For the Love of Spanx!

Everyone knows about the Kardashians’ love for their Spanx. Who wouldn’t? The shapewear keeps every unwanted line a secret while nipping and tucking away to flatten the worry areas. They tighten up those areas to create a toned, slimmer look on your body. What’s not to like!
Kim Kardashian has recently been in and out of the news for her interesting pregnancy fashion choices. All she wants is to look chic and therefore feel sexy. Who are we to judge? She admitted to using the pregnancy Spanx, more specifically the Spanx Power Mama, to tighten up her body. The Spanx Power Mama is shaping shorts designed to shape and control your bum and thighs. They not only slim your booty to make you feel absolutely fabulous, but they are safe to wear during your pregnancy because they support your lower back and bump during those precious months. We spotted the pair of Spanx when she wore her leather mustard coloured dress.

Kim wasn’t the only Kardashian to have flashed her Spanx to the public. The paparazzi took snaps

as the wind blew up Khloe’s dress! Lucky for her, she was sporting a pair of Spanx boy shorts underneath. She later tweeted: ‘Shorts, spanks, boy shorts under a dress/skirt are a must!’ Take her advice because nothing is more embarrassing than having the public see your panties during your Marilyn moment. The Spanx Simplicity Booty Booster Shorts would protect you from those embarrassing moments, but more importantly they have a control top to tuck in those pesky areas and butt pads to sculpt your booty to the perfect shape. They come with the padding, but you can take those out to wear them like a normal pair of shaping shorts. But, if you don’t want the world to know you are wearing Spanx, avoid those embarrassing moments in gale force winds and opt for a shaping slip, which will just look like your skirt has an underlay.

Spanx do wonders to the body and no one even has to know that they are under your clothes. They can be kept your little secret. You can get that A-Lister bod like the Kardashians by buying a pair of Spanx that are perfect for almost every occasion.

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