Sunday Mirror 1/7/12)

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