Iran: A New Viewpoint

MyTights founder Laura is one well travelled lady ? the stamps in her passport range from New York to Barbados and even Oman! ?Her latest expedition took her to Iran, where any preconceived ideas about the country and its people were soon turned on their head.? ?Everyone was so friendly and approachable?, she says.? ?And the country itself is simply fascinating ? such a rich history?.

And it goes without saying, an eye fine tuned over 13 years to spot tights at a hundred yards doesn?t let up just because you?re on holiday.? Armed with hundreds of photos of her time in Iran, the MyTights founder brought back copious evidence of eye catching legs in the Middle East.? With plenty of statement legwear on show, she even spotted a mullah (religious leader) apparently checking out the tights on display!


And as for the women, they were worlds apart from the dark, chador-enshrined stereotypes we too often see in the media.? In fact Laura, who went the entire two weeks teaming slacks or jeans with her Falke socks, claimed she felt like a frump compared to most of the Iranian women she encountered.? ?Women are often seen out and about, headscarves pulled high off their face, which is sporting immaculate make up – and the latest trend is for brightly coloured, tights?footless tights?and leggings under tunics?, she explains. ?Markets and shops were bursting with colour and modern design – though you do have to adhere to a stricter dress code in more formal circumstances or in religious locations (check out Laura rocking a patterned Chador below!), and there is a big distinction made between what is appropriate in the outside world and what goes on behind closed doors. ?But it seems that by and large, Iranian women like to have fun with their fashion just as much as your average girl from the Western world.? After all, no matter what your religion, race or culture, fashion is a language we all have in common?


The verdict?? Laura says: ?the best holiday I?ve ever had?.? We say: Iran, you are our new style inspiration.



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