Luxury Legs: Not Beyond Your Reach

Wolford Individual 10 Stockings Just like teeth whitening and surround sound, there are some things that used to be out of reach for many of us, but is now accessible to all the average Josephines out there.   Luxury hosiery is just the same – once the preserve of the wealthy and/or famous, thanks to retailers like you can now get your hands on your very own luxury legwear – and it may not be as pricey as you think!

Why choose high end hosiery?  Well, there are loads of reasons.  While you may not want to spend your pennies on making every pair of tights you own a designer piece (you have to leave some cash for shoes, after all), there are definite benefits to adding a few legs of luxury to your hosiery drawer.  For one, the quality and standard of craftsmanship tends to be higher – not to say that you can’t get great quality for less, but Falke products, for example, go through numerous quality control checks before they are allowed to leave the warehouse.  Better quality yarns and other materials are used, too; often meaning that the products a) last longer and b) withstand a little more wear and tear.  Luxury brands’ fashion designs tend to be classic and therefore trans-seasonal, too – like Falke fashion, with its array of dots, seams and net designs.  But if the bolder among you want something a touch more daring, Wolford are the go-to brand for cutting edge, striking design.

We adore Wolford tights and Falke are a great brand for high end loveliness, too.  Both have a wide range of classic designs covering sheers, opaques, hold ups, stockings and socks, in all different deniers, finishes and hues.  Here are out top picks for those hoping to begin their luxury capsule collection:

Bare Leg Look Sheers: Falke Shelina Tights

Shiny Sheers: Wolford Satin Touch Tights

Opaques: Wolford Velvet de Luxe 66 Tights

Wool Tights: Falke Soft Merino Wool Tights

Hold Ups: Wolford Individual 10 Stay Ups

Socks: Falke Soft Merino Wool Tights

Fashion: Falke High Heel Seamed Tights



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