It?s official ? Woman Magazine adores fishnets too!

We love it when people agree with us ? and it seems that those at Woman HQ share our views on fishnet tights. Giving them centre stage in their main fashion feature, the chic & elegant styling showed us just how versatile netted tights can be, along with reminding us to stock up ahead of the party season…Levante Fishnet Tights

But why do we love them so? Having been around since their creation in Paris, we?ve seen the netted design evolve into a hosiery drawer essential. Notorious for their versatility, fishnets are just as perfect for dressing up as they are down, as Woman magazine prove that you can add these to just about any outfit your wardrobe throws at you, with gorgeous results.

Stealing the show, the Levante Fishnet Tights worked fabulously with the retro styling, complementing the gorgeous Great Gatsby inspired coats and dresses. Keeping peep toe lovers content, we saw plenty of open toe action, proving that when it comes to flashing that fresh pedicure, netted tights are the way forward. Already durable enough on their own merit, the netted tights remain free from any visible reinforcement, allowing you to debut your tights in any hemline or shoe shape that the occasion calls for. From pumps to playsuits, anything goes. There?s no need to fret over pesky ladders either, as the bonus of a netted tight is that if you happen to catch them, they?ll remain intact and snag free. Hooray! Available in several flattering shades, there?s a classic black that will take you from your desk to the bar, a warm natural tone that will help fake the illusion of flawless pins and a gorgeously rich chocolate colour for when you crave something a bit different.

Have you fallen for fishnets but crave a little more coverage? From Jonathan Aston, the Micronet Tights combine the allure of a fishnet design with smaller micromesh, making them a must for chilly evenings out. The perfect compromise between sexy and subtle, these alluring tights expertly toe the line between the two and with two shades to choose from (black and a warm natural colour), these really are wardrobe essentials!

If you?re after even more warmth, then why not wear a secret layer of sheers underneath your netted tights? Opt for a skin tone shade if you want to keep the layer incognito, or rely on your everyday black sheers to go with your LBD.

Three cheers for fishnet tights!


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