Magic Knicker Makeovers with Trinny and Susannah

Makeover queens Trinny and Susannah continue their bid for world domination – apparently they went down a storm in Tel Aviv and have made a second series in Holland.  These jet set ladies seem to have taken their particular intimate (and famously intimidating) brand of style advice global.

The format and the language may change but some things remain constant.  Trinny and Susannah continue to extol the virtues of good foundation underwear.  The team were lucky enough to meet the girls earlier this year to talk about their shapewear range and it is clear how much time and effort they have put into developing their products.    I’ll let Trinny and Susannah explain what lead them to team up with Cette to produce their own brand of “Magic Knickers” as they call them.


A couple of decades of turning their critical eyes to dressing our misshapen bodies has given them an unrivalled knowledge of women’s anxieties and problem areas.  Their best selling product is the Bum, Tum and Thigh Reducer.  A versatile shorts to waist product that flattens the tummy, pulls in the waist and firms your bottom and thighs.  Trinny and Susannah explain more about how (and where it works) in this short video:

Shorts to bra line shapewear is often no good for shorter skirts but Trinny and Susannah’s Tummy Flattening Bikini Brief with its high leg deals with this problem.  It’s also a great product to wear under trousers as the girls will explain in this video:

If you have a big bust you will know the frustration of those stubborn rolls that appear on your back around the braline.  Trinny and Susannah have designed their All in One Body Smoother and the All in one Body Shaper to come high up the back to smooth out those annoying lumps and bumps.

Even without the strong shaping qualities, seam free underwear that doesn’t cut in or create bulges and rolls will immediately make you look and feel slimmer.  However, the effective waist cinching, tummy flattening not to mention the bottom and thigh firming will really make you look like you have dropped a dress size.  What is not mentioned in these videos is that these products also provides support for the lower back which will improve posture.  It might be the oldest trick in the book but, as those “Before” and “After” photos that Trinny and Susannah use to such great effect will testify, just standing up straight will instantly make you look slimmer.  As Trinny and Susannah would say, the outfit is important but it is only ever as good as its foundations.  Go on, give yourself a Magic Knicker makeover.

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