Leggings – Forget practical and choose exciting!

Although leggings are great as a practical accessory for under your dresses, you should choose embellished and textured styles if you want to keep your finger on the fashion pulse.

This is the advice of Models Direct, which acknowledged that it was basic styles which made us fall back in love with leggings a few years ago, but said that it is the new types which have allowed the romance to continue.

It recommended choosing leather, sequined, denim and embellished varieties of leggings to add maximum style to your outfits.

For example, a rock chick ensemble of a batwing-sleeved t-shirt dress and short boots will look good with plain black or grey leggings, but it will look great with wet look leggings!

If you want to add a wintry feel to your dresses at present, you could opt for velvet leggings such as those from Jonathan Aston at MyTights.com.

However, when it comes to a wardrobe staple for going out, we love MbyM’s Wet Look Leggings, which are super-shiny and will really turn heads.

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