Leg Corsetry: All New Control Tights

Leg corsetry. What does that mean? What vision does it conjure up? When I first heard the phrase I was thinking of whale boning for the leg, lacing over the calves, curved quilting over the knees. Well that’s all a bit silly really as my thoughts couldn’t be further from the truth.  Control top tights look just like any other pair, until you put them on. Behind the scenes the tights industry is moving on at a terrific pace. Gone are the days when tights were just decorative. These days our tights can do all sorts of things including giving us smoother, younger looking and feeling legs, improving our circulation and aiding better health. Honestly, it’s true. Just read on…

Charnos has been working on their magic formula for leg corsetry for some time and the result of all of their hard work is the Charnos Killer Figure range. There are three different deniers (sheer, semi-opaque and opaque), five different styles (read on to find out which is best for you), three height and weight sizes and a whole host of added extras including reinforced toe seams for longevity, cotton gussets for maximum comfort, sleek tops to eradicate those irritating knicker lines and a smooth texture to make your legs feel lovely.

Now, pay attention because this is the technical bit…

  1. Charnos Killer Figure Hourglass Control Tights are our first bestseller. The hint is in the name and these tights work incredibly hard to pull you in in all the right places, from the bra line to the thighs, creating a classic hourglass frame. There is no waistband on the boxer brief top and so you won’t get the line or the pinching effect and the super flat seams are practically invisible. These are medium strength control which makes them both comfortable and extremely hard working for a pair of sheers.
  2. Charnos Killer Figure Waist Clincher Control Tights is a sister product to the tights above and again, as the name suggest, the focus here is all on the waist. A control top V Line brief (as opposed to the boxer brief in the hourglass tights above) gives you a waspish waist in even the tightest of clothes and perfectly mirrors your underwear. These tights bring out the elegant lady in all of us – no exercise is required as these tights will work your legs for you.  Super smooth, the matte finish makes these great evening tights in classic black and nude.
  3. Charnos Killer Figure Sheer Control Tights work on your bottom and your thighs. The control top boxer brief lifts your bottom and pulls in your tummy creating a clean line and smooth silhouette with medium support that will see you through day and night. Also available in nude and black, these are great tights to keep in your handbag. You never know when a friend might need a lift!

Costing no more than £7 per pair, all of the three of these sheer control tights above look set to become your best friend this spring. There’s still a chill wind though and some of us are just not ready to part company with our opaques…

  1. Charnos Killer Figure Emana Control Tights are putting their opaques to good use with cellulite busting Emana technology which massages your legs and improves circulation leading to glowing skin and visibly improved texture. It might sound like an advert for face cream but they really work.
  2. The Charnos Killer Figure Opaque Control Tights are some of the most opaque control tights around at 70 denier and will shape your tum, bum and thighs.

Going head to head with Charnos, Pretty Polly is another company that has invested enormously in research and testing and has come up with a four piece shapewear & control tights range called Shape It Up.

Effectively taking away the need for separate shapewear products, these Pretty Polly Shape It Up tights have it all built in…

  1. Pretty Polly Shape it Up Tum’s the Word Shaper Tights might be 15 denier from the thighs down but up top there is a while lot of work going on. A 1950’s V Line full brief at the top uses a 3D waistband that lets you position the control area to its most comfortable place with no roll guaranteed. The cotton gusset removes the need fro further underwear so you have a line free look and a smooth tummy area.
  2. Pretty Polly Shape it Up My Rear Rocks Shaper Tights are another take on built in shapewear, focusing on the tum whilst clever pockets underneath give your rear a lift without flattening it. Perfect for a lovely sleek hourglass shape with a smooth sheer leg.
  3. Taking things one step further to create a sexy undergarment that works

    hard, Pretty Polly Shape it Up Suspender Shaper Tights combine an 80 denier boxer brief with  a mock suspender that works the thigh area

    over a sheer 15 denier base before hooking up with a smooth 80 denier leg. Worn with a balconette bra this will conjure up typical 1940’s film set hosiery. Underneath your clothes it might look sexy as hell but the smug look on your face will be from knowing that your tights really couldn’t work any harder to improve the appearance of your legs and lower body, when you take it all off!

So come on girls, join me in saying ‘hurray’. At last, products that respect our bodies and work as hard as we do. Now, I wonder if any of them are the marrying kind…

Until next week…



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