Henry Holland Reaching New Heights

And he surprises us again! For the grand opening of Leed’s new shopping centre, Trinity Leeds, Brit designer Henry Holland, one of our favourites, broke a Guinness World Record by designing the world’s longest dress. Known for his bold and outrageously innovative designs, there is no surprise that Henry Holland made an amazing dress 15 metres high – the equivalent of three double decker buses – not to mention 48- square metres wide. This lavish red and yellow polka dotted dress encrusted with thousands of Swarovski crystals was unveiled and emerged from a large box during the opening ceremony. The dress was made from layers of silk was inspired by insects and their wings.


This project enabled Henry Holland to deliver a spectacular show that would excite the new shoppers and launch the Trinity Leeds into the centre of the British fashion world. Holland said that it gave him the chance to celebrate fashion in a unique a way. And in Holland’s terms, unique is something entirely out of the ordinary – he makes his own category of unique. For the opening, the dressed was modelled by aerial acrobat and former Cirque Du Soleil principle artist, Collette Morrow. We wouldn’t expect anything else from a shopping centre opening featuring Henry Holland.

In all his creations, Henry Holland makes fashion more fun. From his own fashion line to his collaboration with Pretty Polly to make a line of absolutely fabulous tights that all the celebs are taking note of. Celebrities such as Rihanna, Little Mix, Paris Hilton, and the Kardashians rock out in the House of Holland tights. Like the rest of his style, Henry Holland designs innovative creations and makes tights that change the way we approach hosiery. He changes up the design of usual plain tights with fashion forward ones that add a bit of funk to your wardrobe.  One of his most popular looks is the mock suspender tights and this season he alters that style a little by

creating Stripe Over the Knee Tights (pictured). These tights have thick vertical lines that run up your lower legs that wraps around the top of your knees to complete the design. Always surprising us with amazing designs, Henry Holland is a fashion force we are glad to reckon with.

His cutting-edge collaboration with Pretty Polly is an affordable way to get a piece of Henry Holland’s fantastic designs. His fashion tights make an outrageous statement with any outfit, yet are completely comfortable to wear. Whoever said fashion was pain obviously hasn’t worn a pair of these tights.

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