Leggings – ‘the fascination will continue’ in 2010

If you embraced 2009 as the year of leggings and exciting hosiery, then be prepared to enjoy much of the same in 2010.

This is according to Elizabeth Wellington, fashion expert at the Philadelphia Enquirer, who predicts that wet look leggings and those with embellishments like studs will continue to be a major trend over the coming months.

"The legging fascination will continue … Pair your liquid leggings with a sheer blouse over a cute cami and with a men’s-style blazer," she advised.

Wet look leggings are great and we have some fantastic ones available at MyTights.com from MbyM.

However, if you want to try another trend that the celebs are already embracing, how about catsuits and bodysuits?

Jennifer Lopez wore a skin-tight nude catsuit on New Year’s Eve, while Beyonce has also been snapped in one.

If you want to try something similar for a night out, Jonathan Aston‘s Wet Look Body Stocking could be perfect. Opaque from above the bust to the toes, it would be perfect with a miniskirt – or without if you’re really brave!

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