Just how is hosiery made? We find out the answer?

genniferSheers, opaques, hold ups and stockings – we all adore adding to our hosiery collection but how is our favourite legwear actually created?

With the intent to find the answers to your questions, we had a sneak peek into how Italian brand Trasparenze created their beautiful? collection, starting at the drawing board and ending up in your hosiery drawer.

To begin with, all Trasparenze hosiery starts life as a hand drawn sketch. Drawn and created by a team of designers, here is where the most imaginative products come to life, complete with endless Italian flair. Once these have been drafted, they’re passed onto a team of graphic designers whose job it is to translate these sketches into achievable patterns. Pencils and pens are abandoned at this step, with the team relying on intricate computer software.

After receiving the tick of approval, the design is sent straight into production as the process moves from the office to the factory floor. Long tubes of white hosiery fabric are created using specialist machines, and the toes & gusset are then added by hand. After shaping your tights, they then make their way to the steamer to be shrunk to size.

It’s then time to transform the tights with dye. All hosiery fabric begins life white, but should the design require colour, powder dye is weighed out and your tights treated with that shade. After a short spell in the dryers, your fabulous leg wear is half way through its journey.

Precision and attention to detail is vital at the next stage, as the tights are folded and hand packaged by experienced workers. Boxed up and stored, some of these packages make their way into showrooms, where Trasparenze shows potential buyers the entire new collection. Once this selection process has finished, those boxes of hosiery will end up in warehouses all over the world – and this is how you end up adding to your very own collection.

Merely a click away, who would have thought your hosiery had worked so hard and travelled so much?!

For an exclusive look inside the Trasparenze factory, watch the video below and discover the journey for yourself…

How tights are made

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