Ladder Resist Styles

Ladders have to be one of the most annoying things that can happen to a pair of tights and in a recent survey that we carried out, over 100 people told us that runs in their tights or stockings are the bane of their life.  As more than a simple purveyor of hosiery, I keep a very close eye on the technology that the industry has been developing and I can tell you, ladder resist hosiery is changing fast.

Opaque Ladder Resist Tights

Pioneering the latest developments, new brand Andrea Bucci  Lycra Fusion Opaque Tights has the most amazing opaques that glare in the face of runs and ladders. We’ve played around with these in the office and the only way we have managed to make a hole is to cut them with a pair of scissors. It’s great if you want to create a new look with two pairs layered and cut into a design but also unbelievably strong and very ladder resistant. There are six colours all priced at £12.00.

Sheer Ladder Resist Styles

Charnos is another brand that has invested heavily in ladder resistant technology and Charnos Run Resist range offer a lighter leg option. The 10 denier finish that smooths out imperfections is amazingly strong. Woven with small pockets in the fibre that help to resist ladders, these are a great everyday basic, suitable for work or play. As well as the ladder resist tights

and hold ups, we have just welcomes new additions to the range, the Charnos Run Resist Sheer Stockings and the Charnos Run Resist Sheer Control Tights offer alternative styles with the same great strength and capabilities.

Now as a champion of workable fashion, you would expect Mary Portas to have something ladder resistant up her sleeve. Mary Portas and Charnos Sheer 10 Tights are another great everyday pair to carry in your handbag A lovely matte finish is combined with three great staple colours, black, nude and grey to cover all eventualities. Designed for real women, these tights go from a 4’11” to over 6’ and from hip size 34 through to size 38. Slightly more expensive than that standard Charnos at 9.50, these tights are guaranteed to work for their money.

Oroblu No Risk Tights makes a great claim and should be at the right hand of every busy woman. In a slightly heavier 20 denier that will cover all imperfections these tights are super soft and smooth and if torn, won’t ladder. Priced at £14.25 there are sizes SML to XL.

A night out, particularly if it involves alcohol or dancing, can be the most dangerous to your hosiery but it’s also the time when you want the lowest denier to show off your pins. Combining strength and a glorious sheer, slight sheen finish, run resistant Aristoc Ultimate 5D Sheer Tights come in several skintones and black. At £12.00 these are the confident way to wear

ladder resistant tights and be sure that your hosiery won’t let you down.

Plus Size Ladder Resist Tights

Last but not least, I couldn’t sign off without a money saving tip and this week, Pretty Polly Curves –15 Denier Ladder Resist Tights are it. Available in sizes XL and XXL, there are three pairs to a pack for just £6.25. Offering the more curvy amongst us a great everyday pair of tights, the combination of super strength nylon and unique weave, this may be the only pack of tights that you ever need to buy!

So, my tip for happy legs? Leave the ladders to the men and make technology your friend.

Until next week…

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