Hairy Tights? No Thank you!

The hairy tights invention created by women in China turned into an internet sensation, one which people can not stop talking about. The purpose behind these horrendous looking tights is a tactic used to repel men from gawking at women. Amy Jones, along with many other bloggers, posted about this intriguing development of Hairy Tights to ward off men. She decided to test this tight theory in action and wrote the responses in her blog post, Hairy Scary. The results from Amy’s experiment provided unanimous data conveying that theses treacherous looking tights did in fact hoard away men with wondering eyes. Although these innovative tights are a method of creating an aversion from men, a death stare may be more beneficial. This allows you to get your point across without wearing a pair of hideous tights or depriving you from the sexy, fun, and chic summer tight trends. There is everything from simple and sheer with breathtaking designs to colourful and spunky tights with exciting colours that will not leave you looking anything less than magnificent.


The classic and sexy look from the Pamela Mann Jive Seamed Tights includes a ten denier sheer tight with a luxurious seam in the back. These eloquent tights are the perfect addition to a summer dress for a day at the park, but they can also be dressed up with a classy dress and heals. These tights come in three different neutral colours making them versatile to go with many different outfits.

Another fanciful look this summer is the Pretty Polly Fly Flutterby Tattoo Tights. This awesome pair of matted tights gives an excellent amount of flawless colour for your legs while still allowing the beautifully detailed butterflies stand out. A light, summer dress looks wonderful with the dainty butterfly design that starts just above your left ankle and flows right above your left knee. pretty-fly-zoom

Even though there is an impeccable summer sheer to waist tight collection, some fun and Imagine all the remarkable and unforgettable summer styles that would be neglected through the use of the Hairy Leg Tight Theory. Although it may not be enjoyable to be gaped and accosted by random men, you do not want to miss out on meeting your prince charming or the dashing summer tights while sporting the horrific hairy leg look. playful Trasparenze Valentina Coloured Hold Ups would be a perfect way to spice things up.

These fantastic set of hold up tights are offered in seven different vibrant colours and will leave a charming and everlasting impression on whomever you meet this summer. They have the perfect thickness to wear for a fun night out or for a brilliant day out fit.

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