Halloween – it’s creeping up on us

Loving as I do any excuse to dress up – Halloween is usually quite a major event in my house.  I do appreciate it is not everyone’s idea of fun, but Halloween is the one time of the year where dressing up is almost compulsory.  So whether you’ve planned your outfit meticulously or you are in a last minute rush for something that will add just enough spookiness to keep your friends quiet, check out our special Halloween tights range for a little inspiration.

With their horizontal coloured stripes Pamela Mann’s Twicker Tights add instant witch – available in range of colours including halloweeny orange, red, purple, and green you can be any flavour of witch you like.  Wear the white and black Twicker Tights with red sparkly shoes to dress as the Wicked Witch of the East (the house on the head is optional of course).

Sexier, modern witch looks can be created with fashion tights like the mock suspender Jonathan Aston Roulette Tights.  They’ll look great with short full skirt and a witch hat worn at a rakish angle.  Lace tights, fishnets and over the knee socks are all great for more youthful looking witches.  Good witches can opt for lacy tights, hold ups and fishnet in pretty shades of ivory and white.

If you are looking for an easy and inexpensive way to add a bit of Halloween to your look then the Pamela Mann Webber Tights are available in a range of bold colours with a contrasting spiders web design.  Slip them on with any black outfit and you have an instant costume and none of your friends will be able to complain that you didn’t make the effort!

My favourites from the Halloween range are the Pamela Mann Skulls Tights.  Their skull and crossbones pattern is suitably spooky but it has also inspired me to give a Pirates of the Caribbean style zombie outfit a go.  Tricorn hat, waistcoat, knee high boots and plenty of creepy make up should do the trick.

Get creative with your tights for Halloween – wear them under pants for superhero outfits or rip them up for horror and zombie movie inspired looks.  The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and there is just enough time to order for Halloween.  You can share pictures of your Halloween looks via our Facebook page and Twitter.  We’d love to see them!

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