Lily Allen: Trend Setter and All-round Sensible Girl

We saw the weather forecast this morning and we were officially sulking.  For the next few weeks, the general consensus is that we shouldn’t expect summery weather unless we’re planning on going far, far way: over the next few days, at least, we can look forward to clouds, rain and temperatures plunging to lows of 12 or 13°C.  Not only have we wasted time and money on a leg wax no one is ever going to see, we’ve got a wardrobe full of summer clothes we can’t even wear. 

Thank goodness, then, for Lily Allen, who yesterday did the unthinkable for a celeb and dressed weather appropriately!  Her unseasonal get-up at the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup Polo Final made sure she had the last laugh whilst, we imagine, the majority of bare-legged celebs shivered under an overcast sky.  Elsewhere, Kate Moss cemented the trend when she was spotted in her opaques at the White Cube gallery in London.

And so our love affair with opaques (which was unexpectedly halted when we had Riviera weather in April) is rekindled.  The addition of opaques and a cardi means that we can still wear our pretty summer dresses and holiday skirts and we don’t have to worry about fake tan for another couple of weeks.  Plus, if the weather veers between oh-no-I’ve-forgotten-my-umbrella torrential rain and oh-no-I’ve-forgotten-my-sunglasses blazing sunshine as it’s prone to do, we can just whip off our tights.

So we’ve decided to celebrate the weather (yes, really!) by buying some new opaquesWe know it’s July, but if it’s good enough for Kate Moss, it’s good enough for us.

Here are three of our favourites…

Failsafe Style: Falke Seidenglatt 70 Denier tights in classic black

Bring back the summer with bright coloured tights: Pamela Mann 80D tights in Flo Pink or Turquoise

Sun-Shiny: Wolford Satin de Luxe tights

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