Get Kate’s legs and Pippa’s bum!

On the 29th April, our very favourite Queen-to-be (sorry, Camilla) married her handsome Prince in a hysteria-inducing real life fairytale.   But what the day really symbolised to millions of us was the Middleton sisters’ overnight transformation into bona fide style icons.  Since then their fashion choices have become our fashion choices, with outfits they’ve been spotted in selling out within hours and Kate’s hair being possibly the most coveted in the Kingdom.  We want their clothes, their hair and their figures… and now we can!  Well, sort of.  Here’s how to get  a Middleton makeover…

Our very own Duchess of Cambridge has been hard at work over the last few weeks touring North America and generally dazzling everyone in her path.  Whilst she has left us green with envy with an array of amazing outfits, there has been some controversy over her pins: some have claimed that the wearing of tights is royal protocol and the poor girl simply doesn’t have a choice.  If this is the case (and we doubt it), it still doesn’t explain Pippa’s preference for sheer tights over bare legs.  In fact, sheer tights have always been part of the Chelsea girl’s  uniform and still remain the requisite accessory for a flawless, polished look. 

The truth is, the sheer tights of old (you know the ones, they were only available in the shade “American Tan” and were one-size-fits-all) are long gone, and in their place are the new super tights, miracle workers that are the equivalent of a spot of airbrushing for us mere mortals.

More and more of us are turning to skin toned tights as an alternative to the streaky orange legs inflicted on us by self tan, or to boost our body confidence by covering up all manner of blemishes and bumps.  Some of us are just wearing them because Kate does and let’s face it; we’re all a little bit obsessed with her.  Wearing them can give us a little bit of queenly dazzle and a really polished look-  and all without breaking the bank!

You can now get sheer tights that suit every shape and size, and come in so many shades that you can match them exactly to your skin tone and it really is impossible to tell you’re wearing any.  Ultra sheer tights (which are less than 10 denier) are the best for this but if you’re likely to be wearing them daily, sheer tights are ever so slightly thicker (10-20 denier) and therefore more durable.  We even stock toeless tights so that you can maintain perfect pins while wearing sandals, and if you need colour guidance check out our skin tone advice.

If we’re honest, it’s not only their legs we’re after.  Since the Royal wedding,  certain parts of Pippa Middleton’s anatomy have continued to steal the headlines, and whilst we can’t help you bag a future King as a brother in law or get your sister to swap that peach nightmare for a Sarah Burton bridesmaid dress we can help you get a gorgeous, streamlined figure.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve swapping chocolate for the gym – the solution is much simpler.

Shapewear is a great solution if, like me, you don’t have the time (or the inclination) to exercise.  It can take inches off your waist and hips, and even if you already have a great figure it will smooth out any lumps and bumps under tight clothing, eliminate VPL and create an elegant, streamlined silhouette.  There are loads of different styles to choose from – I like shorts to braline products because they’re all-encompassing and smooth out your thighs, bottom and waist all in one go to give you an hourglass figure to rival Pippa’s; but it’s worth browsing through to see what you feel you’d be most comfortable in, and having a look at our shapewear advice

My work here is done.  I’m off to find a Prince…

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