Luxury Hosiery – Not Just For the Chosen Few…

First it was shoes, then bags… and now it seems that the great accessories upgrade has reached hosiery.  It used to be that you’d spend the bulk of your budget on a killer outfit, buying cheap accessories after or reusing whatever you already had in your wardrobe.  But now more and more women are opting to go for luxury when it comes to their accessories, and the trend has hit hosiery, with celebrities regularly being spotted in luxury brands like

Falke and Wolford tights.

We know it’s a cliché, but with luxury hosiery you really do get what you pay for – you’ll find that your hosiery looks nicer, feels better and lasts longer, and it’s not as expensive as you might think, either.  In fact, it’s a relatively inexpensive way to add some high end style to your wardrobe and give your existing outfits a little lift.

If you’re looking for sumptuous sheers, perhaps for that special occasion, we love the Wolford Fatal Lace 15 Seamless Tights.  They just feel absolutely gorgeous and all of the design features blend together to produce something that really stands out in the world of hosiery.  The seamless design means you get a clean silhouette under your clothes, the super soft hosiery feels really durable and something about the lace waistband just makes you feel extra special.

Those experiencing our rather drizzly summer might be on the lookout for a top quality opaque instead – in which case you can’t go wrong with Falke tights.  Falke is a German brand that produce consistently fantastic hosiery and not only do their Soft Merino Wool Tights look first class, they feel it too.  Soft cotton on the inside means they are a dream to wear and the merino wool on the outside keeps you toasty warm through even the bitterest winter days.

The great thing about luxury hosiery is that you can afford to upgrade on your fashion as well as your basics.  Both Falke and Wolford have beautiful seasonal fashion at the moment –and this week selected Wolford fashion is half price, so you can get a high end piece that’s cheaper than some of your everyday fashion!  Shop quickly though, as this offer ends on 8/8/12.


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